Toyota Corolla Facelift To Be Presented in Guangzhou Auto Show

Toyota markets the old Corolla in the Chinese market together with the next-gen vehicle as the ‘Corolla EX’ and the sedan has been provided a facelift to grasp the left over bit of life out of it.

The readers had already seen the spy pics of the vehicle previously. The Corolla EX facelift boasts a brand new front fascia that comprises innovative headlights, chrome front grill and a graved bumper. The revamped front fascia revives the appearances slightly.

The side view of the vehicles stays same as the old Corolla whilst the back of the vehicle is equipped with big rear lights. The back bumper is also bigger in size as compared to the old Corolla.

Toyota Corolla Facelift To Be Presented in Guangzhou Auto Show
The insides obtain innovative instrument console along with center console. The dashboard has slight design improvements and is finished in black and beige double tone.

The sedan is catered by a 1.6-litre petrol motor that releases 120 bhp and is matched to either a 5-pace manual or 4-pace automatic gear cases.

The Corolla EX is fabricated by the FAW-Toyota JV and is at this time the second most budget Toyota in the Chinese market after the Yaris.

The facelifted Corolla EX will carry a price tag of 90,800 Yuan (around Rs. 8.09 Lakhs) to 13,800 Yuan (around Rs. 10.14 Lakhs).

The facelifted vehicle will make its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show after this month and will be rolled out in China just before 2012 end.

Maruti Suzuki Unable to pay Rs.1200 Cr for land of its Manesar plant

Maruti Suzuki has appealed for its inability to pay the sum of about Rs. 1,200 crore accumulated over the years for the 600 acre of land it acquired in 2002 for its Manesar Plant.

The company has filed plea at the Supreme Court in this regard. In 2008, Maruti made a payment of about Rs.118.90 crore for the acquired 602.40 acres of land. But Punjab and Haryana High court on Feb 11, 2011 brought out an order to increase the compensation amount from Rs.28. 15 lakh per acre of land to about Rs.37.40 lakh per acre. Later the apex court fixed the same to about Rs.28.15 lakh in its interim order on Aug 10, 2011.

Maruti Suzuki Unable to pay Rs.1200 Cr for land of its Manesar plant
It is important to note that the cost of the land that was fixed in 1994 was about Rs.15 lakh per acre according to a judgment form the High Court. This was later increased to about Rs.20 lakh per hectare by Supreme Court. Further according to the 12% per annum hike fixed by the High Court for 1994 acquisitions, Rs.37.40 lakh was fixed as the final amount.

As a result of this, Maruti still has to pay an additional Rs.1200 crore to the HSIDC (Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation) as they handed over the land to the company post acquisition.

The land around the plant was acquired in three phases, the first phase took place in 1994 and the second and third phase was conducted in 2002.

Maneser plant is one of the most vital part of the company as it manufacturers the most popular models and the diesel variants of the Maruti cars in India. The plant had also witnessed a series of labor unrest in the recent months.

MSI has also argued that there should be a deduction of about 65% of the due as the development charge as company had to develop the land after acquiring. MSI has poured in a large sum for developing and improving the land. Senior Counsel pleading for MSI case, Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi, also told that the project is equally important form the point of view of Haryana state.

Tata motors stops production at Jamshedpur plant

With the demand of commercial vehicle seeing a step decline, Tata Motors is also seeing some darkness ahead. The low sale value has forced the carmaker to close another block for three days at its Jamshedpur plant following the recent two halts at the same plant that was undertaken from Nov 12 -14.

Speaking on the plan, Tata Spokesman said that the block closure is planned due to the declining demand of commercial vehicles in the country. He also added that the company is focusing on regulating the supply according to the demands rather than creating inventory at the dealer’s end.

Tata motors stops production at Jamshedpur plant
Further speaking on the issue, General Secretary of TELCO Worker’s union, Chandrabhan Singh said that there has not been any production at plant since Nov 26th. Last month Tata motor has produced about 5000 units in comparison to the 10,000 units it used to make per month. Production halt is basically a cost reduction procedure at the plant that had been planned due to drop in demand.

The Jamshedpur plant of Tata Motor mainly produces heavy commercial vehicles alongside with cowl and engine cab.

Fiat India to introduce Jeep SUVs by 2013

With an aim to increase its diminishing market share in the Indian auto market, Fiat India is all geared up to introduce the Jeep Brand here. Fiat has already drawn out the press release but the official announcement is to be made by the month of December. According to sources, Fiat has decided to introduce the Jeep range of SUVs by 2013 in India.

According to the rumors, Jeep will be first introduced through the CBU route which will result in heavy pricing. So, one thing is clear for now, until Jeep starts local assembly of SUVs in India it will only act as a brand builder for the company.

Fiat India to introduce Jeep SUVs by 2013
The Jeep range of SUVs from Chrysler consists of four SUVs which include Patriot, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and Compass. Out of these most probably Fiat will consider introducing the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler in Indian market. Both of these models feature perfect blend of power, off-road capability and luxury. Although Wrangler is quite known for it’s off road capabilities, the Grand Cherokee is a step ahead with superior on road capability with exceptional off-road performance.

If we look at the technical specification of the vehicles, Grand Cherokee will house a 3 litre V6 Turbo diesel engine in two power variants of 188 bhp with 440 Nm torque and another with 237 Bhp with 550 Nm torque. After the Tata-Fiat supply union come to an end, Fiat now will be selling Jeep through its own separate dealerships. It would quite interesting to see how Jeep will manage to bring Fiat’s sales figure to a new height.

BMW eyes entry-level M model

BMW is making proposals for a new entry-level M vehicle based around a new saloon edition of the second-generation 1-series.

The compact four-door car plans to provide the company with a direct competitor to the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG as well as Audi S3 saloon.

Owing to the heavy engineering workload confronting BMW on subsisting new model progress, the compact M Performance saloon is not likely to reach the UK market until the second half of the year 2015 at the earliest.

A top official said, “We are keenly considering it. Do we think there is a budding market? Yes, and it is expected to nurture quickly. If we had the capability, we would already be well down the road [to production] before this time.”

BMW eyes entry-level M model

As per BMW researches, the market for compact performance saloons is ready for high growth in major market zones comprising China and North America.

With both the S3 saloon and CLA45 AMG all set to hit markets before 2013 end, the company functionaries are eager to fast-track the innovative model, probably with contracted technology.

“There has been a wholesale shift in the market,” said a source.

“Our customary new entry-level M models such as the M3 and M5 have turned a good deal larger, a lot more potent, better outfitted and naturally more valuable over the years. They still market in solid numbers, but it is time to focus on the more low-priced end of the performance range.”

A thick covering of confidentiality encircles the company’s junior saloon proposals. But, the sources can disclose that the company is thinking over two disparate plans.

The initial plan focuses on the subsisting back-wheel-drive 1-series.

The second plan comprises the firm’s new front-wheel drive platform disclosed at the Paris motor show during September.

New Range Rover to be launched on Nov 30th

The 2013 Range Rover, which was unveiled to the international motoring press at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, will enter the Indian market on the coming Friday (November 30).

The deliveries of the said vehicle will start by the coming year. The innovative Range Rover is likely to hold a price label of Rs.1.07 to 1.10 crore.

Range Rover, widely popular and among the best sport utility vehicles of the globe, has had several modifications, though the auto giant has not made alterations in its original essence.

New Range Rover to be launched on Nov 30th

As per reports, the new vehicle boasts an all-aluminum framework, which makes it lightweight thus bettering recital and saving on fuel. By making use of an aluminum uni-body arrangement for the chassis, the overall load of the new SUV has contracted by around 450 kilograms that, in turn, perk ups handling.

Moreover, the fuel emissions also came down to a great extent. The vehicle’s Wheelbase has been lifted up by 100 millimeter and a ground-breaking air suspension arrangement together with Terrain Response 2 turns it simpler for one to pass through any kind of land without much effort.

The new vehicle swill hit markets in both the editions comprising petrol and diesel. In total, there are 3 engine options obtainable for those who are looking to purchase this sport utility vehicle.

The New Range Rover has turned much more comfy from inside, but provides a go-anywhere ability, which other deluxe sedans can’t even imagine. It also features the innovative 2-seat executive class seats package, which makes sure stress-free travelling experience.

The said Range Rover sport utility vehicle was officially revealed earlier this year during the month of August.

Then, the company declared that they have made an investment of around £370 million in the new vehicle.

BMW i3 Coupe concept disclosed

The much awaited BMW i3 concept electric coupe has finally been uncovered. But this time the i3 is a three-door model instead of the five-door one which was showcased earlier.

As per reports, the new BMW i3 Concept Coupe is broader compared to the 5-door i3 hatch, which will be obtainable in global markets by the coming year.

Moreover, the new vehicle is differentiated by a sloped roofline, deeper back side windowpanes and a slightly more angular tailgate.

BMW i3 Coupe concept disclosed

Even though the 3-door has thus far to be signed off for fabrication, top BMW functionaries said that price and fabrication feasibility researches have been conducted.

And it has come forth that a soft-top edition of 3 -door i3 is also in the process of being built. The i-car line-up could finally have up to 5 models comprising three i3 hatch-derived vehicles as well as two i8 sportscars.

The new BMW i3 concept coupe is 119 millimeter longer, 243 millimeter narrower and 18 millimeter lower as compared to the 5door.

The BMW i3 Concept Coupe features an uncomplicated dashboard boasting an incorporated digital instrument binnacle, less switchgears and a free-standing, central satellite navigation monitor.

Most of the controls are accessed through an iDrive turning controller positioned between the seats on the front side.

To obtain maximum power from the battery, a dashboard-mounted ‘Driving Experience Control’ button provides 3 driving ways that comprising of Eco Pro and Comfort.

The company is also exhibiting several new webt-based keys, which will be made available to purchasers of its novel BMW i brand models below the Connected Drive banner on the BMW i3 coupe.

Tata Motors makes its entry into Bangladesh

Tata Motors has declared that it ahs made entry in the Bangladesh new car zone with the introduction of its three innovative vehicles comprising hatchback Indica Vista and two sedans Indigo eCS and Indigo Manza.

In a declaration, the homegrown automobile giant stated, “The company today made its foray in the Bangladeshi automobile market, launching two sedans and a hatchback.”

To start with, the newly launched vehicles that comprise hatchback Indica Vista and two sedans Indigo eCS and Indigo Manza, will be accessible in the capital and major city of Bangladesh with a single showroom.

Tata Motors makes its entry into Bangladesh

In addition, 3 other Bangladeshi cities will be covered up with one franchise each by the coming year (2013), the statement added up.

Tata Motors Managing Director Karl Slym stated, “We are pleased and privileged to make entry in Bangladesh market with our passenger vehicles. Our forty year relationship with the country has offered us an insight into the ambition of the nation’s automobilists.”

The company already has its presence in Bangladesh with its array of commercial vehicles since the year 1972, Karl Slym added up.

The Mumbai-based automobile giant has nominated NITOL Motors as its vehicle distributors for the new market.

NITOL Motors Chairman Abdul Matlub Ahmad stated, “Our connection with the company goes back more than two decades and we are very contented that besides commercial vehicles, the company has now positioned their poise in us to market their passenger vehicles and utility vehicles.”

“There are about 53,000 Tata commercial vehicles on Bangladesh roads. The firm is today the market head with a 70% market share,” the company added up.

M&M XUV 500 powers the ‘ASEAN-India Car Rally 2012’

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., the comtry’s top leading sport utility vehicle maker, is ready to overcome the ASEAN-India Car convention this year with its 28 XUV500 cars together with service vehicles.

As per reports, this is the second version of the ‘ASEAN-India Car convention this year’ that has been arranged by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

The ASEAN-India Car rally will start on Wednesday that will move through 8 ASEAN nations in a period of 3 week, more than 8,000 kilometers.

The convention will commence from Singapore and will finish in India on December 20, 2012.

M&M XUV 500 powers the 'ASEAN-India Car Rally 2012'
Eight ASEAN nations comprise Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar and India.

As per Vivek Nayer, Chief Marketing Officer, Automotive Division, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., “We are contented to declare that the Mahindra XUV500 has been selected as the special vehicle to power this year’s rally. The XUV500 was conceptualized and built up as a international sport utility vehicle and consequently it is now going places crosswise worldwide borders. We are positive that the strong and hardy Mahindra DNA will make sure that all 28 cars will survive with flying color patterns in the 8,000 kilometer long convention, which will traverse grueling conditions crosswise the ASEAN nations.”

“The ASEAN convention is in synchronization with the company Adventure’s scheme of ‘Accepting No Limits.’ Mahindra sport utility vehicles are noted for showing themselves in the most problematic rallying conditions with distinguished examples being the podium finish for Dakshin Dare, Mughal Rally, Desert Storm and Raid de Himalaya in India and the gruelling Rally dos Sertoes in Brazil,” Mr. Nayer further added up.

Diesel Technology is the future, says automobile industry

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) has arranged a meeting on ‘Diesel for Future: Economy & Environment’ in New Delhi.

The delegates concentrated on the requirement to recognize diesel as a possible key for energy protection and lesser carbon traces.

Strategies were also hinted in valuation and taxation to allow administration incorporate diesel as a vital energy driver for transport segment.

The Ministerial meeting was attended by the Chief Guest Mr. JitinPrasada, Hon’ble Minister of State for Human Resource Development and Mr. Praful Patel, Hon’ble Minister for Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises and Guest of Honour.

Diesel Technology is the future says automobile industry
In addition, Mr. Ashok Dhar, President – Industrial Marketing, Reliance Industries, Dr. Kirit Parikh, Chairman, IRADe, Mr. Sanjay Bandopadhyaya, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Mr. L N Gupta, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Mr. Anant J Talaulicar, Chairman, SIAM Diesel Group and CMD, Cummins India, Mr. Vikram S. Kirloskar, Vice President, SIAM & Vice Chairman, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Mr. Lowell Paddock, President & Managing Director, General Motors, and Mr. Nitin Gokarn, CEO, NATRIP were also the part of this important meeting.

While talking at the meeting, Mr. Praful Patel stated, “The perceptual experience that diesel is polluted is no more valid. This requires to be altered as present-day diesel vehicles have advanced fuel competence; it is as clear as any petroleum fuel.”

Mr. Jitin Prasada stated that diesel use and techs are here to stay as diesel has come forth as an improved fuel, as they are capable in terms of utilization.

Mr. Vikram S. Kirloskar, Vice President, SIAM & Vice Chairman, Toyota Kirloskar Motor stated that diesel has a vital job as a fuel of the coming time for auto division.

“We require to steadily standardizing the rates of petroleum items to a more levelheaded level,” Mr. Vikram added up.

Mr. Kirit Parikh, Chairman, IRADe underscored the impact of under-recoveries on the financial constancy of the nation and hinted liberalizing the cost of diesel.

Equating long-run advantages of liberalizing the cost of diesel, he added: “If you free diesel costs fully at one go to market rates, you may locate high inflation by the coming three four months, however by the sixth month, inflation would get sensible.”

Mr. Lowell Paddock said, “We definitely think that diesel is one the finest alternatives accessible in the automobile division with 25% enhanced fuel competence.

Nowadays diesel cars are more tranquil, securer and more ‘fun’ to drive, he also said.