Volkswagen to launch Polo 1.5 Diesel

It’s now confirmed that Volkswagen will soon be introducing a new 1.5 litre diesel engine in its Polo 2014 model. The speculation about the new diesel engine had started a year ago and is believed to be a downgraded version of the Vento’s 1.6 litre diesel mil.

The new is engine is said to have been specially developed for Indian road conditions, according to the Chief Product Advisor Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg. He also added that the new engine will be featuring different strokes and bore. The downsizing of the engine has involved development of several new components like rings, connecting rods and piston. The strict validation process has also consumed much of the two year development time.

Volkswagen to launch Polo 1.5 Diesel

Volkswagen is also hoping to assemble engine in India to reduce cost. Currently 1.6 litre engine is being imported from South Africa.

With the introduction of the new 1.5 litre diesel, Volkswagen is hoping to draw in more customers for Polo which is currently facing quite tough competition in premium hatchback market from i20 and Maruti Swift. The new engine with four-cylinder is expected to be more powerful than the current 1.2 litre 2 cylinder engine. Currently the engine is still in its developmental stage, so torque and power data have not yet been revealed.

New Ferrari Enzo Chassis revealed

The upcoming 2013 Ferrari Enzo will be 20 percent lighter, rigid and stiffer – all these can be attributed to the use of latest carbon fiber and technology derived from the Ferrari F1 team.

The former technical director at Ferrari F1, Rory Byrne, who also led the team to the 2011 F1 championship, has been overseeing the project and claims that the use of carbon fiber will be uncontended by any other carmaker. By this statement it is clear that Ferrari is considering itself way ahead of rivals like Mclaren and Porsche in use of composite materials.

New Ferrari Enzo Chassis revealed

Byrne said that by using different type of materials and fabric weaves has opened up several opportunities to improve car in every area. He also added that by use of different forms of carbon fiber based on the loads experienced by the areas of the chassis, they were able to deliver proper and adequate strength.

Other weight saving and performance enhancing techniques have been used in the car like integrating suspension pickup points on chassis, fuel tank protection and crossmember for dashboard. The battery compartment and the seats have also been integrated with the chassis. It is believed that the chassis weighs just 70kg.

The extra rigid structure also provides options for packaging improvement. Byrne said that this chassis is the result of the new developments in the finite element analysis in recent years. Byrne has been working on the project for nearly two years (since it was started).

Byrne also suggested that by using the same technique they will be able to reduce considerable weight of the car. He suggested that the curb weight of the car will be around 1100 kg. The car will be revealed late this year.

Facelifted Chevrolet Beat uncovered at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Chevrolet has uncovered a facelifted edition of the Spark at the 2012 Paris Motor Show that is marketed in the Indian market as the Chevrolet Beat, even though with small modifications to maintain the price of the car down.

The said model has already been introduced in the United Statesmarket where it hits markets with a superior set of engines.

As per previous reports, the company has made alterations to the front frame, modified the front bumper and the headlights, which currently boast a chrome border. At the rear side, there are innovativetail lamps and a high-mounted brake light in the back spoiler to put in novelty feature.

Facelifted Chevrolet Beat uncovered at the 2012 Paris Motor Show
The 2013 Spark also obtains latest 15 inch alloy wheels in the European market.

From the inner side, the American car manufacturer has maintainedthe majority of the characteristics from the preceding model but has re-designed the centre cabinet and modernized the trim. The European spec Spark will continue to be catered by the 1.0-litre 65bhp in addition to a 1.2-litre 80bhp petrol engine.  In the Indian market, the Chevrolet Beat is also presented with a 1.0-litre diesel engine.

As per reports, the Spark is fabricatedlocally for some European zones, it is secure to state that Chevrolet will launch the facelifted model (as the 2013 Beat obviously) in the Indian market after its European introduction.

We expect the latest facelift Chevrolet Beat to be launched in the Indian market by 2012 end or early 2013.

BMW shows its Concept Active Tourer in Paris

BMW has discarded its long tradition of the rear wheel drive and longitudinally mounted engines with its Concept Active Tourer, which sign off the long proposed range of the entry level front drive BMW. The hatchback, which was recentlyshown at the Paris Motor Show, is a four-wheel driveplugin hybrid. The new class of transversely straddling engine powers the front wheels.This acknowledges the entry level vehicles that will be featuring the front wheel drive and in which the rear wheels will be driven by an electric motor.

The car is based on the UKL1 platform and is ought to feature in two wheelbase length which will be used for the next gen BMW Mini Lineup and the new array of the entry level BMWs that will be joining the BMW 1 series from late 2013. The new range will be aimed at increasing the BMW’s annual sales by 2 million up to 2020. It can also include an MPV to contend with Volkswagen Golf Plus and Mercedes B-class.

BMW shows its Concept Active Tourer in Paris

The Concept Active Tourerconsists of a 1.5 litre three cylinder direct injection petrol engine which will be a standard in the new mini and small BMW Lineups. Codenamed as B38, it will also be used in the i8 Sports car in which it has been installed longitudinally. The new twin scroll turbocharged engine belongs to a new family that eventually could end up supporting 3, 4 and 6 cylinder diesel and petrol powertrains that will boast about 60% of the component commodity for providing more flexibility to the production than the current models.

Concept vehicle carries the new engine that is sustained by an electric motor in order to support the lithium-ion battery unitstationed on the floor. The drive is directed to pass power to all wheels and is conjoined with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The combined power output is about 188bhp. When put in the all-electric mode, the vehicle will feature rear wheel drive.

BMW states that the vehicle can achieve 0-100 kmph in mere 8 sec, with a top speed of about 193 kmph. The vehicle has a Carbon dioxide emission rating of less than 60g/km and can run on its lithium-ion batteries for a range of about 29km. Weight and other figures are not yet been out. The UKL 1 platform has been configured for both all wheel and front wheel drive layouts. UKL 1 is actually inherited from the German word ‘Unterklasse’, meaning sub or entry class.

BMW shows its Concept Active Tourer in Paris
The shift to front wheel configuration can be seen as a rebound for the BMW, which have always advocated about the longitudinal engine being able to deliverimproved weight dissemination. It also scorns some of the previous BMW campaigns although the shift can also be attributed towards the need for cost reduction and to deliverenhanced packaging for the next gen small cars.

The substructure makes the Concept Active Tourer an unusually designed BMW. Vehicle feature short bonnet and angle tailgate but is outfitted in a modern skin that hints that it will be not changed much for the production units. The concept car also features 20 inch alloys but the standard model is expected to come with 16 inch wheels.

Although the upcoming series is ought to be branded as 1-series GT, but it shows nothing common as the recent 1-series hatchback, although it inherits more from its bigger brother  5-series GT; this could be a sign that BMW is trying to combine GT models to give it more of a family looks.

BMW shows its Concept Active Tourer in Paris

The vehicle stands about 1560mm in height, about 4353 mm in length and 1834 mm in width. The 5-seater Tourer is about 6mm shorter, 49 mm wider and 5 mm higher than the 2nd gen Mercedes B Class. With wheelbase at 2760 mm, it is about 30 mm lower than the B-class.

The interior and exterior design differs quite lot from the BMW’s usual rear wheel drive models. The new configuration is aimed at taking the full leverage of the space expansions offered by its transverse engine configuration. The vehicle supports a variety of materials but the production units are expected to be in standard with the current 1 series.

The vehicle’s front seats have been raised to a height similar to BMW X1. The back seats can be folded to increase boot space, while the table from the front seat can be extended to increase the practical uses of the car.

Mclaren coming to India by 2015

The sports carmaker, Mclaren, is not only just slowly building its presence throughout the globe with new range of products, but is also entering several budding car markets. Moving high on the success of the Mclaren Mercedes-Benz SLR and Mclaren F1, the British car maker has introduced another clip in the chain with the MP4-12C.

Bringing the things to another height, Mclaren has showcased its P1 at the Paris Motor Show. The automaker has been a leading brand in the Formula 1 since it was founded by Bruce Mclaren in 1963.

Mclaren coming to India by 2015

Currently the company is aiming towards expanding its market and has already made its presence in the ever demanding markets of Singapore and Europe. The company currently possesses a manufacturing capacity of about 1000 units each year. The company is hoping to enter Chinese market by 2013 and is expecting to set up about eight dealerships by 2014. According to the company research and survey, it is hoping to double its sales just by starting these dealerships. The sources have also confirmed that the firm is also willing to bring its cars to the Indian market by 2015.

New Mahindra Verito in India: Review

Mahindra is presently one of the biggest names in the Indian automobile industry said to be one of the most thriving automobile industries across the world. Verito might just be the newest kid on the block but it boasts of 23 new features which were not there in the antecedent version of the car.The previous version might not have garnered a good response but this time the company is leaving no stones unturned to make Verito a success. What is it that makes Mahindra Verito different from others? The above few sections will throw Verito under the scanner following which we would determine as to whether Verito has a better stance than its counterparts or not.

Exteriors: –

Mahindra Verito

Mahindra has fitted the new Verito with a new front chrome grille which looks much better than that of the previous one. From the front angle, Verito gives an impression of a Skoda car owing to the design of the front grille. But altogether, the grille is much better than what the previous Mahindra-Renault grille was. Not only the front grille but the headlights of Verito have also been given an altogether new design. As per the new design, the indicators which initially used to be below the headlights towards the side will now be seen on top of the headlights. This gives the car an altogether new appeal from the front side. There are hardly any cars on the Indian circuit which have their indicators on top of the headlights. Every component of the front part of the car has been changed. Along with the front grille, there has been an upgrade in the front bumpers as well as the fog lamps which have been made to be much more intense and brighter than the previous version. Thus, Mahindra decided to keep limited exterior features of the previous version in order to give the customers an impression that this indeed is the successor to the first version of Verito. This time a new component has also been upgraded in the front part of the car. Mahindra Verito’s windshield wipers have been positioned towards the right side of the screen according to the preference of the driver’s seat which is on the right side.

Moving towards the rear part of the car, we will notice a slight change in the pattern of the taillights and the bootlet has also been equipped with fine creases which make it look much more impressive.There are reverse lights that have been put on both the taillights. Earlier version of Verito had a reverse light on only one of the taillights instead of two. This time the number plate has been fitted to the bootlet of the car instead of the rear bumper.

Thus, altogether the design of the new Verito suppresses the previous design.

Mahindra Verito

Interiors: –

Once we have entered the cabin, the first thing that most of us would notice will be the buttons meant for power windows. In the previous version of the car, Mahindra put the buttons on the central console. This time, the buttons are located on the respective doors which in turn is much more convenient that before. They say beige adds zest to the interiors of any car which is the reason why Mahindra decided to cover the whole dashboard as well as seats with beige leather. Just towards the right side of the wheel, the mirror control as well as the central locking control is located. If we look below the wheel, we’ll come across the bonnet height control button which controls the elevation of bonnet as per the convenience of the driver.

Coming to a few recursive features, the dashboard as well as the central console might be equipped with electric buttons but this does not take away the primordial or archaic appeal of the same. Mahindra could have come up with a new design of the console which would have made it seem more modern. The dashboard has Mahindra Verito logo on it. Another downsizing feature front he safety point of view is that Mahindra Verito has only one airbag for the driver and none for the co-passenger.

Coming to the backseat, there are three head-rests which point to the fact that three normal adults can easily be accommodated there. Since accommodating three normal adults would not be much of a problem, thus we can easily say that the body of the new Verito is much wider than that of the previous version of the car. There is ample boot space as well as leg space for passengers.

Thus, new Mahindra Verito clearly sidelines its predecessor when it comes to the exterior features as well as the interiors.

Ergonomics: –

Mahindra Verito

In the previous sections, we have stumbled upon the fact that the new Verito has been designed to give a much better appeal to the customers owing to its looks. But even then, there is an irony which can be petrifying. There is hardly any difference in the price of the new one when it is compared to its antecedent. This does point in one direction only. Mahindra might have given a new and much more eye-catching exoskeleton to Verito but outlook only doesn’t count as we have to know what’s new beneath the hood of the car. Maybe this is the reason why there is a very small gap of hardly 8k-18k between the prices of new Verito and former Verito.

The major systems which used to be there in the previous version of the car have been directly pulled out of the previous version and thrown into the new one. Both Mahindra Verito models boast of 1.5 Litre Turbo-diesel engines which has the capability to churn out maximum power of 68 bhp along with a rational value of torque. The only advantage this time is that the new Verito’s clutch is much softer than that of the previous one. There has been a slight change in the suspension as well due to which the car is now more capable of treading through rough terrains or uneven roads. In the previous version, there were many customers who had complained regarding the suspension of the car as it was not able to tread properly over rough terrains. This is the reason why Mahindra decided to focus more and emphasize on the clutch as well as the suspension so that no customer can point a finger at them. There are a few factors which are downgrading in the case of new Mahindra Verito. Car agility was something that Mahindra Verito (previous) was known for. But this time, the new Verito fails to be as agile as the preceding variant. But even then, the new Mahindra has proved itself to be much more comfortable than that of the previous version both in terms of looks as well as ergonomics.

Safety & Additional Features: –

Mahindra Verito

Last time, Mahindra had taken views from customers and had promised that all their preferences would be taken into consideration following which they started working on the new variant of Verito. Safety features for the new Verito have been taken into consideration but there have certainly been some loopholes as the new version has just one airbag instead of two. Coming to the tires, Mahindra Verito is equipped with durable tires which can make the car tread through uneven roads without much of a hindrance. The new fog lamps fitted to the car are capable of giving a much brighter luminance than the previous version. This will help the car to move even when the visibility is low.

Price: –

The price of the diesel variant of New Mahindra Verito has been fixed at Rs. 6.26 Lakh whereas the subsidiary petrol version’s price starts from Rs.5.27 Lakh.

M&M all set to reinstate 2,600 fired Ssangyong employees by next 2-3 years

Utility vehicles manufacturer, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M), is looking at reinstating the complete personnel fired by South Korean SUV maker Ssangyong Motor Co by the coming 2-3 years period.

Mahindra and Mahindra president (automotive and farm equipment sectors) Pawan Goenka made this statement.

Ssangyong, took over by Mahindra and Mahindra during November 2010, had fired 2,600 workers (or 37% of its overall workforce) in the year 2009, because of a rigorous liquidity crunch.

M&M all set to reinstate 2,600 fired Ssangyong employees by next 2-3 years

Mr. Pawan stated, “When we purchased Ssangyong, we had bought it keeping all these things behind us. So, there is nothing that we have exercised in terms of layoffs after we accepted. But, our aim is as the biz conditions perk up and our sales figures escalate, we will beginhiring some of these individuals back.”

While talking to media persons after rolling out the company’s compact sport utility vehicle Mahindra Quanto in the Hyderabad yesterday, Mr. Goenka said even though Ssangyong’stotal sales figures grew in 2011, the Korean and European zones, the not-so-vitalarenas for Utility vehicles manufacturer but major for Ssangyong, had witnessed a degrowth.

Rexton to hit roads by next month

The premium sport utility vehicle from Ssangyong, Rexton, the foremost of the three vehicles, which have been aligned by Mahindra and Mahindra and the Korean firm, will be introduced by the coming month.

Rexton to hit roads by next month

Mr. Pawan added that they are making an investment of more than Rs.1,500 crore for the progress of Rexton alone.

Production at AP tractor facility by the next 3 months

Goenkaadded up that M&M will formally beginfabrication at its tractor facility in Zaheerabad, Andhra Pradesh, by the next 3 monthsfrom now. The company had set up the tractor facility on 100 acre with a overall investment of Rs.300 crore.

Toyota Innova Aero edition launched

Toyota has launched a special edition of its popular Innova named as Innova Aero Edition. The special edition is the second offering from the Toyota Aero range, the first one being the Toyota Altis. The Innova Aero is basically based on the Innova GX trim-level which will be made available in both Euro II and EURO III versions.

As a part of the special package, the Innova GX variant will be getting a special Aero kit, which will include roof spoiler and body coloured side skirt, dual tone front spoiler and rear bumper spoiler. The special edition is available in two new colours – Silver Mica Metallic and Super White.

Toyota Innova Aero edition launched

The new Aero Edition is priced as Rs. 12.30 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi)

Maruti Suzuki to export the Alto 800 to Africa And Latin America by December this year

Maruti Suzuki India Limited is said to be rolling out the highly anticipated vehicle of this year, the ‘Alto 800’ some where after October 2012’s second week.

It has been disclosed that the nation’s biggest passenger auto manufacturer has been functioning hard 24×7 to make recovery of the lost sales and income owing to the month long in-operation of its Manesar plant.

The yet-to-be introduced vehicle is likely to fire up the car sales for Maruti Suzuki India, which have been declining in an abundant manner because of the widespread market dimness and slowing up car sales in the Indian market.

In addition, the ever rising fuel rates and high vehicle finance costs have added to the majority of the Indian automobile companies’ miseries by keeping the domestic purchasers missing from their stores.
Maruti Suzuki to export the Alto 800 to Africa And Latin America by December this year
But, no other firm experiences the Indian passenger car market superior than Maruti Suzuki India limited that has over the years secured its distinguished and consumer favorable range amongst the Indian purchasers. The launching of Alto 800 small car before the festival period can be called as Maruti Suzuki India Limited’s present to the Indian car buffs for the lucky Diwali festivity.

As per reports, the Alto small car had been the company’s top selling vehicle in the country’s car market for 8 years running, until 2012 when Maruti Suzuki Swift hatch dismissed it off its peak place. The forthcoming car is likely to boast refined internal and external dimensions and contains the huge burden of filling-in the place of the company’s 800 model that stayed MSIL’s top selling product till the year 2004. In an ironic manner, it was Alto only that snatched up the ‘Best selling’ label from the hands of the renowned Maruti Suzuki 800 car.

Industry specialists think that MSIL will roll out the new Alto 800 in two different versions, with one being a petrol-run, whereas the other will come in double fuel petrol-CNG dress. The country’s festival phase has always been a top profit maker for the automobile companies running in the nation, particularly MSIL and the company is aiming to replicate its preceding feats with the forthcoming 2012 Alto 800.

As per sources, MSIL has made an investment of around Rs. 2.7 billion for the expansion and execution of the Alto 800 venture. In addition, the yet-to-be rolled out vehicle from the stables of the company will feature a fuel saving superior than the current generation Alto, by around 15 per cent, in addition to being obtainable at a lesser value label. Therefore, the CNG alternative accessibility could come in useful for enticing the domestic car purchasers towards the showrooms of Maruti.

Reportedly, MSIL has already crafted its growth plans in the other high prospective automobile markets, with the intention to swell its global footprint. The company is thought to mark its attendance in the entry-level small car markets of Latin American and African nations, by exporting its forthcoming 2012 Alto 800. Additionally, the company has registered sales of over 2 million vehicles of Alto and has exported approximately 2.75 lac units of Alto, accompanying its introduction in September 2000, in the country’s car market.

MSIL is expecting an excellent reaction from the Indian viewers towards the latest Alto 800 and believing its rich inheritance and custom, MSIL might just show why it is known as the undoubted winner of domestic automobile market.

Nissan to roll out 10 models in India including its Datsun Brand by 2016

Nissan proposes to roll out 10 fresh car models in the Indian market by the next four year period (2016), as it enhances its concentration on rising markets.

The novel launches would consist of innovative vehicles from its Datsun array.

Japanese auto manufacturer is renovating its Datsun brand three decades after holding over the brand, which assisted form its United States biz. Datsun made entry in the Japanese market in the year 1932, and hit US showrooms over 50 years back. It was discontinue dinter nationally commencing in the year 1981 to coalesce the model array under the Nissan brand. Nissan also fabricates Infiniti luxury models.

Nissan to roll out 10 models in India including its Datsun Brand by 2016

India would be one of the 3 market zones where Datsun will be available for sale by the year 2014.

The company is eyeing atflouri shing its production capacitance in the Indian market, either via novel facilities or the subsisting facility at Chennai.

The company is directing at approximately 8 per cent market share world wide and it proposes to roll out 51 new models internationally by the nexy four years period.

Nissan Motor Co Corporate Vice-President (Africa, Middle East and India) Toru Hasegawa stated that growth in rising market zones, BRICS is key to attain this objective of 8 per cent worldwide market share.

India is a major market for the company and they will roll out 10 new carsby the next four year period i.e. the company will launch two new models each year.

Nissan is aiming to hold 60 per cent of its overall worldwide sales from rising markets by the year 2016 as compared to just 40 per cent in the year 2006-07.