Ford Figo Celebration Edition to Launch on 4th March 2013

EcoSport had grimed everyone with so much of love that any announcements from Ford just inclines intentions towards the compact SUV launch, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t love other American offerings.

Ford now had clear an air of wrong inclination by slating the launch of Figo Celebration Edition on 4th March 2013. Just to make sure that additional promotional heat should be raised in the fraternity by some more days.

Ford Figo has been recently tweaked but a need of more is desired because competition is getting advanced day by day. This hatchback had already got a cool number of customers, but in between had lost the string somewhere. It is never always too late, so Ford thought to give it a special treatment by adding more delighting streaks namely new paint jobs, cool upholstery, refreshed alloys, and a whole bunch of new features.

Ford Figo

An additional price tag will also be the part of Figo Celebration Edition pack, but that’s ok with the loyal buyers.

Getting back to the wrong part again, it might can be said that 4th April maybe scheduled for EcoSport and due to the month’s confusion all the hullaballoo had been created. While it is too early to say something like it but speculations don’t stop from pouring-in.

Hyundai i40 Art Car by Karim Rashid to Debut at Seoul Motor Show

Hyundai i-series had gained everything from success to profits and from brand image to upmarket perception, but a factor that is still left behind will now be fulfilled at the Seoul Motor Show.

The Hyundai’s remaining wish is nothing else but an ‘Art Car’. This all had been started by Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo which now this Korean carmaker is very keen to follow, after all Hyundai had also gain a good recognition in the global auto fraternity despite of not being hailed from some of the so called ‘advanced and developed countries’.

The man behind the new creative perfection is Karim Rashid who had deployed triangular and rainbow shapes for highlighting “speed and movement”.

Hyundai i40 Art Car

“Karim Rashid’s creative design philosophy and the unique individuality of Hyundai PYL (Premium Younique Lifestyle) brand represent a perfect match. Hyundai will showcase the Hyundai i40 Art Car and a special design collection to offer visitors of the Hyundai booth at the Seoul Motor Show a variety of entertainment,” said by Won Hong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai.

A wrist watch, a backpack and a tumbler will also be the part of “Karim Rashid’s Special Collection of PYL” at the paddock.

A First of Its Kind Active High Beam Control by Volvo to Debut at Geneva Motor Show

Geneva is already fully-loaded but carmakers still find the glass half empty, so to fill in the clinching gaps they now are intervening with advancements of technology that had became as important as the new offerings.

Volvo is the latest entrant in this clutch which is going to make a mark with new headlamps for avoiding collision, it is also learnt those will be a first of its kind in the world.

Getting in details, commonly found active beam switches between high and low points if another car is detected on road, but a one that is going to be deployed on Volvo series is too different. The Swedish brand had developed such a technology that if other vehicle is spotted on the tarmac then its beam shades that particular area and keep the other regions still in illumination.

Volvo unveils Active High Beam Control

Thus we can say that its true, one would not have experienced such a delight before!

Though to enhance more of the wow factors Prof. Lotta Jakobsson, Senior Technical Specialist Safety at Volvo Cars Safety Center says, “Our aim with the renewed Active High Beam Control technology is to enhance visibility in the dark by making it possible to use high beam permanently, without having to switch to low beam when meeting or catching up with other cars.”

After studying Active Beam in a scientific manner it is surfaced that innovation leads a camera on the vehicle’s board for detecting other vehicles. This information is then forwarded to car’s projector module mechanism which in return uses bits of metal to cover the beams as per requirement. Those metal blocks are of various sizes and works above the vehicle’s speed of 9 mph, while a 1.5 degree of accuracy does also runs in its veins.

Volvo’s model badge of XC60, Volvo V60 and S60 are the ones to be bestowed with Active High Beam Control, and that too in the next of couple of months.

Lastly, Swedish carmaker had stored another important feature for Geneva event, as meant to be talked about in the beginning of show.

Mercedes Goes Glamorous with Illuminated Star

Mercedes’ Star had been a sign to show-off but what if now that comes with an added quotient of glamour? Sounds like an extra topping on the cake, isn’t it!

Just to celebrate, don’t know what the reason behind, Mercedes Benz have included its M and GL Class range with an ‘Illuminated Star’ marquee on the front that glows with white LED light being pinned underneath. It comes alive when the vehicle’s engine stops in an unlocked mode and doors or trunks are opened; while too goes just off after 15 seconds when one closes those cabin outlays.

Three pointed star had always been a luxury temperament but putting such innovations has added more charm to it. C, E and CLS Class are the next to be bestowed with.

Mercedes-Benz 3 Pointed Star

No to disappointment, those who had an old dear Merc can also get themselves fitted with such adorable, as would need to pay only a bill of EUR 300.

Witnessing a glimpse of it in the mentioned video, one must not waste any time for getting carried with the white ‘starry’ flick, while lovely Germans do deserve that!

2013 Ssangyong Rexton W SUV rolled out in Italy, Czech Republic and Spain

After rolling out the Ssangyong Rexton W sport utility vehicle (SUV) in the South Korean, South African as well as Indian market during 2012, the Mahindra possessed South Korean sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufacturer Ssangyong, has introduced the Rexton W in three European nations comprising the Czech Republic, Italy as well as Spain.

The European spec Mahindra Ssangyong bags a big transformation in the form of the 2 Liter-4 cylinder e-XDi turbo diesel engine. This slighter turbo diesel engine puts back the 2.7 liter-5 cylinder element. By the way, the Rexton W available in the Indian plus South African pocketed the more former 2.7-Liter 5-cylinder Mercedes Benz engine.

The latest turbo diesel engine has been fabricated separately by South Korean SUV maker and the said engine is extra fuel efficient as compared to the superior motor and the novel engine also fabricates lesser carbonic acid gas per kilometer.

2013 Ssangyong Rexton W SUV

The company also said that the innovative turbo diesel engine diminishes noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) degrees by around 30 per cent. The engine yields a maximum power of 155 Bhp whilst peak torc is placed at 360 Nm. The engine obtains an innovative 6 speed manual gear case as monetary standard.

The grown-up Mercedes Benz 5G-Tronic automatic gear case is presented as a choice. The European spec Ssangyong W sport utility vehicle (SUV) is obtainable in two wheel drive plus four wheel drive options.

Together with the facelift, which freshens up the appearances of the sport utility vehicle, Ssangyong has also appended two extra seats to the European spec Ssangyong W sport utility vehicle, turning it a 7 seater vehicle. The earlier version of Rexton sold in the European market had 5 seats.

In the Italian market, the newly launched vehicle is valued at 24,990 Euros for the 2WD option whilst the 4WD option markets for 29,990 Euros.

New Ssangyong Rexton W SUV

In the Spanish market, this sport utility vehicle is costlier, at 25,500 Euros for the base option with the 6 speed manual gear case and 32,900 Euros for the top end automatic edition of the sport utility vehicle boasting the 4 wheel drive choice.

In the Czech Republican market, the Rexton W is valued at 699,900 Crowns and 819,900 Crowns for the base option and the top end option respectively.

The Rexton W luxury sport utility vehicle, which is sold in the Indian market, contends against the likes of the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitusbishi Pajero Sport. The Rexton W is set up in the Indian market via the completely knocked down (CKD) way, at Mahindra’s Chakan plant.

Ford EcoSport to Launch in India on 4th March 2013 starting Rs. 5.99 lakh onwards

Ford EcoSport is really a huge launch for Indian market, as expected price is being kept quite low so the hatchbacks must get affected with growing trend of compact SUVs.

To actually hit the target audience Ford is trying every bit of effort, and after all it is the one which is going to derive a massive force for Americans being trailed by long Endeavour – ing legacy. Leaving those discussions for future, TopGear India had confirmed 4th March to be the auspicious day for our auto fraternity as the EcoSport will be rolled out in its super ambitious avatar on Indian shores.

There have been no declarations by the organization itself but strong feeling goes with the bespoken date because, Ford had confirmed in its initial statement that it would the beginning of 2013 for this Compact land grudger.

Ford EcoSport
As per to our earlier reports of EcoSport’s Geneva debut, we too expect those same powertrains for our market i.e. 1.0L EcoBoost, 1.5L petrol and 1.5L diesel. EcoBoost tops the chart with a wobbling 120 hp which is followed by 110 hp petrol and 90 hp oil jag. Need not to say, a smart feature called ‘SYNC’ will also be embedded in it for giving an evolving like temperament.

Prices are the crucial factor for Ford EcoSport launch, as the Ford had witnessed lacking in case of Figo with aggressive crimps, now it is going to adopt cost effective mode for reaching a large chunk. Diesel and petrol rivalries have gain strong tide with issues of government subsidy meant to be removed on diesel part, so the derivations are tempting to be dwindled on both the sides and confusing every carmaker; in such a case Americans had taken with starting band of Rs. 5.99 lakh to Rs. 6.25 lakh for petrol, while diesel would in between Rs. 6.99 lakh to Rs. 7.25 lakh. EcoBoost seems to be performing on the top of all in performance and in segmentation too, Rs. 8 lakh onwards – looks settled for something called powerful bumps.

Fuel efficient concept car from German Schaeffler in India

Owning and driving a fuel efficient car is always a big dream for the Indian buyers and believing on the sentiments of those buyers, the German producer of the high precision products and bearing solutions for the automotive industry, Schaeffler has now come up with a fuel efficient concept car for the Indian market. The concept car is based on one of the already existing B segment car, the vehicle features sophisticated drive train technologies and assure to reduce the fuel consumption by 10 percent.

The car has come out as a rigorous research from the company keeping in view of the customer preferences and the drive patterns in the Indian market. The vehicle has also been equipped with the electronic clutch management that allows the vehicle to save fuel in the idle condition mostly during the stagnant position at any traffic signal. The technology has been tested in Germany and can be applied to a wide range of vehicles. President (Automotive) of Shaeffler said that the combination of the economic component and the new fuel saving technology will help to improve the car performance and the competence in the vehicles.

Schaeffler unveils the Efficient Future

Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director and CEO of Schaeffler India, Dharmesh Arora said that the car is an answer to the massive demand for the comfort, performance, supply and economy. Other than this, company is also working on the new innovations for the two-wheelers and commercial vehicle segments. The company is aiming to see the future of the technology in the growing car markets and recent launch of the car is just the first step in that direction.

Honda is planning to launch Civic Hatchback and CR-V diesel in the Australian market

Japanese Auto giant, Honda is now planning to unveil diesel version of its popular CR-V SUV and the Civic hatchback in the Australian market. Honda has recently revealed the petrol version of the CR-V in the Indian market but the diesel version of the same could take over a year to reach Indian shores. Honda probably will be revealing the diesel version of the CR-V by the end of the year or by early 2014 but the Civic Hatchback will be appearing much earlier than that most probably by April this year.

Honda which prominently focuses on the Hybrid technology in the Australian market now thinks that diesel will help them grow faster. Commenting on the same, Stephen Collins, Honda Australia’s Director and marketing head, said that company took the decision to enter into the diesel powered vehicle market as they saw a huge potential in the diesel vehicles and an opportunity that they cannot afford to lose.

Honda Civic Hatchback

It took quite a time for Honda to appear with the diesel unit in the Australian market, however, it has been selling its diesel versions in the European market for quite some time now. But for now diesel will be the upcoming strategy for the company in the future. Mr. Collins further said that just a year and half ago Honda was concentrating more on the hybrid technology but for now it has shifted itself towards the diesel vehicles. For now Honda’s strategy is a mixture of the Hybrid and Diesel units.

If we look at Honda’s India plans, after the launch of the Amaze, company is planning to reveal diesel version of all its existing models.

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New Formula E Series to be held with the electric F1 cars

Spark Racing Technology has announced its involvement in the future technology of the FIA Formula E cars for the Formula E series World Championship.

The company has joined its hand with the Italian giant Dallara to design and develop a new monocoque chassis meant for the upcoming electric F1 racing car that is expected to debut in 2014. The new E Series for the Formula 1 racers will feature cars that solely will be powered by the electrical motors rather than the traditional oil thirsty petroleum engines.

The boss of the ART Grand Prix outfit and the President of the Spark Racing Technology, Mr. Frederic Vasseur said that Dallara has accompanied him throughout his professional life and he felt it is great that the Spark Racing Technology will be joining him and will be benefiting from his experience and know-how. His experience and knowledge will be helpful in the upcoming new exciting adventure.

New Formula E series

President of Dallara, Gian Paolo Dallara said that they have been working with Frederic Vasseur for more than 20 years and with the passion and the enthusiastic behavior he has brought their cars to success in many of the prestigious championships. He further also added that with the combine experience of the Dallara and the Spark Racing Technology will be quite helpful in achieving the target demands in the given time frame in this brand new field of the motorsports.

Dallara is motorsports engineering and design firm and is also known for its extensive history in the market since it was established 40 years ago by Gian Paolo Dallara.

Nissan Teases with First Ever Image of Datsun

Nissan is leaving no stone unturned for making Datsun a successful brand, though that low-cost brand is also doing the same in return as had created a good hype in media when was just in the PowerPoint presentation itself.

Japanese had been cashing a lot on this marquee because they had realized a big chunk of potential lying under such segmentation in upcoming markets, while we think so that China is out of the question for this moniker because an assumption of Great Wall territory is capable of doing with biggies only and not some small cranks, is going inside carmakers’ thinktank. However, we Indians must rejoice because it is confirmed for India, as we already hinted in our Exclusive Report. The other names which do shares similar vibes are Russia, Brazil, Africa and other Asian countries like Indonesia; hopefully North America must be too on the list.

Looking at the image first ever image of Datsun, it draws trapezoidal stance on the front grille whilst of headlamps in angular form. The other tweaks say that, a smaller displacement of around 800 cc will be its part and diesel may also look forward, just not to play only with petrol like that of Maruti. Diesel lacking had proven costly even to the auto giants like Honda.

Nissan Teases with First Ever Image of Datsun

Looking at this, Volkswagen too announced for it’s UP – ward strokes in almost similar markets. Needless to say, the low-profiles will be lugging around a range of Rs. 2-2.5 lakh, and in an exception case not more than Rs. 3.5 lakh. Pricing is still not clear but Maruti had almost laid foundation near Rs. 1.5-2 lakh for Cervo. Keeping a loose width in price tags always proves a win-win equation, because any uncertainties could raise it up in an unknown tilt as Tata had faced with Nano.

Lastly, Datsun will be embedded with all safety features as its makers had confirmed in the recent press meet of Nissan Safety Driving Forum launch in Mumbai.