Audi A4 will be launched on May the 3rd

Come third day of May and we shall witness the Audi A4 release in the automobile market of India from the stables of the magnificent car manufacturer Audi. The covers will be lifted from Audi A4 at the Turf Club of Mumbai. The refurbished version of this fabulous sedan of Audi will arrive in both the diesel and petrol variants with the option of the Audi trademarked Quattro. The petrol variant will be boosted by a FSI 3.2-litre engine while the diesel variant will be receiving a TDi 3.0-litre engine.

Other than a notable change in the ambience, the new Audi A4 is coming along with a good lot of fine detailing to its overall persona. The front of the A4 looks as if it has been adorned with the optimum volume of changeovers. The headlamps and the day-time running LED-lights are visibly reshaped. These changes are nothing but minor, so they will not be appearing to the bare eyes of the onlookers.In order to see the difference, one has to look closer to identify the latest changes in its make. The headlamps are built to be of the projector style that has Xenon lamps fitted in the top end variants. The jaw of the Audi A4 is very much streamlined with all the fresh bumpers and grille. Fog lamps are in trapezoidal shape with very attractive fitments that works absolutely perfect. The absolutely new and fresh bumper and graphics lamp of LED on the rear of the car has a very charismatic appeal to anyone who looks the car going ahead. Overall, the exterior of the Audi A4 is just amazing and beautiful. The sedan does make the people stop whatever they are doing and turn their heads at least for a moment no matter how busy they are, to admire the perfect exterior and compliment it.

Audi A4 will be launched on May the 3rd
Coming to the interiors of the Audi A4, it has a fresh steering wheel that is built from a high quality plastic material while the refreshed dashboard makes the front side of the cabin very sober. The central console has more attributes that is very much evident with the increased number of controls that match exactly with the trim level of the car. The tweaked multimedia interface of Audi’s trademark with the switchgear is pretty hypnotizing and charming for sure.

The refurbished Audi A4 will be a fine addition to the existing line of products Audi has to offer to the customers in the Indian automobile market. This car will make the already booming growth of Audi in India much faster with an additional place created for itself in the niche automobile market segment of the luxury sedans in India. To sum it up the refurbished Audi A4 will come in with two diesel and three petrol variants equipped with the four-wheel Quattro on a TDi 3.0-litre diesel and FSI 3.2-liter petrol models. The base price of Audi A4 is most likely to begin with Rs.27.69 lakh where this luxury car will go up against the likes of Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 series.

Audi A4 will be launched on May the 3rd

New Chevrolet Cruze to come in May this year: Rumor

There is a rumor going around auto market in India that Chevrolet will berolling out a refurbished variant of its Cruze with a whole line-up this coming may. The attributes that were consolidated in the top end version of this sedan is now going to be assembled in the base variants. This also means that the cost of the base level version may be raised as it is about to get some really good of the high end versions. Though the engine is to remain the same with the 16V SOHC, it is being speculated that this engine may also arrive mated with a six speed automatic as well as manual transmission gearbox that is suppose to raise the performance of the engine to a new level in comparison to the existing model of Cruze.

New Chevrolet Cruze to come in May this year: Rumor

The figure of strength and torque churned out by the engine is also very much likely to increase in this revamped Cruze. A fresh new engine is assumed to come along with the new Chevrolet Cruze. It will have a Z-series 2.0-Litre engine, which will churn out 163 bhp of power and a powerful peak torque of 350 Nm. The dimensions of the new Chevrolet Cruze 2012 sedan are not at all expected to come with any changes, but it will have an enriched ambience with superb attributes of luxury. Equipped with double tone scheme for coloursthat make the interiors look very sophisticated,it also displays the feature rich central console that is fitted mostly in the high-end variants of the cars of Chevrolet. Chevrolet has recently launched a VCDi 1.7-litre engine in the automobile market of United Kingdom. But it seems that the revamped Chevrolet Cruze will not be having this same engine in any of its variants that is expected to launch in the month of May.

It seems that the usual petrol engine equipped car is not going to materialise with the new Chevrolet Cruze. The petrol engine of 2.2-litre that is fitted in the hood of the facelifted version of the Chevrolet Captiva is not going to be beneath the bonnet of the fresh Chevrolet Cruze. This is to mention here in relevance of the Chevrolet Captiva, that it is currently in the limelight for a while and is giving a tough competition to the likes of Skoda Laura, Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corola. The exterior of the revamped Chevrolet Cruze has refurbished fog lamps while the bowtie of Chevrolet is to be placed a little higher than the usual height. The storage space will be more in the new car. At an estimated price of Rs.14 lakh, the revamped Chevy Cruzes will probably be made available.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

We may have to wait until July for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but BMW, official automotive partner to the 2012 Olympics has already unveiled its fleet of cars. The German automaker has unveiled about 4,000 vehicles it will supply to support the show, including SUVs, motorcycles, bicycles and electric vehicles. With the scheduled event fast approaching, the first batch of vehicles has already been delivered to London, while more vehicles keep flowing in.

In figures, there are 200 electric cars supporting the show that include, 160 1-Series ActiveE coupes and from BMW’s British portfolio, 40 MINI E hatchbacks. The vehicles shall be used to drive the media personnel, as well as judges, event organizers, event officials and staff, including medical officers, official photographers, crew, official rights holders and technical delegates.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

The 2012 London Olympic fleet also includes 2,477 cars and SUVs powered by diesel, with the most numbered, 320d Efficient Dynamics that will see 1,550 cars doing duty during the main torch relay, the cycling events and other supporting events.

Another diesel to join the Olympic lineup is the 520d sedans (700 in number) that will do the job of transfer and shuttle purposes, along with X3 xDrive 20d crossovers (17 in number), which will tow boats during sailing and rowing games. Its bigger brother, X5 xDrive 30d (10 in number), shall be used for towing horse ambulances at equestrian events, as well as providing on-course support.

Under BMW’s electric vehicles will be the 1 Series ActiveE EV (160 in number) that will transport athletes within the Olympic Park and also provide transport for the broadcasters. It will also do duty as Venue pool car for operational usage and supporting the Olympic Torch Relay.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

London shall provide 120 new ‘high speed’ charge points installed in five key locations around the city, with the first being installed at ExCeL London.

Finally, 5-Series Active Hybrid cars (20 in number) shall be used for shuttling purposes. Also supporting the event are the German automaker’s motorcycle lineup that includes R1200 RT (25 in number) that will see duty in road-based events. From the bicycle segment, BMW offers Streetcruiser bicycles (400 in number) that will do duty for operational support at water-based games.

From the MINI portfolio, BMW offers the MINI E electric vehicle (40 in number) that will duty as Venue pool cars for operational usage and besides support the Olympic Torch Relay. Also joining the lineup is the MINI Countryman Cooper D, which will provide ‘On demand’ service at key locations such as London Heathrow and IOC Hotels, as well as provide transport services to clients through call centers.

BMW unveils its 2012 London Olympic fleet

BMW claims these vehicles fulfill the EU6 emission standards, while London currently holds standard the EU5 norms. The EU6 norms become standard in London starting 2014.

Lamborghini Trademarks ‘Huracan’

Lamborghini, as we know, has an SUV lined up in its future portfolio. The Italian sportscar marque also has a Gallardo replacement in its future lineup. Now we recently brought you the news of Lamborghini trademarking the name Urus and Deimos for its future vehicle prototype.

Deimos was adopted from the Greek mythological god, which is contrasting to the Lamborghini likeness that employs fighter bull names to its vehicle lineup. The Italian carmaker has now registered Huracan with the trademark office. Huracan translates to hurricane in Spanish, while it is the name of a god of fire, wind and storm in ancient Mayan mythology. It goes along quite well with the previous trademark filing, Deimos, which represents terror brought by war. To our knowledge, none of these names have been adopted by matadors or fighting bulls known like the previous Lamborghini vehicles.

Lamborghini Trademarks Huracan
To help us guessing, Car & Driver has speculated that the name Deimos will be given to the production version of Lamborghini SUV with Urus titled for the concept version. Moreover, Huracan will be christened to the Gallardo replacement that is coming up in 2013.

Though it is not traditionally Lamborghini, with names not inspired from any famous fighter bull, the name Huracan is certainly more fierce than Porsche Cayenne, on which the Huracan is expected to be based.

We also speculate that Estoque, the four-door concept that appeared back in 2008 may make it production. Check out this space to find out more from Lamborghini.

Audi S4 may arrive to India

Audi has proved its mettle as a luxury auto manufacturer in its past five-year venture in India. After doing successfully in the luxury sedan and SUV segment, the German automaker plans to shift to mainstream sportscars with the launch of the S4. The Audi  S4 is a sporty derivative of the A4 sedan, which is also expecting Indian debut soon.

The difference creeps in with the beefed body style of the S4, which is sportier in comparison to the A4 sedan. Other differences include the body height, which is also lower by 20 mm with the help of a suspension package in order to augment the sporty guise of the car. Going along with the sporty appeal are the large 18-inch alloys, with low profile rubber that give a sensational appearance to the four-door sporty sedan. However, the Indian buyer may get a trim variant of the sports sedan, to keep the price low.

Audi S4 may arrive to India

Under the hood, Audi S4 will boast a 3.0-liter 6-cylinder TFSI engine that can pump out as much as 335 bhp power and an enormous 440 Nm peak torque. Mated to the petrol motor is a 7-speed S-tronic transmission that can pull the car from 0-100 kmph speeds in less than 5 seconds. In terms of fuel economy, the S4 is expected to deliver 13 kmpl city mileage.

It should not come as a surprise that Audi will feature the S4 sports sedan with Quattro all-wheel-drive technology and top-notch performance, stability, handling, vehicle dynamics and driver controls. Moreover, the German automaker will sport high performance braking system in the S4, to control all the horses growling under its hood.

Audi already has the R8, TT and RS5 in its Indian portfolio, and the arrival of Audi S4 will carve an entirely new segment of high-performance, practical cars in Indian market. If things fall in right place, we could see the entire range of Audi S models coming to India.

Automatic cars witness boost in India

The Indian auto market has witnessed steep rise in demand for automatic cars. Data suggests that one out of every six, car buyers prefers an automatic gearbox to a manual transmission. Moreover, the demand has not limited to luxury sedans and SUVs, but small car buyers are also opting for automatic transmission.

According to Mr. Jnaneshar Sen, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, Honda India, the conditions of driving in the country is very rough and challenging, making automatic transmission a practical option. Indian drivers tackle through crammed city roads, rising traffic density and stop-n-go commuting on the road.

With automatic transmission, the drivers find it easy to smoothly cruise through the driving conditions with a single shift and clutchless driving. It does away with the complicated dodgy gearbox with six shifts and employs accelerator and brake pedal to make driving easy. With the need of clutching and de-clutching gone away, the overall driving effort  is reduced by 60 percent in comparison to manual cars. This drift towards automatic transmission cars, the major automotive manufacturers are compelled to offer the volume-driven, small cars with automatic transmission choice. Small car segment has automatic options in the Hyundai i10 and i20, Maruti A-star, Dzire, etc.

Hyundai i20 in India

Although the top-end automatic transmission cars cost about 15 to 30 percent more than the manual counterparts, the buyers are still liable of going for the automatic cars.  According to Maruti Suzuki India’s Managing Executive Officer of Marketing, Mr. Mayank Pareek, the Indian market has only recently been exposed to automatic transmission cars and there is a great potential in the segment with the prevailing conditions. He also suggested that Indian drivers get numbed left leg because of continuous clutching and de-clutching, which is why the automatic transmission is the best option.

Honda India has also reported rapid sales of its automatic transmission cars and Mr. Jnaneshwar Sen suggested that the new Honda City automatic accounted for 13 percent of the total sales of the sedan and now the figure has risen to 23 percent. Moreover, while 32 percent of the total sales of the Honda Civic sedan sold are automatic variants, the high-end models of CR-V and Accord sell over 60 percent automatic variants. Mr Sen also announced that with improvement in technology, the automatic cars are delivering fuel efficiency figures similar to that of manual transmission cars.

Honda Civic in India

German automakers like Mercs, BMW and Audi have promoted the automatic transmission cars by offering automatic versions in premium class sedans. With the coming of bigger fishes like Nissan, Volkswagen, Renault and Skoda, the Indian auto market has witnessed a growth in automatic transmission segment from 2 percent to 14 percent in past five years.

According to Mr. Arvind Saxena, MD Hyundai India, the diminishing price gap between automatic and manual cars is also a major factor in promoting sales of AT cars. The automatic gearbox replaces the traditional six speed gearbox and employs up to eight speed shift without having to move the lever. Some cars also sport the pedal shifters, which bring the joy of manual driving. Indian customers these days are opting automatic transmission in cars like and Honda City etc.

Honda City in India

Nissan GT-R Track Pack arrives in UK

Tighter, faster Nissan GT-R Track Pack will be offered in 22 Nissan High performance centres in United Kingdom. Exclusive to Japan and United Kingdom, this Track Pack for GT-R will be offered for the price of Rs. 63.29 lakhs, a supercar’s new version for those who need a harder, faster and lighter Nissan GT-R with an additional edge for racetrack. As compared to the aftermarket customizations, it has all the inputs from think-tank behind the vehicle. The exterior of GT-R boasts RAYS 6-spoke alloy wheels with shiny black centres providing 10 kilograms of total weight.

Nissan GT-R Track Pack arrives in UK
Extra brake cooling ducts built into carbon front splitter reduce operating temperature by as much as 100° during track use, while similar ducts hidden behind rear wheel direct cooling air over rear discs. This package also gets special stiffer suspension designed and engineered for optimizing track performance and consists of increased body rigidity and harder setup. With special dampers, the GT-R Track Pack’s owners will be able to change the setup of suspension for road use, making it suitable for all-road situations.

The quality feel of instruments situated at front of driver have been improved by the addition of blue lighting inside tachometer ring for matching the shift position indicator light providing a more advanced atmosphere in the interior. The Bose premium surround sound audio system woofers have been changed to Bose Precision Sound System woofers which were designed for EGOIST grade for further improving sound quality. The Nissan GT-R Track Pack at present offered in some markets like Japan and UK is a new version in Nissan GT-R lineup, engineered for those who want to enjoy a more visceral driving experience in their GT-R.

Tips for Maintaining your Hybrid Vehicle

Definitely Hybrid vehicles costs a lot in comparison to the conventional fuel vehicles, but a question always come to everyone’s mind,who is in the process of deciding upon buying one, about the maintenance of a Hybrid vehicle. It is an evident fact that Hybrid vehicles are very much different than the regular vehicles that run on conventional fuel sources. Apart from the systems that tackle the storage batteries on board and the electric driven motor in addition, the routine chart of maintenance for these Hybrid vehicles are very much similar to the lock step check that you would like to do if you are suffering from diabetes. In short you do not want to miss anything at all if you want everything to be fine with your vehicle. If the Hybrid vehicles operate as they are designed (Completely Hybrid Vehicles) then they are self-capable to shut off their own internal combustion engines and start the electric driven motor. This happens under some particular situations like manoeuvring at low speed or light cruising. This way the engine doesn’t work very hard and the wear and tear is reduced to a large extent. Hybrids often get the batteries charged by employing the regenerative braking system, which also reduces wear on the components of the brakes.

The Difference

First of all the drivetrain is totally different here as the internal combustion engine works together with the electric driven motor and the transmission as one entity. Thus, malfunction or failure in one of these three components can affect the others in their way of functions for sure. The major diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair of this sophisticated system should be best left to the experts.

Maintaining Hybrid Vehicle


Without the specialized training, you can always check and change the spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters if and when so required. A regular check on the transmission fluid is a must. While checking the engine cooling system, do make sure that you check the individual hoses, clamps and pipes. The additional filters are to be checked as well as they might be utilised on the battery and motor heating/cooling system.

Tips for Maintaining Hybrid Vehicle

But getting in too deep of this complex mechanism of automobile is not at all advised. For any other doubts, you must take the vehicle to the service station and also make sure that the regular servicing is done in the proper time duration.

Complex Electronics

Complex ElectronicsThe sophisticated modules of electronics that commands the electric drive motor for regenerative braking and propulsion may produce immense volume of heat.Thus, these often have a set of dedicated cooling systems for smooth functioning and safety.

The module that controls the battery also regulates the rate of charge and discharge as well as the status of charge of the entire battery assembly. To function without any interruption at all conditions, these devices may often make use of both the cooling and heating systems.

Beware of the Orange to be safe

Equipped with double system of voltage, the Hybrid vehicles also create a threat of electric shock. Much of the electric system on a Hybrid vehicle is 12-volt safe standard.However, the electric drive motor and its related components function in more than 100-volts. Thus, the low and narrow safety threshold may pose a concern here. A low 50-volt electric shock can also be fatal if not prevented or treated timely. Wrapped in the casing of bright orange, these cables of high-voltage circuits warn the operators and the technicians. At the time of maintenance and repair of these particular components, for safety reasons, the whole system is de-powered. This kind of work is best only if it is left to the experts who know how to deal with this kind of ‘Orange’ risk.

Nissan India Export Figure crosses 1 lakh mark for the Fiscal Year of 2012

The Datsun brand of Nissan Motors is set to be launched in the entry level segment of the Indian automobile market very soon. With Datsun brand the firm expects to increase the volume of sales to add profit to the firm. Nissan has come up as one of the major contenders in the automobile market of passenger cars in India. The affordable car of Nissan India, the Datsun, has brought special attention to the firm with the announcement of its launch. In the fiscal year of 2012, for the very first time, the sales figure of the Nissan cars has gone over the mark of 1 lakh units that made the firm preside over the chair of one of the top exporters of the mid-sized sedans from the car market of India.

Nissan India sits on the third position in the chart of car exports of the passenger segment with a 20 per cent of its market share for the fiscal year of 2012. On the top two positions above Nissan are the Hyundai with 48 per cent market share and Maruti with 25 per cent of share in the car exports of passenger segment. With a figure of 33,286 units of cars sold in the domestic market, Nissan India has witnessed a precise increase in its figure of export sales with a rise of 1,00,909 units from the former 46,153 units of car. Nissan Sunny, the mid-sized sedan of the firm has performed very well in both domestic and foreign markets. The export of the Nissan Sunny model that commenced in January 2012 has helped the firm in a big way to cross the sales mark of 1 lakh units. Till the end of March 2012, the total export figure of Nissan Sunny had reached to 46,135 units.

Nissan India Export Figure crosses 1 lakh mark for the Fiscal Year of 2012
The Micra hatchback of Nissan too has been doing very well when it comes to exports of the Nissan cars. This compact vehicle did not do much sales in the domestic market, but it did achieve a sales figure of 86,675 units in the offshore markets in the fiscal year of 2012 while in the previous year the figure was a mere 46,135 units.

As per Mr.Ishida Takayuki, the Managing Director, Nissan India, “The firm is looking forward to acquire a wider base for exporting its cars which is made in India while it will also be exploring new opportunities for further offshore markets to export cars made in India. The business target of Nissan Motors India will remain the same, to become the number one player in the car market of Indian automobile industry.”

Previously the Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Verna were the competing sedans with the other car manufacturers that used to get in a lot of sales volume through the exports. But since some time now, Nissan Sunny has come up as the top most selling sedan in mid-size segment when it comes to export figures.

Refurbished Audi Q5 going to be launched at the Paris Auto show this year

Audi is about to reintroduce the Q5 with a bit of mid-life makeover at its launch in the forthcoming Paris Motor Show later this year. It seems that it has gone really well beneath the surface as well as it doing well on the engine upgrades. The engine of Q5 SUV has an enhanced performance and thus an enhanced efficiency. The entry-level SUV model from the luxury car manufacturer Audi comes fitted with a 2.0-litre TDI engine that pumps out 4 BHP of power in comparison to its previous models. The other variant of Q5 with a V6 TDi engine has a little 1 bhp upgrade in power, but it gives out a massive 8 kgm of torque more than its predecessor while the acceleration is much improved as well.

Refurbished Audi Q5 going to be launched at the Paris Auto show this year

Just in case you think that this is just too much then you should check out the 2.0-litre TFSI engine that got changes in its Valve control and in their stroke with an improved thermal management. Provision of a returning fuel injection system that has a turbocharger where the cylinder faces the integration of the exhaust manifold has been included. All of these improved the efficiency of the engine and thus the strength has gone up by 10 bhp to 221 bhp.

On the designing part of the exterior the SUV has received refreshed bumpers, fresh headlights, front bumper and revamped grille has chrome surround for the fog-lamps. A new restyled diffuser for air has found its path beneath the new pipes for exhaust and the rear bumper. The side cladding in black that previously ran along the car’s edges is gone out from this refreshed SUV. Audi has its Q3 launch right at the corner with the refurbished A4 and the Q5 arriving towards the end of the year.