Import duty might be lowered to 10%; Porsches and BMWs to get cheaper

Government of India is likely to bring in good news for luxury car enthusiasts in the country. As per available reports, government is in talks with European Union to make EU-made cars available at cheaper rates in the country. Indian government is supposedly to agree to a 10% duty on a fixed quota of EU-imported cars in terms of a free-trade agreement between the two sides.

If the talks turn out to be fruitful, even luxury makes like Porsche and BMW will be available only at marginally higher price than in Europe. Government of India is currently considering allowance of 2.5 lakh car imports under the 10% levied import duty (presently it is 60%). Spanning over five years, 40,000 European cars will be imported in the first year, followed by an increment of 5,000 units every year.

A government official stated that the country is likely to lessen the tariff for the fixed quota of cars to 10% for the next five years. With a hope that Indian automobile industry could deal with the situation, the official concluded his statement. Another proposal (after the implementation of the India-EU free-trade agreement) includes lessening of import duty to 30% from the currently existing 60% for the imported cars outside the fixed quota.

Import duty might be lowered to 10 Porsches and BMWs to get cheaper

On the other hand, European Union has been reported to be looking forward to the situation and that the government extends the liberalized import regime on fixed quota beyond five years. The government has something else in its mind. It’ll review the situation after the end of the agreement first, as a government official commented that they have to keep some room for the maneuver in case there’s further need of the same.

As of now, European Union has wider market access for automobiles, wines and whiskies in their wish list for the bilateral trade and investment agreement.

2013 Audi R8 becomes faster than before

There have been some considerable revisions to the 2013 Audi R8 sports car, which also include a more powerful engine.

The new V10 plus uses the same 5.2 liter engine that is housed in other R8, but in this case it has been enhanced to produce a maximum of 542 bhp. With inclusion of new S-tronic semi-automatic transmission system, it can boost from 0-62 mph in just 3.6 seconds. Although for its top speed i.e. 196 mph, you will need to stick with the manual gearbox itself.

The V10 plus is available only in the coupe version and is fitted in the standard with the carbon-fiber ceramic disc brakes which are available with some extra cost in other versions.

2013 Audi R8 becomes faster than before

The new S Tronic transmission is a seven-speed semi-automatic transmission unit that replaces the previous R tronic six-speed transmission. The S-tronic provides enough acceleration to get the car to a whopping 0 to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds other than adding another 2900 pounds to the car’s price. The new transmission also improves the combined fuel economy and can reduce carbon emission up to 22g/km depending upon the version and model.

Audi R8 has also witnessed several style changes and all 2013 cars have LED headlamps as standard equipment. The new 2013 Audi R8 is priced from 91,575 pounds or 124,675 pounds in case of V10 plus engine. The car will be available to order from August, with the deliveries scheduled to start next year.

Jaguar Land Rover opens a new showroom in Pune

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the 100% arm of Tata Motors, has opened its new outlet in the city of Pune in Maharashtra.

As per reports, the newly opened showroom has been started in a venture with Ace Perkins.

The new outlet was inaugurated by P.M. Telang, who was Tata Motors’ MD, Indian processes and quitted from then firm’s board during the last month. With the opening of a novel outlet, the auto manufacturer appears to streamline its expansion route in the nation by providinga few decent launches.

With regard to strategy, Jaguar Land Rover has situated its novelshowroom in Shivajinagar, in a surrounding region of the Old Pune Mumbai Road that is said to be one of the major locations of Pune for the purchasers of high-class cars.

Jaguar Land Rover opens a new showroom in Pune

The company’s novel outlet covers up a region of approximately 12,000 square feet and boasts a large display region, which can put-on 9 cars simultaneously. In addition, JLR’s newly opened showroom also features facilities comprising client lounge and well-prepared parking system.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has also situated a workshop in Wagholi, in order to back up the procedures of its novel outlet thatcovers up more than 14,000 square feet, comprising 13 service inlets with paint plantin addition to body shop division.

At both the locations, Jaguar Land Rover has enrolled 60 people with the aim to perform the operations in an adroit manner.

While talking on the objective behind the inauguration of a novelunit, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Dr. Ralf Speth, stated that during the last financial, they attained a sales expansion of around 157% in India and they wish to preserve this impetus by deepening the knowledge of their brands and carrying on their dealership growthplan.

Mr.Rohit Suri, Head, Premier Car Division, Jaguar Land Rover India, also added that this outstandingplant in the city of Pune will allowtheir clients to make use of premium levels of sales as well as best service.

At JLR’s novel outlet, the purchasers will be offered up with a chance to access the complete Jaguar collection, comprising Jaguar XJ, XF, XFR, XKR and the XKR-S.

In the Indian market, JLRkicked off its initial showroom during June 2009 and in the currentpicture, JLR has been running 15 sales and after sales centers in the nation.

New 2013 Lexus LS sedan shown before its actual unveiling

With the introduction on the way, viewed on the web are the effigies of the new 2013 Lexus LS sedan.

The sedan is ready to get unveiled at a special occasion in San Francisco. The special event will take place today (30th July).

The leaked effigies are of the 2013 Lexus LS sedan. that appear to have acquired a minor facelift on behalf of an all-new edition.

The said model looks to be the LS 460 F Sport with diverse bumpers up front and at the back together with side skirts, rear diffuser in conjunction with high-flying tailpipes.

New 2013 Lexus LS sedan shown before its actual unveiling

Prior to its world debut, together with the Photoshopeffigies for the LS F Sport, there were a few real world pictures as well, which got disclosed.

These genuine effigies illustrate that together with the front as well as back bumpers, there have been a little adjustment done to the wheel pattern in addition.

The company has already stated that in conjunction with the novel F Sport, LS 46, LS 460 L and LS 600h L appearance will also be made accessible.

Additional inside information is likely to appear today during the unveiling ceremonial occasion.

The Indian automobile biz however is still looking for Toyota to declare whether their proposals to introduce the Lexus to the Indian market have been settled yet, But yes Lexus would be definitely be in the Indian market shortly.

The 2013 Lexus LS Sales will commence later this year.

Ameya Walavalkar wins Race One of Round Two in VW Polo R Cup

The Race One of Round Two of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup turned out to be brimmed with drama. Following two crashes, the race turned out to be dramatic the moment when it unfolded in a three-split race. Ameya Walavalkar, the one with car #1, was the one who won the shortened 8-lap first race. It was Rahil Noorani (car #20) and Mihir Dharkar (car #19) who occupied the second and the third position respectively.

As far as the final race classification is concerned, it was Ameya’s, Rahil’s and Mihir’s aggregate of all the three parts of the race that were taken into account for the same. Ameya’s total aggregate time turned out to be 10:34.617 seconds even after having three restarts to tackle. On the other hand, Rahil’s total aggregate time was 7.346 seconds, while it was 18.327 seconds for Mihir.

The race demonstrated a couple of red flags. The first red flag was shown as Prashanth Tharani Singh clashed with Ajay Kini and the car got stuck in the racetrack. The second red flag was shown when the first restart champion Alisha Abdulla was punted off in the first corner. After the second restart, it was finally Ameya who took the lead and maintained it till the he passed by the chequered flag.

Ameya Walavalkar wins Race One of Round Two in VW Polo R Cup

Asmeya Walavalkar stated that it’s been a fantastic weekend for him with pole position and two podium finishes. The first race was tough even though he was leading the entire time. The two restarts were particularly challenging but he actually managed to pull away both times which played a big role in his victory. He further added that in the second race finishing third after starting eighth on the grid was a great result as his aim was to finish on the podium. He has been very consistent this weekend and hopes to continue this for the rest of the season.

He further added that it was an unbelievable feeling to win his maiden Polo R Cup race. His qualifying didn’t go too well last day but the final result has more than made up for it. Ameya didn’t lag to thank the team of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup as he said he would like to thank the entire Volkswagen Motorsport team and especially his mechanics for their unparalleled support. He was finally found to be optimistic as he was spotted stating that he hopes to carry on the form for the rest of the season.

Ameya Walavalkar wins Race One of Round Two in VW Polo R Cup

When Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India, Prithviraj Siddappa was asked about his experience of the Volkswagen Polo R Cup, he said that it actually was a thrilling race weekend for all. The specialty was the two excellent races. The entire team was fantastic as usual and reacted well to the red flag situation. He added that VW Motorsport India now has four race winners from four races so there is no specific leader out in front, which makes the season more interesting. He further said that while Race One was full of incidents, Race Two was clean and very closely contested between the top eight drivers.

3 Winners Race 1 -L to R- Rahil Noorani Ameya Walavalkar Mihir Dharkar

Ameya Walavalkar wins Race One of Round Two in VW Polo R Cup Ameya Walavalkar wins Race One of Round Two in VW Polo R Cup

Here are the results the timings of the drivers in the Race One of Round Two of JK Tyre Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2012:

[table id=52 /]

It was because of Diego Duez’s 20 seconds penalty for jumping the start line (Duez was at the pole in the Race Two) that gave Donovan Vaz his first ever podium and Volkswagen Polo R Cup with Sandeep Kumar and Ameya Walavalkar behind him. Initially Sandeep Kumar was sent to the back of the grid after he violated the rule of changing tyres within the stipulated 3 minuets time. He eventually finished in the fourth position after passing 13 cars.

Following the Race One, the Race Two witnessed a tough competition between the top eight drivers. The results of the Race Two demonstrate it all. Here are the results and timings of the Race Two of Round Two of the JK Tyre Volkswagen Polo R Cup 2012:

[table id=53 /]

Tyler Barne comes up with a Batmobile-like 2015 Chevrolet Camaro design

Superheroes and their gadgets & accessories have always been very addictive and appealing. People everywhere have only one word to say nowadays -Batman. The Dark Knight Rises has been appreciated everywhere and has appealed amongst almost all its viewers. Catwoman, Selina Kyle is actually going to steel his Aventador followed by getting a ride on his custom-built air combat vehicle, the Batwing.

Gotham’s billionaire, Bruce didn’t hesitate to shell out hefty cash for his gadgets, vehicle and accessories. But if Bruce would have waited for some more time, he actually would have got himself a car that was easier for his wallet. The most appealing car that suited his personality would have been a Chevy. Well! If you think I’m talking about the Corvette you’ve actually mistaken. Chevrolet Camaro must have been a better choice to make for the billionaire then.

Tyler Barne comes up with a Batmobile like 2015 Chevrolet Camaro design

The best-suited vehicle for the Caped Crusader is Camaro new model and is being anticipated to hit the car markets sometime in 2015. While designers for the automaker have been visualizing a million versions for the Camaro, Tyler Barne, a 22-year old Lawrence Tech’s design graduate has come out with something that has made the design too appealing to be discarded. Barne seems to have fitted the entire theme of the Dark Knight in his design so effectively that the design of the car potentially fits into the Batmobile category.

As per Barne’s design, the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro would feature a very low roofline along with a prominently angular and pronounced front end. The design is certainly very modern and demonstrates the degree of futuristic designing potential Barne has, but the only constraint that appears now is that there are very fine or nil chances that General Motors would bring in a car with such a low roofline.

Reva plant acquires platinum rating

After getting slightly over 50 percent of stakes in the Reva Electric Company in 2010, the Mahindra Reva plant at Bangalore is expected to become functional from the end of the August and has also bagged platinum rating from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

According to the words of Pawan Goenka, President Automotive and farm equipment sector, Mahindra and Mahindra, Mahindra Reva is all about creating a new sustainable future for people in India. With the new clean and green manufacturing technology facility at Bangalore, M&M is on the verge of making new benchmark in the automotive industry. He also added that IGBC certificate may cause a lot of moral and emotional support to inspire and bring M&M’s dream of cleaner tomorrow.

Founder of Chief Strategy and technology at Reva Electric Vehicle, Chetan Maini, said that they are delighted to bag the platinum certification from and renowned body like Indian Green Building Council. He also added that firm has taken very precise care to keep things within the limits. The new manufacturing plant has been ensured to be a sustainable facility in all aspects. This certificate strengthens the firm’s aim for greener tomorrow.

Revaplant acquires platinum rating

IGBC’s green factory rating system is a rating system designed for both existing and new factories and buildings. A particular credit is awarded if the building fulfills required criteria, like site selection, planning, energy, water and material conservation. It also focuses on indoor quality, occupational health conditions and designing procedure. The new Reva NXR is speculated to set up the benchmark for the better, safer and most importantly practical electrical vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz reveals its new B-Class:To be launched in Sept-October 2012

In lure to address the growing needs of the luxurious and spacious commuter vehicle with genuine on-road capabilities, Mercedes-Benz is seriously looking towards this segment by launching its B-Class.

The vehicle was revealed at the Buddh International Circuit. B-class with its multi-dimensional abilities has been flaunted as a vehicle made especially for the Sports Tour Segment. With the rising numbers of Sports touring commuters in India, B-Class is keen to tap this whole market with its big space and high performance capabilities. Among the other chief functionalities, B-Class also houses aviation inspired dashboard design with sporty 7G DCT gearbox and highly classy design and equipment.

The car was revealed by Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India Mr. Peter Honegg, in the presence of Mr. Mitra Director of sales and marketing and Bollywood celebrity couple RiteshDeshmukh and Genelia D’Souza. The launch includes the first ride experience by media people across the whole length of the track.

New Mercedes Benz B Class unveiled launch in Sept October 2012

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Honegg said that this is an important time of Mercedes-Benz India as they are revealing their first product in the Sports Tourer segment with B-Class.

Mr. Mitra also added that this vehicle is meant for the growing number of sports tourer fans in India, who believes in the performance vehicles.

Merc has already started the marketing initiatives with MTV Rising Star contest which targets mainly the youths.

However, the official launch of the B-Class will take place in September-October this year at the same Buddha International Circuit and the vehicle will be priced somewhere around 25 lakhs. Initially B class will be available in several petrol variants which will be later followed by diesel versions.

The vehicle is on display at all Mercedes-Benz dealers all across the country.

New Mahindra Verito vs Competitors

The long wait is finally over as the much awaited Mahindra Verito facelift called Refresh has arrived with an exciting price tag of about Rs. 5.27 lakhs for the Petrol version and Rs. 6.26 lakh for the diesel variant. Since the entry level sedan market has been doing quite great, the customers are bombed with tons of choices. In this article, we will bring you three major factors like price, comfort and mileage for comparing Refresh with the other entry level sedans.

The 2012 Mahindra Verito has been rolled out with some serious changes over the previous model. It now gets all new grille, new alloy wheel design, trendy fog lamps, roof rails, and blackened pillars. Inside it has got bunch of new features like 2 DIN music system, new center console, new grab and door handles. The rear seats have been provided with more space.

2012 Mahindra Verito

Mahindra Verito vs.Maruti Swift Dzire

Maruti Swift Dzire being the segment topper will be the key competitor against Verito. With the new design and facelift Verito does have an upper edge over the contenders. The material used in Swift has always been a drawback for it. However Verito has been quite successful in maintaining the quality. Verito claims of giving 21 kmpl which is quite good but Dzire topples it with 23.4 kmpl.

Maruti Swift Dzire

2012 Mahindra Verito vs. Toyota Etios

Toyota is quite fun to ride with its limp steering and superb handling. It also houses more powerful 1.5 liter engine when compared to Verito’s 1.4 liter engine. The mileage figures for both the cars are almost same. However Verito feels little under powered but in terms of handling it’s a better car. And if styling and comfort is considered Verito is a clear winner.

Toyota Etios

Mahindra Verito vs. Ford Classic

The newly launched ford classic can also become a clear rival to Verito. Verito is much more polished curvy and stylish. However Classic too possesses good looks but plastic quality used is not good. Mileage is quite same for both the cars with about 20 kmpl but Verito again scores over space and comfort.

Ford Classic

All cars to be switched to CNG within a year: Gujarat High Court

It was the Gujarat High Court, which issued an order advocating environment friendliness few days back. The High Court has been reported to have asked the state legislature to pass a law that asks every car registered in the state to be converted into CNG. The court has issued a deadline of one year to implement the entire order across the state.  The order is certainly a step forward to cut down the surging pollution rate in the industrial state.

Apart from the aforesaid order, the high court has also asked the Gujarat state government to charge restrictions in order to check pollution by standardizing emission levels similar to the international standards. The law includes every single private-owned and public vehicle under its grasps.

In addition to what the court has asked to the government, high court Chief Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya and Jsutice J B Pardiwala suggested lower fuel prices for public vehicles and higher fuel rates for private-owned vehicles. The entire statement by the high court stated, “State is directed to pass necessary orders within shortest possible period, at any rate not exceeding one year from today, compelling the owners of all vehicles having registration in Gujarat to use natural gas, and if necessary, even at higher prices, for the protection of the lives of the citizens living in the state”.

All cars to be switched to CNG within a year Gujarat High Court

The hearing came out as a result of the petition filed by an environmental NGO Dhanghdhra Prakruti Mandal. As per the petition filed, the NGO claimed that the pollution levels in Ahmedabad were found to be as high as the ones in New Delhi and Mumbai. Apart from it, the filed petition added that the central government failed to provide the city cheaper CNG under the Administered Price Mechanism (APM). This is justified by the difference in CNG rates in Ahmedabad and Delhi. Delhi put a price of Rs 38.35/kg for CNG, while the same for Ahmedabad is Rs 53/kg.