Man takes home “couple of Peugeots” as a prize for the contest

This time it’s from Malaysia. The contest winner there is awarded a couple of Peugeot cars which is worth “RM 250,000”.

Chan Chee Wah, who is a sales manager by profession, is the winner of the Merdeka grand prize at The Star’s Bid & Win Finale Prize Presentation ceremony.

The contest was about bidding the two cars in auction where the finalist was meant to be awarded with the same. Hope so the bidding wasn’t so easy, in actual it was nerve-wracking says the winner.

“After the bidding closed, I had to wait for about two weeks before I received the ‘golden call’ from the promotion management agency. I was so anxious and at one point, I thought I had lost,” said the 37-year-old after winning.

Man takes home couple of Peugeots as a prize for the contest

Well, that one was taking the notation of how one feels before getting such astonishing prize in the gift. But the reaction of after winning seems have shocked us. “I already have a car. So, I am still thinking whether I should keep only one of the cars and sell off the other,” said Chan, who thanked his family, relatives and friends for spending time to help him cut out the Star Points.

Though it’s the matter of luck where this young man have cashed on brightly, where we droll why we don’t get such instances in India frequently to make some huge bucks (or get possession of these type of metals) too.

Spy Shots: Are you the Fiat Linea Classic?

Linea has become the prominent name with Fiat India, and leaving the hype of ‘Jeep launch’ behind, the Italian carmaker is now focusing fully on this C-Segment sedan. Recently concluded the launch of Linea T-Jet in India, it now seems to be gaining the new base version of Linea, which is officially known as “Linea Classic”. The Linea Classic is what the Micra Active to Nissan, shredded off from some features and luxuries in order to gain the popularities in lower pricing terms for penetrating deep in the targeted group.

Lest, the picture which one can see on this blog is taken from the Team Fiat Forum and its member (who had clicked this snap) claims it to be a Fiat Classic. However, the image is quite low on resolution, due to which much of the details cannot be extracted, but in a chat with one of the leading portal of India Fiat India’s managing director, Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli has hinted some clues about the Fiat Linea Classic to be scheduled for India too. His words, “We are playing significantly in the ‘C-High’ segment.

The ‘C-Lower’ which is the other aspect of the C-Segment, is what we believe is very viable and effective, and so we clearly are going after that market,” says so. “We are playing significantly in the ‘C-High’ segment. The ‘C-Lower’ which is the other aspect of the C-Segment, is what we believe is very viable and effective, and so we clearly are going after that market,” seems revealing the plans of Mr. Nagesh Basavanhalli (and Fiat India too) of being curious for tapping some aggressive segment of India.

Fiat Linea Classic Spied
Guys we need to keep our fingers crossed till some of the more spy-shots emerge.

New Fiat Linea Classic

Image Courtesy: Team Fiat Forum

Foton Tunland pickup in India: Caught testing recently in Pune

There had been various spy-shots conveying Foton Tunland pickup doing test rounds in India, and is also about to make debut at the Indian paddock by 2011, but till date there isn’t any official trace which says the launch slated nearby.

Though, we are excited to get our hands on the recent set of spy-shots that is been captured at Pune. It says some more of the tweaks in detail, and also revealed info about the interiors. Two of the test mules were caught on test, and the version which is on sale in international market the same was found here too.

Double-cab variant and the top-end model seems the choice of carmaker to set its foot here.

However, the technical specifications are not yet divulged but cosmetic tweaks says, projector headlamps, adjustable ORVMs, leather finished seats, adjustable driver seat, wooden trim accompanied by a chrome strip running across doors and dashboard, power windows, chunky AC vents, and many more to be engulfed in the top-end variant of the Foton Tunland pickup.

Foton Tunland pickup
As was expected to launch its MCVs and LCVs in India by 2011, the automaker hadn’t made been to the launching paddock anytime soon. It is learnt that our friends at Motorbash had said the carmaker had opened an office in Pune too. So the roll-out can be happened anytime soon.

Foton Tunland pickup Interiors
In addition, Tunland is said to be preparing the SUV which will rival Toyota Fortuner and Prado in China, hope so we could see that also here.

Foton Tunland pickup Back View

Foton Tunland pickup will compete the Mahindra Gateway and Tata Xenon here in India if launched, and would be the only international option available to the audience who had been dwindling with the Indian ones for so long years.

Image Courtesy: MotorBash

Aston Martin launches driver training program for avid racers

Numerous options available for a one to choose between the driving programs, and when one is an Aston Martin buyer then there are various options available in front of him. The clause of ‘why going elsewhere for training when one buys Aston Martin’ seems to have made the Aston Martin to launch a driver training program for its customers.

Aston Martin Racing, the official motorsport arm of the British automaker, has launched this new driver training program which turns complete blank novices into a professional racing driver, that too with the recognized license to compete in championships both in the U.K. and overseas.

The comprehensive course can be completed in a matter of weeks, and at its completion participants receive a National B racing license. It covers everything including track sessions, the supply of a Vantage GT4 race car, racing suits and helmets, and the all-important insurance coverage.

Aston Martin Launches Driver Training Program
Very disappointingly, this program is currently being offered in U.K. itself. None other countries can avail this.

But the UK Citizens, who look interested in such sort of arena, must contact the Aston Martin Racing today. It’s because no one knows someday it may happen that you’ll be strapped into a Vantage GTE and competing as an Aston Martin works driver at Le Mans next year.

Volvo teases next-generation XC90 at official press-meet in Sweden

As reported in the morning about the Volvo revealed the Concept Coupe for Frankfurt Motor Show. At the same place it also showed the teasers of second-generation (i.e. 2015) XC90.

Viewing it in the darkened images, it was learnt the XC90 will use the T-shaped like headlamps, and very much like its Concept Coupe, the Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform will also underpin it to have most of the future-oriented technologies embedded.

However, it’s no doubt that tail lamps to also differ a lot than the present generation’s, engine specifications tends to go with the newly revealed lineup of Drive-E engines. Need not to say, the safety features, which the Volvo is famous for, namely Adaptive Cruise Control with Steer Assist, Animal Detection, as well as Road Edge and Barrier Detection with Steer Assist and many more, shall see the front of second-generation XC90 soon at the next year’s Geneva Motor Show.

The above mentioned piece of information is revealed at the media presentation of Concept Coupe in Gothenburg, Sweden, so it can assume the same to be there doing test rounds somewhere in the home-country. The spy-shots will be a feast of revealed anytime nearby.

2015 Volvo XC90 SUV

2015 Volvo XC90 SUV Teased

Volvo XC90 SUV Teased

Jaguar SUV spied again, this time much clearly

Jaguar SUV is there in the works, as what been made known to us through the various sources of industry, where the recently caught spy-shots also revealed the same. Again to confirmation, this time more clearly, the SUV or British carmaker is spotted doing test rounds somewhere in the UK.

Hopefully, the car is looking more of a crossover than the SUV, where its reclining roofline is also making us to think twice whether the Tata Motors owned organization has taken some cues from the BMW X6 or else. Delightfully, the tail lamps and other such revealing bits tells us that the camouflaged vehicle is a Jaguar SUV/crossover that maybe on its rounds to pounce more of the limelight at upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

However, it will be unsafe to comment on this vehicle unless and until some proven reports may not be surfaced in the industry, till then our expectations goes for the ‘Hotfire’ diesel and petrol engines, and platform to be used must be the Land Rover’s new Premium Lightweight Architecture. Rear wheel drive format to be at its shaft, but all wheel drive format shall follow it to suit the off-beaten sophisticated needs of various customers.

Jaguar XQ Type SUV

Hyundai reveals mildly updated Verna for India

It is common for any of the European citizens to receive the updates on their car models by more refreshing yet louder means, but contradicting to it with the same in India, it is been carried out silently and has been seen the changes are also not that remarkable to make a wild stance at the first sight. However dwindling with the same story for some long crunching years, Hyundai Verna (along with our eyes) now gets to see something new in the fraternity. Hopefully, this tends to be a cosmetic change itself, but for the audience over here it’s quite great to get in detail.

Hyundai India has updated their webpage with a couple of fresh images that says something new about the headlamps of Verna, and to be precise it’s the eagle eye headlamp which the Korean carmaker is said to replace on its sedan.

As almost similar to the ones on various Hyundai models, this eagle eye headlamp of Verna is not much different. Meanwhile, it’s not the only change to dwell on refreshed sedan, local dealers says, the three headrest on the rear of car will now be done with the two, new set of alloys to be there, and rejigging of badges on bootlid to follow it.

Hyundai Verna LED Headlamp
However, not any of the further information had been landed on our bay, we expect the some official lines to be revealed soon by anytime, maybe near to the launch of Hyundai i10 Grand by next week.

Hyundai Verna Front

Prachi Desai launches Bosch Car and Home Washer in India

Under the hat of Do-It-Yourself, Bosch launches the car and home washer for Rs. 10,500 in India. The said price tag is for the base model, while one can choose from the five models made available to us where higher one costs Rs. 18,000.

The Bollywood actress Prachi Desai was present when the launch that took place in Delhi. And while expressing her thoughts on the new range of Bosch cleaners she said, “I like how Bosch Power Tools has introduced innovative products for the Indian consumer market and has so soon made Do-It-Yourself a trend. I have been using these products and I can vouch that the experience has been a lot of fun. The new Home & Car Washers are extremely convenient and can be used across age groups.”

The car-and-home washer of Bosch is useful for cleaning all type of surfaces for cars as well as the home. Hopefully, the German toolmaker has provided various attachments with it to suit the various cleaning needs of car owners. In addition, it also has provided the wheels on its base for better maneuverability and usage on the uneven surfaces. All of different model of Bosch differentiate from each other on the basis of flow rate, motor power and pressure. One can avail it at various outlets in India, or can also opt for it via various e-commerce options, where the ‘Flipkart’ is a major one to be named in all the sorts.

Prachi Desai launches Bosch Car
Making us informed about the deliberate features about the car washer as well as the organization, Vijay Pandey, Vice President, Bosch Power Tools said, “Bosch Power Tools is looking at a market potential of INR 100 crore under the D-I-Y segment which is growing at an annual compounded rate of 20%. Further urbanization is growing at 35%, self-reliance and lifestyle changes have opened the doors to the Do-It-Yourself segment in India. Bosch Power Tools aims to reach out to its consumers and make cleaning easy with the new Home & Car Washer range. The monsoons are a perfect time to experience the utility of this range. These easy-to-use and light-weight products are especially designed to cater to customers across segments; from homemakers, youth to hobbyists.”

Bosch products

Mercedes Benz hikes prices of its cars from 1st September 2013

Mercedes Benz India had officially announced to hike the prices of its cars from 1st September 2013 by 2.5% to 4.5%, depending on the models selected.

In the official statement released by the German carmaker says, the upward revising in prices is carried out as an outcome of the high exchange rates, raised import duties and notching input cost. In addition, the higher interest rates are also impacting this action of MB silently.

Commenting on the sets of new prices, Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “The rising input costs along with higher import duties have been creating significant pressure on our bottomlines for quite some time now. The constant weakening of the currency and the increase in other relevant taxes further impacted the business, adversely. We have been absorbing a significant portion of these impacts till now, but to run a sustained and profitable business in the long run, revising the prices upwards was inevitable. However, despite the price hike, the attractive financial solutions from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services like ‘Flexinomics’, ‘STAR Agility’ and ‘STAR Supersonic’ loan approvals etc. are all tailor made for our customers. These solutions will provide benchmarking value proposition enabling a hassle free purchase, while our after-sales programmes like Star Care, Star Ease and Road Side Assistance, will enhance the customer’s overall ownership experience.”

Mercedes Benz hikes prices of its cars from 1st September 2013

As per the new tags of the Mercedes Benz India, mentioned below tags will follow their respective models plates:

[table id=158 /]

Hence, an exception to all, the price of newly launched “GL Class” which had recently started its production in India will remain unchanged.

However, the aspiring buyers of the German carmaker products need not to worry about. The three-pointed star badge automaker also provides some financial services to make the purchases attractive, and also offer the customers with most optimum ‘Cost of Ownership’ from its bay. Flexible financing system, and various warranty programmes are some of the features that said services of Mercedes Benz is known for filling the propositions of mentioned terms at best.

Honda clocks its fastest 30,000 sales in India with Amaze

Honda Cars India tastes the new rampage of success with the launch of Amaze here. But more importantly it’s their new and fresh, the first-timer “1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine” that debuted on our shores to make its way best to gain all the brims of oil-burner’s glory in the basket.

However, earlier we reported about some 22,000 astonishing number of sales that the Japanese carmaker had achieved in just a span of few days from the launch. Now news came pinning that Honda Amaze had clocked sales of 30,000 units since the roll-out, which took place in April.

With such realistic sales number on the balance sheet, Honda Cars India experienced growth of organizational sales by 65 per cent in April-July 2013 duration, and helped the badge to grab 12.84% market share in the compact car segment of India.

“We are ecstatic with the overwhelming response received for Amaze since the launch and are delighted having delivered 30,000 Honda Amaze to our customers. Honda Amaze was developed following extensive surveys in India on customer’s needs and requirements setting new benchmarks in the industry in terms of design, packaging, cabin comfort, and fuel-efficiency. Aggressive localization of more than 90 percent in Honda Amaze has helped us price the Amaze competitively. We are very happy that Honda Amaze has created a fresh excitement in the car market and is being appreciated as customer’s proud, easy-to-use and most comfortable sedan,” said Jnaneswar Sen, senior vice-president, marketing and sales.

Honda Amaze
The purpose of posting this news on pour blog is to made you inform, “With the sales of 30,000 Honda Amaze during the above mentioned period, Japanese carmaker managed to clock ‘the fastest 30,000 sales’ in their history of India,” which sounds astonishing for them. And for meeting the ever-increasing demand Amaze will now also be produced at the Greater Noida plant of company from November 2013.