Bugatti Veyron Service Is Now More Exclusive

Cars like Bugatti Veyron are special and needed more than extraordinary attention when serviced. It isn’t like that, the Bugatti wasn’t having a whole new dimension to the service of Veyrons earlier, but looking at the dropping sales number of the car, its officials have came out with the new service measures to keep its owners peppy for owning them. However, changes made includes an authentic seal, which will be tagged on the car to ensure it is been serviced by the authorized officials. And even further, the new installation and updatation to the service standards are also taken care of so that the car shall remains in good technical condition for a longer time. Now, the used Bugatti owners are also said to be a part of the team, which earlier they were deprived of, can enjoy the visits to factory and all else. More focus is said to be laid on Veyron 16.4 and the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.

“When customers choose a Veyron, they are choosing a unique product, one that stands not only for technical innovation and unprecedented performance, but also for a great automotive tradition,” said Dr Stefan Brungs, member of the board of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. responsible for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. “A Bugatti is purchased as a collector’s item. To honour the trust placed in us and to ensure the lasting value of this automotive icon is our highest priority.”

Bugatti Veyron Service Is Now More Exclusive

So now, the car for riches are also heaving a lot of strategies, and even the world’s fastest car Bugatti Veyron is not been included in the exceptional list!

Used Tata Aria: Reasons to Buy

Tata Aria, the name by its outlook is so attractive, seems posing from the niche. But though, every car in the market doesn’t goes well by a good name, it has to get some good marketing strategies too. Tata Motors hopefully failed here in marketing the Aria during its initial days of launch. Aria was launched in 2010, and till date, the India based carmaker has sold only a handful numbers of them. Frankly speaking, most of the Aria buyers are the employees of Tata Motors or Tata Group, and not the general audience.

This much lag from the market wasn’t subletting the official inside the office of Tata Motors, and they decided to roll out the updated version of SUV/MUV, which is boasted only of minute cosmetic changes, to bring back the fortunes to the group. Here, due to the new version available in the market with only cosmetic changes, it seems a lot of them are going to hit the used car bays, so we decided to update the blog on our website for a used Aria, and one more reason to it, it is observed the used Aria tends to fall on wallet in a price of a hatchback – so why not crack a deal on the Tata Aria instead. To the facts, Aria was initially launched in the 4×4 variant for a price tag of Rs 15.5 lakh ex-showroom Delhi, but then later on the automaker rolled out the 4×2 version for a starting price tag of Rs 11 lakh. Due to the image formation of being a pricey car in the first, Rs 11 lakh strategy fallen flat on its head. One can say here, there are other options too available in the market for a starting price tag of Rs 11 lakh like Mahindra XUV 500 W4 variant to name for now, but its competition the Toyota Innova and to an extent Xylo only also stands in the league affirm.

Used Tata Aria

Read on to find out what the Aria has in kitty for gaining the upper hand over the hatches, and other rivals of SUVs and MUVs.

Starting from the exteriors, it looks plush and feels big in size, which it too is in actual, but not so plush on interiors. The blackened pillar at rear gives the roof a floating gesture. The vertical tail lamps and extensively stretched wheelbase complements it for Limo-sort attire. From outers, it appears with a distinct mask than any of the rivals in segment. Tata’s ideology of making the car appear a segment bigger and more value for the money doesn’t seems making an exception here.

Inside, the first two rows are spacious, even that the Innova would envy it. They are well bolstered and sits high comparatively to the Toyota’s MUV. If am not wrong, a third person could also be squeezed in, but un-comfort level will be all time high for all three of them due to the second row AC vents on floor. Though, the driving ergonomics is not as good as Innova, but Aria rides very plaint when filled to the core with weights and persons, like all the other Tata SUV vehicles which are patented with their heavy vehicles ideologies rides pliant. It fares good as a people carrier, and less of a car in the driving part.

Used Tata Aria Interiors

Monetary wise, the maintenance is not as high as of the other cars. And as we had mentioned above, the car is launched in 2010 and down on road for just more three years, it isn’t that old to own a one. Probably, the mileage too is also descent, at 15.05 kmpl as per ARAI.

Available in the vicinity of Rs 7-8 lakh for a 2011 model in used car showroom (price depended upon the condition and availability), Aria is seems to have taken over the new hatchbacks and sedans adoringly. We take, Tata has one of the best products in the showroom, but is underrated in the media, and that’s what Tata Motors wants to evade it with the new Aria. So, the used car buyers are ones to get benefitted extensively by this vehicle from the showroom of a used car dealer.

Used Tata Aria Reasons to Buy

Technical specifications of Tata Aria:

[table id=233 /]

Used Tata Aria Back View

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder flipped upside down by mechanic in Austria

We used to bring reports around the world about the niche cars getting crashed, and all such other stuffs. Picking one more of that kind, an Austrian mechanic is reported to have flipped and ruined a customer’s Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder when took out on a test run after repairing it.

The 29-year-old mechanic Niklas Schwart from Rainbach in Upper Austria is given the Italian supercar for some minute repairs by the owner, which then the mechanic took it out for a spin after his job with one his friends and landed with the car facing the sky.

It was reported that the mechanic lost his control over the Raging Bull when he accelerated over the wet roads. As in detail, the 560 HP (412 kW) convertible shoot a jest of horses from the spot due to excess acceleration, and with the lost control of driver on a wet curve it managed to hit the crash barrier and got flipped upside down.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder flipped upside down by mechanic in Austria

Growling in pain that Lamborghini owner has got nothing to do except than to fumble over his car; but that lucky chap the mechanic escaped without any injuries while his friend faced only minor head injuries. The 24-year-old co-passenger refused to go for the hospitalization, the emergency medical treatment at the accident site made him feel better.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Approximately 14 firemen and two fire engines were slotted to bring the car back on wheels, and later on it was ‘towed’ to the destination. Right now there aren’t further reports whether the owner has asked the mechanic to pay the losses or not.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder flipped upside

New Skoda Superb vs Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI

New Skoda Superb recently launched is enjoying the most of shares in the market, as the Honda Accord and Volkswagen Passat have faded away from the shores with Hyundai Sonata making no exceptional reminiscence. It emerges clear winner of its segment, but as per to a law of management “the monopoly doesn’t exists” Skoda too has to see competition from another sect of market, i.e. the used car segment. The contender to new Superb is the big on wheels Mercedes-Benz E-Class (E 350 CDI) of past generation, the one which was available for as low as Rs 50 lakh in the showrooms, but due to the launch of a new E-Class the old ones had been spiced out, and are available in abundance at the used car dealers with the approx 2 and a half million INR price tag. (depending upon the condition and market availability). The top-end tag of the Superb is going to take on head to head with one of the best-in-class seller E-Class of times. So the competition here is who will be having the best in class title, the luxury v/s the layman’s niche. Find out…

Starting from the cosmetics on front, both of them hail from different category; Mercedes-Benz clearly speaks of its elegance with royal looks that has no restrictions in saying ‘overwhelming’ every time. Otherwise, if perceived from the viewpoint of layman, Skoda has all the pinning right to compel the every footfall on knees in showrooms. Though, we are a big fan of Benz and believe in living the King Size, so does E 350 CDI seems attracting us lot, and honestly speaking, if given a sum of that said amount of money, I would vouch for the Merc be seen in my garage as a next buy. But surely, there’s maintenance factor on forefront when the talk is of buying used. The German Star is already quite old on the roads, wafting to be taken care of every now and then. Hope so, a bit of hampering for the buyers would happen when they will face any maintenance issues. Comparatively, there aren’t huge differences in cost of ownership between the Mercedes and Skoda, relieved that much, only a “slightly” bigger hole would be created in the pocket at service intervals when bought a used niche, as compared to Skoda in India.

Skoda Superb Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI

Interiors plays important role for a car. And whatever it may take, people always delight to sit inside the cabin of Mercedes. Here the Mercedes E 350 CDI of past generation has a good built quality. They seems to have been made to last. Anything out there on interiors doesn’t looks like a fuss, except that cluster of small buttons on central console which feels a bit confusing, but will get used to when driven daily. The overall design gesture is simple (yet we mean German) and are given detailed attention even to the minute chunks and knobs. After spending number of years on road, the Merc doesn’t leads in oodles of vibrations and rattles despite being powered by a diesel and ran for years on roads. The cabin feels a silent place to rest in, and not attributing a lot was the small amount of rattles that were sneaking in at times due to the age factor of car. On gadgets front, the Command screen is operational with only a single knob to scroll through menus. Hence, the hassle of juggling over buttons is reduced.

On comparison, the Skoda too has taken the challenge uphill to compete the Merc. Designers of Skoda seem to have designed the new Superb keeping in mind the upmarket saloons. Hence, the outcome can be clearly witnessed inside the cabin. Ranging from the seats to small buttons and knobs, everything feels well-crafted and composed. The beige theme inside the cabin is eye-soothing, and relaxing as what one would definitely ask from a car of Skoda in India. Front seat has ample of legroom, and if the buyers want more, they can jump into the rear. The rear seat of new Superb feels so big that even a seven-footer will not complain either. Genuinely, we find the space in this car is like no other car in the country, nor even Mercedes, BMW or Audi would deliver such measurement in their products of same category. It feels envying all three of them, and that’s where the Czech based carmaker is cashing upon in India to a larger extent. And coming to the boot, the tailgate is comprised of rear windshield like a BMW GT, lending a good amount of ozone to seep in the luggage. On the E 350 CDI, boot opening is a conventional one, and probably feels shorter in measurement.

Skoda Superb Interiors Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Interiors

Now, under the hoods, Skoda Superb is powered by a 2.0L diesel producing 140bhp and 32.6kgm of healthy torque. The power revs at early stoke of accelerations, with no delays in leaning the speedometer tip northwards. It has power distributed in a linear pattern, which feels always meaty in every section of gear. This too makes the drives to less use the tip-tronic. Thanks to its dual clutch, the not so aggressive dab on pedal takes the car to fierce. Its tall sixth gear also aides to maintain the hunger of adrenaline even at a higher range. Being frank, the speed numbers starts to less progressive pace after the mark of 170kph, but that’s understood when you can fire strong rounds till that mark with every driving pattern, either on turns or on straight roads, with no negative feedbacks.

Moving to the Germans once again, the bay under bonnet is a hideout of a beasty V6 that makes almost no sound at all. It silently sits underneath and beat others with its unmatched power of 231bhp and 55kgm of torque. Obviously, its top speed and pulling power is more than the Skoda, likewise to a performance car. A gentle dab on pedal is enough to push you forward in a zest, that too in a typical sophisticated Mercedes style. The various driving modes cheers up the mood every time. Even in the traffic, it doesn’t implicate a heavy load being tied to a steering. E-Class and other Mercedes as well are better known for the driving pleasure. This one doesn’t make an exception to the said.

New Skoda Superb Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Used

Overall, as we had said, the war is between a niche and a layman, both of them has locked their horns and it was impeccable to say the layman’s car (Skoda Superb) has competed courageously taking the lead right in the niche context up to the last. It broke down only when we opened its bonnet, and found that shying moment ruling such a good car with a 2.0L diesel engine. Otherwise, the remaining aspects of new Superb are worth looking forward to. But wait, we hadn’t ruled out the possibility of Mercedes not winning the fight. In India, we give a lot of importance to the German’s three-pointed star logo over others. And sitting in the alp of niche is altogether a different experience. Mercedes-Benz E 350 CDI of past generation may fall heavy on the pocket in maintenance and ownership cost, but that much overshadow of expenses are understood when give to drive an attractive Merc saloon. So, both of them have something or the else to win over the other. On the fair context, Skoda Superb ranks best as the most equipped car, the Mercedes-Benz E 350 CDI on the best in driving note. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Skoda Superb Back View Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Back View

Tour de France winner Chris Froome is presented with unique Jaguar F-TYPE

Once again, the second time, Jaguar and Team Sky has called a toast of celebration to celebrate an outstanding second victory in the Tour de France, and rewarded the race winner Chris Froome a very special Jaguar F-TYPE sports car.

This new victory of 2014 marks back-to-back successes in the Tour for Team Sky, with Chris Froome becoming the second British rider to win the Yellow Jersey after Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2012.

Commenting on the success, Chris Froome said, “Every young cyclist dreams of one day riding in the Tour de France, let alone winning it. I haven’t done it alone though. Team Sky has a great set of partners, and I’d like to thank Jaguar for their brilliant support over the past four years. They’ve invested a lot of time and ingenuity into designing the XF Sportbrake, which is the perfect race support cars for us. It has been crucial to keeping the team on the road throughout the competition”.

Tour de France winner Chris Froome is presented with unique Jaguar F-TYPE

And taking that Jag plight even further with the victorious mood, David Steele, Global Brand Experience Director said, “It is an absolute pleasure to once again celebrate a Tour de France victory with Team Sky. Being part of the story is a real privilege for everyone at Jaguar. We congratulate the Team and I am sure Chris Froome will enjoy celebrating with an invigorating drive in his new F-TYPE.”

All-New Audi A3 Earns IIHS Highest TOP SAFETY PICK+ Rating

The all-new 2015 Audi A3 saloon equipped with Audi pre sense front received the highest 2014 safety rating available from IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) earning a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating. In addition, the A3 sedan earned an “ADVANCED” rating for front crash prevention that’s the qualifier for the “+” portion of TSP+ rating. It received “GOOD” ratings for all crashworthiness tests, including Side Test, Moderate Overlap Front Test, Head Restraints Test, Small Overlap Front and Roof Strength Test. Mark Del Rosso, Chief Operating Officer at Audi of America said, “The TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating for the A3 demonstrates the full Audi commitment to safety. With industry-first technology, uncompromised design and a host of standard luxury features, the A3 raises the bar as to what is expected out of entry-level luxury vehicles.

The 2015 Audi A3 goes on sale in April this year and will be available for the price of $29,900. It will be joined later in the fall of 2014 by the A3 TDI clean diesel sedan, Audi A3 Cabriolet and the high-performance S3 sedan; and in early 2015, the A3 Sportback e-tron gasoline electric plug-in hybrid (PHEV). The A3 marks the first time that an A-segment vehicle will provide available features such as Audi drive select, MMI technology, Bang & Olufsen audio and 4G LTE connectivity.

All-New Audi A3 Earns IIHS Highest TOP SAFETY PICK+ Rating

The 2015 Audi A3 will provide several advanced technology features which are new to the entry luxury class, including: an optional advanced technology package, which includes Audi pre sense front, adaptive cruise control with stop and go and Audi active lane assist and standard Audi pre sense basic system which helps detect when an emergency maneuver is being made and prepares the vehicle and its passenger restraint systems in advance of a possible collision. The A3 also introduces secondary collision brake assist and is the only vehicle to provide this system as a standard feature. The system automatically brakes the car after a collision so as to prevent a secondary collision with oncoming or nearby traffic.

IIHS Top Safety Pick Ratings

IIHS tests evaluate two aspects of safety: crash mitigation and avoidance, a technology that can prevent a crash or lessen its severity and crashworthiness — how well a vehicle protects its passengers in a crash. To determine crashworthiness, IIHS rates vehicles acceptable, good, poor or marginal, based on performance in five tests: small overlap front, moderate overlap front, roof strength, head restraints and side. In the area of crash mitigation and avoidance, IIHS assigns vehicles with available front crash prevention systems ratings of advanced, superior or basic, based on the type of performance and system in track tests.

2015 Audi A3 Back View

About Audi

Audi of America, Inc. and its U.S. dealers provide a full line of German designed luxury vehicles. AUDI AG is amongst the most successful luxury automobile manufacturing companies internationally. The Audi Group delivered 1,575,500 vehicles to customers globally last year, and broke all-time company sales records for the 4th straight year in United States. Through 2018, AUDI AG will invest about $30 billion on new facilities, technologies and products.

The 2015 Audi A3 is available for the starting price of $29,900 for 1.8T Premium variant. Limited availability, available for factory order; prices exclude taxes, destination, other options, dealer charges and title. Dealer sets the actual price.

Carlex Design Lamborghini Aventador Anniversario Edition

Lamborghini Anniversary Edition Aventador is one of the collector’s cars, as only 100 samples were made. Making it more exclusive, the Carlex Design has given it a special touch on interiors. In fact, the combination of Black and Yellow is now looking livelier and sportier than any of the Lamborghinis before. Hence, the Giallo Maggio yellow paint scheme is seen carried out on exteriors too. As per the images, seats, steering wheel, door panels and the dashboard are covered in the modification program, while it is been said, the technicalities weren’t touched at all.

From one of the world’s powerful machines fitted in its engine bay, the Lamborghini Aventador Anniversario by Carlex Design produces 720 HP (529 kW) from an updated V12 6.5-liter motor mated to an ISR gearbox, grunting the 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph).

Carlex Design Lamborghini Aventador Anniversario Edition

Carlex Design Lamborghini Aventador Interiors

Toyota TS040 Hybrid Revealed: Enters Into A New Racing Era

Toyota Racing has today unveiled the TS040 Hybrid vehicle and revised driver lineup, which will take it into the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship and into a new era of hybrid motorsport. With the 520PS 3.7 liter petrol powerplant in addition to 480PS of four-wheel drive hybrid boost, the TS040 Hybrid introduced today at Paul Richard has a maximum power of 1000PS and symbolizes the most sophisticated hybrid technology in racing.

The move to a four-wheel drive hybrid sees TOYOTA return to a concept which has been part of its racing hybrid development since 2007, when the 4-wheel drive Supra HV-R became the first hybrid to win an endurance race, the Tokachi 24 Hours. The new TOYOTA HYBRID System – Racing powertrain has been developed specifically for the revised WEC technological regulations that put a particular focus on fuel economy. A 25 percent reduction in fuel usage unlike 2013 is required, with savings achieved through aerodynamics, driving style and powertrain efficiencies. A fuel flow meter will monitor fuel usage and penalties will be applied in the race if the three-lap average consumption exceeds defined limits.

Toyota TS040 Hybrid Revealed

Working together with official partner TOTAL, the engineers of TOYOTA Racing have found further performance and efficiencies through the use of specialist TOTAL lubricants. The more open, new regulations have allowed TOYOTA Racing to implement a major increase in hybrid power, with an AISIN AW motor-generator on the front axle added for complimenting the DENSO unit on the rear. Under deceleration, the motor-generators apply braking force in combination with conventional mechanical brakes to harvest energy, which is transferred via inverter (AISIN AW at the front, DENSO at the rear) to the NISSHINBO super-capacitor.

Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Team President: We are very much looking forward to our 3rd season in the FIA World Endurance Championship when we will fight to achieve our dream of winning Le Mans and the World Championship. As well as challenging new regulations which make endurance racing the most road-relevant discipline in top-level motorsport, we also have a new competitor.

Hisatake Murata, General Manager, Motor Sports Unit Development Division: The TOYOTA HYBRID System – Racing has been significantly updated because of the challenge of new regulations. The regulations need a big reduction in fuel consumption but, to remain competitive, we of course want to retain engine power; it is not a realistic option to reduce consumption by reducing power.

New Toyota TS040 Hybrid Revealed

Pascal Vasselon, Technical Director: We started the initial simulations and studies immediately when the ACO announced the first elements of the regulations in mid-2012 and last season we devoted a lot of our available resources to developing the TS040 HYBRID. In terms of the chassis concept and aerodynamics, the TS040 HYBRID is a deep evolution of the TS030 HYBRID, taking into account the new dimensions as set by the regulations and implementing the lessons we learned in the last two years of WEC competition.

2014 FIA World Endurance Championship Calendar:

  • 20th April: Six Hours of Silverstone (GB)
  • 3rd May: Six Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (Bel)
  • 14th June: Le Mans 24 Hours (Fra)
  • 20th September: Six Hours of Circuit of the Americas (USA)
  • 12th October: Six Hours of Fuji (Jpn)
  • 2nd November: Six Hours of Shanghai (Chi)
  • 15th November: Six Hours of Bahrain
  • 30th November: Six Hours of Sao Paulo (Bra)

Toyota TS040 Hybrid Revealed Back View

About TOYOTA Racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship:

TOYOTA first competed in the FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship) in 1983, marking the start of a long period of participation in endurance racing. TOYOTA vehicles have raced in 15 Le Mans 24 Hours races, achieving a best result of second place on four occasions (1992, 1994, 1999 & 2013). TOYOTA entered the revived WEC in 2012, as TOYOTA Racing, with its first hybrid LMP1 car, the TS030 HYBRID. That car competed for two seasons, winning five races. It was designed and built by TOYOTA Motorsport GmbH (TMG), where the race team is based. TMG is the former home of TOYOTA’s World Rally and Formula 1 works teams, and was responsible for design and operation of TOYOTA’s TS020 Le Mans car in 1998-99. TMG now combines motorsport participation with work as a high-performance engineering services provider to third party companies, as well as the TOYOTA family.

Used Tata Nano Review

Tata Nano, the car has always remained in front lines of media since it was launched in 2009. Though, it doesn’t matters whether it is there – the good or the bad reason. But the top line (sales) of Nano hasn’t lifted the mood of Tata Motors’ officials. We are less concerned about what the Nano marketing personnel are thinking, but the used market of Nano has completely floored us. Thanks to the newly launched Nano Twist with power steering, now there are good numbers of used Nano touched the stockyard of a used car dealer.

A survey to a used car dealer sat us on the heap of Nanos, ranging from the models launched in 2009 to the ones that were recently introduced last year. To be precise, the world’s cheapest car lost most of its market share due to the car that gripped fire on roads during the initial days of launch, and couple of incidents in the same cadre has completely tarnished the image of the model plate. PR personnel of Tata shall be praised for the reason they managed to save the grace at the moment, as they took a call of recalling the entire vehicle lot and fitting them with an additional fuse to avoid short circuit, and also a catalytic converter in the electrical system. In the latter years, the engineers gained more confident in the product and started rolling out the various variants and trims of it for penetrating the market sectors deeper.

Used Tata Nano Review

Prior to entering into a detailed discussion, let us brief that the vision of Tata was to bring in the motoring to the masses with a car priced under Rs 1 lakh, but due to unfortunate reasons of the relocation of factory and also those rising steel prices played spoilsport for Indian carmaker. Despite such drawbacks, the engineers (before the launch) re-engineered the product and finally made to attain the badge of the world’s cheapest car. Here in India, that calculation of being the cheapest car doesn’t worked out during the launch, but now after certain years it seems to be working so, because the small car of Tata can be bought for as low as Rs 75,000 (depending upon the availability and condition of car) at a ‘used car dealer’. Mentioned below are some of the details we collected after our visit to a pre-owned car dealer in Mumbai.

The Nano was of 2010 make, and was asking for Rs 85,000 tag, which was negotiable. We learnt that, the asked price was quite high from the market price, but when looked into its paperwork then understood why the seller was so deliberate with regards of asking a meaty tag. Its insurance was valid upto March 2015, means a saving of approx Rs 3,000 – 4,000, and the owner was having the entire service history, means it was trustable to make a buy because of it being lidded off only in the trained hands. To our luck, the model was of the 2010 make but was produced after the month of January, so out there who are referring to buy the Nano of 2009 and the Jan 2010 shall make clear that the starter motor has been replaced in the recall made by the carmaker. Being used over the years, the Tata Nano is also reported of giving out the problems like headlight stalks malfunctioning, and the not so breezing AC blowers.

Tata Nano Interiors

The former one may be replaced for a lower cost, while the latter one is sure to cost you hefty. The leaking evaporator coil of Nano is priced at Rs 3928. Other major issue that comes into light is the cars’ battery. Nano uses a unique battery – 25Ah, smaller than the other hatchbacks and compact cars. As the size is small it gets drained out usually earlier than stated, because of the aftermarket additions like music system and else; so if wanted to enjoy the music in Nano will cost Rs 3,000 for the battery replacement. Nano sports two different types of tyres – thin on front and wider on rear. They run for a good number of kilometers, but the cars in used market mostly are in the need of replacement, one of it costs Rs 2,200. Tata Motors offers 4 years/60,000kms warranty on Nano. Probably, most of the cars out there will be under warranty, but the one we reviewed was exclusive of it, because it has ended the tenure. Other parts that needed replacement aren’t too costly either. An air-filter costs Rs 165, while an oil-filter costs a mere Rs 87. The other accidental parts like front bumper rip off Rs 1,298 from the wallet, whereas the headlight assembly needs a blissful Rs 1,357 for the replacement. Even the major of technicalities i.e. the clutch plate is taxed at Rs 977 in the bill, which is then complemented by the clutch release bearing for an additional Rs 353.

Hope so, maintaining the Tata Nano is quite cost-efficient than the other cars, but driving it isn’t yet. Yes, that’s in the time when all of us are addicted to steer the wheel with quite ease due to power steering, the world’s cheapest car still comes without it, an exception made to the Nano Twist that the brand has launched recently. It means, parking may take the last beat of arm’s muscle to squeeze it in the right spot, but comparatively that same technicality on high speeds gives in confident. Cruising in the city is feels uber cool as you can dart in the corners without aggressive efforts.

Used Tata Nano

There are speed limits to the car which we feel better shall not be crossed. Though the other journalist says, its max is 106kmph and that’s true even, but who wanted to drive safe shall not exceed the 80-90kmph bar. Overall, Tata Nano is one of the best cars available in the market, for a price tag of as low as a motorcycle. We believe, the youths are the Nano’s major target buying group in the new car segment, because of ads and TVCs reclined towards that way. We say, the used Nano too can adore the youths who are looking forward to buy their first motorcycle. The only problem is (referring to the youth and when compared) fuel-efficiency rates at near to 15kmpl in the city and a shade more than 20kmpl in highway (which are subjected to differ depending upon the driving style and cars’ condition). Overall, our rating for buying the used Tata Nano was more than the average, a cool 7 out of 10 you can say.

Technical Specifications of Tata Nano:

[table id=234 /]

Used Tata Nano

[table id=235 /]

Tata Nano

Redesigned Jaguar XJR Spied For the First Time

It has just been a year since the Jaguar XJ-R was introduced globally and it seems that a redesign is already on its way. A faintly masked test mule of the redesigned XJ-R has been spotted undergoing trials near Nurburgring in Germany. The camouflage was used only at the rear and front, which indicate the areas, which have been affected by the facelift. New rear and front bumper designs can be seen with bigger lower air intakes at the front; the rear bumper appears to get a mild redesign, however still integrates the quadruple exhaust tips of the current model. Powering the XJ-R will be a supercharged 5.0 liter V8 engine, which is good for producing 542 horsepower @ 6500 rpm with 680 newton meters of torque between 2500 and 5500 rpm. That same powerplant is also set to appear on Range Rover Sport that’s currently under development.

As a result of this brutal engine, the current XJ-R can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 4.6 seconds and onto an electronically limited top speed of 280km/h.

Jaguar XJR Spied For the First Time

The engine is likely to be mated to ZF 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission. Prototypes of the standard redesigned Jaguar XJ-R have also been spotted testing with the most recent pictures showing the new model parked next to current XJ. Again, the main cosmetic changes in line for the British automaker’s premium sedan focus on its rear and front bumpers.

Jaguar XJR Spied

The changes at front are quite clear, with huge grille that’s slightly downsized by making it less deep. Large air intakes in the front lower corners of the hood now feature a cleaner and bigger design. The headlights appear to remain unchanged from 2014 model units, which saw the addition of orange indicator unit.

Jaguar XJR Spied interiors

The British automaker has seen sales of the Jaguar XJ rise steadily in recent months, recording a 23% increase between January and September 2013 and the previous period in 2012. The jump in sales is partly due to increasing success in China.

Jaguar XJR Spied Back View

Image Courtesy –