Next Generation Honda Jazz Leaked: Details and Images Available

Just last week we had posted the rendered image of new generation Honda Fit aka Honda Jazz on our website. And now some of the websites had came up with ‘original’ leaked images of same, where we can speak a lot of cluster on this topic relating a whole new term to the meaning of hatchback segment.

The leaked images are implying the new generation of Jazz to be a notch more than the past generation. Roofline may marry the rear pillars in coupe like curves and would make the rear seats roomier for the passengers to stretch their legs extensively – of course as per to the max-man min-machine strategy of Honda it implicates very well here. Technically both of these terms are calculated in numbers, i.e. an increment in wheelbase by 8cm, and an impressive 400 liter of boot space.

Looking at the nose it is quite bold than the existing one, and cope the similar resembling looks of new Civic. Front bumpers are also a crispier one in this respective range and it lends “swooping” stance to the whole car.

Honda Jazz leaked pictures
Rear is interesting. The flattened tailgate and brand new tail lamp cluster gives in the refreshing look this bug. Wiper at rear windshield is saying some different sort of elegance here.

Well, we are impressed with the whole new outlook from stable of Honda. It still remained unknown that how does it feels from inside. The smart tech guys of this industry hadn’t left us craving us for more on this model plate.

Honda Jazz leaked pictures Back View

They had provided us with the shot of instrument cluster too, which is amazing and jazzy for being in the context of a much adored car. The image that is displayed here is of the automatic version whilst we also expect the manual to make more sales for Honda on Fit stance.

We know everyone must be waiting for the engine specifications in the end, and speculations stands strongly with the 1.2L i-VTEC petrol as well as the recently launched 1.5L i-DTEC diesel for many markets.

2014 Honda Jazz

Not known when the official statement will make its way to from the house of Japanese regarding launch.  But hopefully taking cues from the images, we learnt Chinese had uploaded the images via scanning the official leaflet. So when the booklet is ready and leaked this intensively, then the roll out may be slated nearby.

Moreover, remember what we had said above, new generation is a notch more than the existing generation, hence it means now the Jazz will no more be a hatchback, but instead it will be the passenger carrier or similar of like to the metals named Mercedes Benz B Class, a sort of crossover etc. And yes, it too is seen being based on that same German driven station wagon platform.

New Honda Jazz leaked pictures

Nissan Evalia to come in a new avatar?

It was revealed earlier this month that Nissan will be upgrading 2 of its very successful cars- Evalia and Sunny. A few days back the upgraded Nissan Sunny made its way to the market. Since then people were waiting for the upgraded Evalia to make its way to the market. Autocar India has reported that Nissan has restyled, the otherwise plain Evalia, to a stylish four wheeler. The lack of style which was a major drawback of Evalia, has now been overcome in the best possible way. The new Evalia gets various cosmetic upgrades and essential redesigning.

Evalia is a Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) that is basically a van. It is considered as one of the best in its genre. It is very spacious, fuel efficient and technically sound. It was being considered as the future face of passenger taxi and cars. The car, although, continuously faced criticism due to being very “van-like” making it inappropriate for private use. The middle sliding doors did not have appropriate windows and also the middle rows did not have any AC vent. The seats too were very plain and “bench-like”. The exteriors lacked a stylish appearance. These drawbacks had to be taken care of which is finally done.

Talking about the seats in the new Evalia, they will be upgraded with captain seats. The seat covers and cushioning will be changed to give highly comfortable seats. Not only the middle row, all the seats in the car will receive better seat covers. The interior will also receive components made of better materials and some new equipment as well. All this offers an overall comfortable and trendy car interior.

Nissan Evalia
The second most prominent drawback, the middle windows, has also been fixed. Initially retro engineering was being looked at to fix this problem but it proved way too expensive and inconvenient since the car has sliding doors. The windows on the middle door now have been redesigned and can be slide opened.

The exterior too will receive a touch up to give a more pleasant appearance, increasing its acceptance.

Nissan was able to sell only an average of 177 Evalia monthly. With the errors fixed, Nissan Evalia might see an upward curve and might be popularity as a private vehicle.

Suzuki Alto aka Nissan Pixo Spied Testing in India – Strange

To clear your doubts first, Maruti A Star is also known as Suzuki Alto in some parts of the world. Specifically, Maruti had slightly tweaked the A Star for UK market and is selling there with model plate ‘Nissan Pixo’ for a price tag of 5,995 pounds (INR 5.46 lakhs). The thing that had annoyed us the most, why that same car is seen doing test rounds in India when he has the bespoken model plate in our local specific version.

Lest, the car that one can see in this spied image is caught without any camouflage, so one can confirm it seamlessly without any second thought. Moreover, the number plate that is blurred in the spy shot is said to be of the Haryana Trade Certificate, and as per the Indian regulations one don’t needs temporary number plate for exporting a car out of the India. Hence, as a result the car is definitely of Indian owned bay.

Nissan logo of the Pixo is blackened, and the vehicle too got a rear wiper which the India specific A Star top end models are done without it. Rear is also bestowed with the fixed ‘butterfly’ type window. Well, at the front, headlamps seem drawn from the Ritz (internationally known as Splash) but the bumpers are clued from the A Star itself, clichéd differently with additional plastic moldings.

Suzuki Alto aka Nissan Pixo Spied Testing in India
As per the rumors, Suzuki A Star/Alto is soon going to get a replacement, expectedly at the Frankfurt Auto Show, but it isn’t alone in the makeover shift, Splash too will be nagged in the same puddle.

Suzuki Alto aka Nissan Pixo Spied Testing Back View

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2014 Porsche 911 GT2 spotted testing at Nurburgring

As per reports, the much awaited 2014 Porsche 911 GT2 has been seen at the Nurburgring for the first time.

The newest edition of the vehicle made its global debut on the2010 Moscow Automobile Show and had a restricted output run of 500 vehicle units.

The vehicle is likely to accompany the custom of the GT2 series by acquiring the engine from the subsisting 911 Turbo S however in an advanced state of tune.

This entails it will boast a double-turbocharged 3.8-liter flat-6 cylinder engine, which is expected to manufacture above 560PS plus 700Nm of torque.

2014 Porsche 911 GT2 Nurburgring
It is undecided if the GT2 will follow the conservative 6-speed manual transmission or choose the innovative 7-speed double-clutch PDK component detected on the Turbo S.

The 2014 GT2 though is expected to obtain superior technologies such as the 4-wheel steering along with engine stop-start expertise.

Like the departing GT2 the novel option is also likely to obtain only the naked essentials in terms of comfort traits but will be heavy on performance increasing characteristics such as racing bucket seats and a balance improving roll cage.

2014 Porsche 911 GT2 Nurburgring Back View

The performance packed edition from the 911 kin is likely to make its debut at the highly anticipated 2014 Geneva Motor Show by Match 2014. The infamous RS edition of the already pumped up GT2 is also planned for the year 2015 and is projected to do better than the subsisting 620PS GT2 RS.

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Rascasse super car Running on LPG Launched by Montecarlo Auto

Rascasse marked one of the historic turns in F1. This new car has been named Rascasse as it is a significant turn in the making of super cars. This car is built by Montecarlo Auto along with the Italian firm specializing in LPG, BRC. This car offers two driving modes, petrol and LPG. This makes it very fuel efficient for a car of its caliber.

Montecarlo Automobile is a sports car manufacturing firm established in the year 1983. It is located in Monaco. It specializes in manufacturing street legal race cars. It started exploring the use of bio fuels in racing cars in the year 2005. It first joint hands with the Italian firm supplying LPG and methane, BRC, in the year 2012 and secured 8th position in the race that year.

Now this alliance has brought forth Rascasse which is a super power racing car. It has a duel fuel engine which allows the car to run on either petrol or LPG. Its monocoque chassis houses a V 12 engine that is supplied by BMW. This engine was also used in Rolls Royce Silver Graph. This allows the car to give maximum power output of 505 PS which truly makes it a power machine. In spite of this it can run on LPG., although no details are available on the maximum output in its LPG mode.

2013 Montecarlo Automobile Rascasse LPG Supercar

The exterior of the car is highly inspired by Ferrari Enzo but the interiors offer a lot of new things. Starting from the 2 passenger cabin, it has a woody appearance giving it the feel of a yacht. As of now, no details are available regarding any of the features included in this car or on any of the safety parameters for the driver. It is known that the steering wheel is holding a clock at its centre and the gauge cluster is digital. Since the interior is looking very modest, it is expected that the switches and knobs are hidden or might pop out on starting the car.

The car is a limited edition car. Only 15 cars will be produced as this is completely handmade and exported from a very small town in Monaco. So the chances of this car reaching India are very less. The price is around 3.89 crores which is modest for a 505 PS car. The company will continue to experiment with technology to produce more powerful yet eco friendly cars.

PSA Peugeot Citroen might be controlled by General Motors soon

PSA Peugeot Citroen, one of the leading automakers in the world, is in a big trouble. It has been circulating in the market for quite sometime that PSA is going through a major financial crisis. City sources have already established that PSA might not be able to continue to 2014 due to lack of running capital. If quick measures are not taken, PSA might not remain as a brand in the world of automobile.

PSA Peugeot Citroen, is a French company that was established in the year 1976. It is an alliance between two companies, Peugeot and Citroen. Initially it was a fruitful deal. But somewhere between 1980 and 1985 the company suffered heavy losses due to some bad decisions. In the year 2012, PSA sold 7% of its shares to GM to help aid its failing business. In the same year the company saw a 10% drop in its work force. Now it has been revealed that the company cannot make it to the next year due to budget constraints. PSA is trying to persuade General Motors to take over and help the company survive this difficult phase.

A problem with this plan is that once GM gains power, it will shut various of the present manufacturing unit in France and Germany, which the French government might oppose to strongly.

PSA Peugeot Citroen might be controlled by General Motors soon
PSA Peugeot Citroen did try to arrange finances from other sources, but it could not find appropriate bidders. It also tried to sell a major portion of its shares to Dongfeng Motor Group but the deal could not be worked out. This leaves only GM motors which already owns 7% of its shares.From the previous alliance with GM motors, PSA made an annual saving of 2 billion. So it is definitely wishing for GM to take over. The chief executive of PSA, Phiipe Varin, has supported this idea.

GM, General Motors, is one of the largest automobile companies in the world in terms of production as well as annual sales. It has its market in more than 157 countries where it either works through its subsidiaries or joint ventures. It launches its vehicles through various known brands. It is obvious for PSA to take GM as its rescuer.

Reuters has quoted from a reliable person on this matter as, “The Peugeot family has

now accepted that they’ll lose control. PSA will need to present a new industrial plan for people to underwrite a capital increase, and the only hope is GM. They (GM) are ready to inject more money if they can control the business, integrate Peugeot and Opel and rationalize production.”

GM heads are ready to work on the deal if it gets an assurance that it can go ahead and stop certain manufacturing plants in the country at “reasonable costs”.

It seems certain that PSA is running out of time and handing over the business to GM is the only solution it has.

How Ford has Priced EcoSport so Efficiently? Secrets Revealed!

Ford EcoSport is still in the hype media even after catering a successful launch and test drive. But though news doesn’t stop pouring in, as we hope Indians are addicted to it and want more and more bits for the same model plate. Hence, we share some exciting bits about the pricing of EcoSport, and also how the Ford had achieved this sort of temperament without compromising on its quality.

According to one of the leading media house, Ford had played the back-end ace with this compact SUV and it is completely revealed by the officials of Blue Oval marked automaker in an interview with them. In the crisp cross, Joginder Singh, president and managing director, Ford India, had spilled the beans in two forms: first ‘the global platform’, second ‘economies of scale’.

Going deep into these terminologies it was revealed, platform of Ford EcoSport is not an India specific but instead it is made for the emerged and the emerging markets – both. So there is no cost included in the R&D scenario from the Ford’s end to give Indians a newbie that too in the aspiring segment of their respective automobile fraternity (specifically the compact SUV). On the other side of same coin named ‘global platform’ the American carmaker had tested only ‘features’, concluding which will go best for Indians in this particular car, and hence SYNC is termed as an outcome of the same. Hopefully, till this notch Ford had made the impressive statement, let’s see what the organization had to say on the latter term. And no to disappointment, we can also some expect more of the products on same EcoSport platform if the recently launched product doesn’t tend to do its job properly. But it looks the cost-to-price ratio of newbie is definitely going to make the conditions better for Ford here.

Ford EcoSport

Lest, moving onto the second term conveyed ‘economies of scale’, we learnt Detroit based carmaker also had plans for exporting EcoSport from the Indian shores to countries like Australia, New Zealand and even some parts of Europe. So the production will be carried out in large numbers at Indian manufacturing unit. As a result, the cost of production will ultimately go to the lowest possible point with these much of numbers being produced at one place. Mr. Singh then further explained the pricing of EcoSport was decided too early than the production could take place, knowing the fact Indian bay has to pump out maximum number of vehicles to meet the demand of other international markets apart from its local ones. Moreover, the local content had also made the costing line to dip a quite low than the targeted expectations. Approximately as per to the officials, EcoSport boasts around 80% of local content in the production specific.

Well, these facts would have remained unknown if that media house wouldn’t have cracked the words with top officials of Ford. Now, one can churlishly draw his piece of EcoSport from the showrooms and can feast upon it without worrying that automaker had harnessed the quality of car while downsizing its ‘price quotient’.


Surprise! Suzuki to Roll Out AWD Version of Swift by this Year

As we Indians are very fond of the ‘cuddling Swift’, same way other people around the world too love it. Yes, this time the Suzuki is going out of the context to make Swift more desirable than before. And the automaker is now adding AWD version to the lineup which it will roll out the same by this year itself.

Tone down you excitement, this news is not actuated for Indians, but instead the Japanese are heading the AWD Swift to ‘Russia’. However, we all know there is a lot of AWD SUV doing well in the nearby price tags of Swift for us, but there is no market for Indians in which they can avail the AWD version of any hatchback. It is all due to the pricing strategies under which the carmakers are not tempting to roll out the four wheel traction for boot-less sub four meter metals on our local shores.

Here, the Russians will get the AWD moniker hatchback in same 1.2liter 94 bhp petrol trim, mated to the five speed manual or four speed automatic gearbox, but the only difference will be of traction, that was previously transferred to front wheels and now it will be hollowed to all the four wheels.

Suzuki Swift 4×4

It is but obvious that automatic transmission will be costlier than manual so the added comfort too will be comparatively more. Meanwhile, we also learnt Russian specific Swift is done with bundles of features namely heated side mirrors, heated front seats, ABS with EBD, ESP etc. Needless to forget, there is a critical point for selling cars in Russia and that is their ‘spine chilling winter’ season. So the quality of ‘car-heater’ is also looked upon extensively in this specific market where we hope Suzuki is offering the Russians what they had exactly desired.

Check out the Cool Aftermarket Sunroof of Ford EcoSport

Final word on Ford EcoSport was delivered in this week, and now we have started getting the reports that there are people in the industry who are ready with their sorts of accessories for lugging newbie Ford EcoSport with an added dose of charm. And here we had brought to you is the ‘Webasto 300 Deluxe Medium’ sunroof.

We know many of you will have the objection that there is no point to have a sunroof in the country like India where there is a tremendous amount of heat. And this sunroof for an additional amount is a complete no-no. Hence, we tell you, this is not an ordinary sunroof but is the one which is known to be as Spoiler Type sunroof. It comes with inbuilt sunshade under the glass and the glass opens itself outside of the car (forming a spoiler type shape when seen from outer).

If still that doesn’t excites you then let us explain, it functions on the command of electrical orders which has the standard feature of ‘Auto Close’ and ‘Anti Pinch’. Under the former term, the roof closes automatically when you switch off your car, whereas in the latter one glass goes back in-case where it feels an obstruction while closing.

Ford EcoSport

The roof takes three hours for installation and comes with 2 pre-set memory options.

Well, we know one is still drooling over the term Webasto. Hence, it is an OEM for many big wigs of auto fraternity and has been carrying out its operation in India since many years back. It is founded by Wilhelm Baier Senior in 1908 near Munich and since then it has spread its existence throughout the world.

Ford EcoSport in India

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Skoda to sponsor Tour de France for the 10th time

Tour de France, the most awaited cycling event of the year has arrived. Skoda, an automaker, has been sponsoring this mega cycling event for years. This year too, it has announced its partnership with Tour de France. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of Skoda’s alliance with Tour de France. The event will begin on the 29th of June and will continue until 21st July. Skoda’s CEO, Prof. Dr. H.C. Winfried Vahland has said that their long relation with this classic cycling event is an evidence of their love for cycling.

Tour de France, is a mega cycling event where in cyclist have to run a multi stage path to reach the finish line. It started in the year 1903 and has continued since then as an annual event. It came to a halt only during the 2 world wars. At present, the event is handled by Amaury Sport Organization.

Skoda, as it is popularly called, is a Czech company dealing in automobiles. It was started in the year 1859 under the name of Laurin and Klement. Presently, the Brand Skoda is owned by Volkswagen group. Since past 10 years Skoda has been sponsoring this rally and the major responsibility is to provide transport during the event.

Skoda to sponsor Tour de France for the 10th time
Tour de France, this year, will begin in Corscia on the 29th of June. There will be a total of 21 stages, 3 of which will be held on the French Island. The rally will reach its destination after a period of 23 days covering 3,600 km, on the 21st of July. The finish line is in Champs-Elysees. Skoda will support this time with over 250 of its vehicles. Skoda Octavia estate and Superb will be serving as accompanying vehicles this year. Superb will be seen in 2 fascinating facelifted models. The director of Tour de France, Christian Prudhomme, will be using a red Superb. Skoda vehicles along with the publicity caravan will present a great display, 1 to 2 hours before the event, for the spectators.

The CEO has said that, “The fact that Skoda has been sponsoring the Tour de France for ten years, and that we can also celebrate this 100th anniversary is really something very special. Supporting the Tour de France and other cycling events is also an expression of our company’s tradition spanning the past 118 years. The company’s success story began in December 1895 with the production of bicycles by our founding fathers, Laurin and Klement,”

Skoda has always extended great support for the smooth functioning of this mega annual event. So far Skoda vehicles have covered a distance of 25 million km in this rally. It has been reported that not a single vehicle has given any technical problem during the rally in these 9 years and the same is expected this year.