Porsche Cayenne Facelift Launched In India For Rs 1.02 Crore

It’s finally here. Porsche’s Cayenne facelift is launched in India for a starting price of Rs 1.02 crore ex-showroom Maharashtra.

Confirming the changes made, bumper has grown sharper with more blades quipped in the air ducts. Front grille receives refinement. And major chunk of changes are grown over the headlamps, the new units seen there in the cluster are Bi-Xenon and four-point LED lights, whereas the tail pipes too are fresh. The facelift of Cayenne isn’t an aesthetic appeal only. The features list goes on adding air suspension, four-zone auto climate control, pedal shifters for automatic variant and panoramic sunroof. Inside the cabin, the rear ergonomics is slightly improved to at least provide airy seating arrangement.

Under the hoods, the Cayenne diesel puts out the power of 242bhp and 550Nm of torque which can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 7.6 seconds and claims a top-speed of 218kmph. The Cayenne Diesel S arrives with the bigger engine worth of 380bhp from 4.2-litre V8 engine which send the torque of 850Nm and reaches the 0-100km/h in 5.4 seconds with a top-speed of 252km/h.

Porsche Cayenne Facelift Launched In India For Rs 1.02 Crore

The Cayenne S petrol is stated to be strapped with a twin-turbo 3.6-litre V6 that churns out the 414bhp of max power and 550Nm of torque. It can zip from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds and can clock top speed of 259km/h. Earlier, the Cayenne S was strapped with the V8, but now they have been downsized to this V6 which also powers the Macan.

Now, the top of line, or can be said as flagship, Cayenne Turbo 4.8-litre bi-turbo V8 is compelled to do the 513bhp and 750Nm of torque, accelerating from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds and a top-speed of 279km/h.

Well, only four variants are launched, the other ones like GTS and Turbo S are still left to be unleashed here. If did so, the Mercedes-Benz’s AMG wing may see serious rivals on the roads of India.

Mentioned below is the price list of Porsche Cayenne facelift:

•    Porsche Cayenne Diesel – Rs 1.02 crore (ex-showroom Maharashtra)
•    Porsche Cayenne S Diesel – Rs 1.18 crore (ex-showroom Maharashtra)
•    Porsche Cayenne S (Petrol) – Rs 1.16 crore (ex-showroom Maharashtra)
•    Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Petrol) – Rs 1.74 crore (ex-showroom Maharashtra)

New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Launched In India For Rs 40.9 Lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi

Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level sedan C-Class has finally got a new design in India.

The German automaker launched the new entry-level sedan C-Class for the price of Rs 40.90 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Right now only petrol variant is launched but diesel will come out by 2015.

At this earlier stage the car will be brought to India as completely built-up units (CBU) where the local manufacturing will take place during the next year (2015).

New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Launched In India For Rs 40.9 Lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi

New C-Class is based on the MRA (Mercedes Rear-Drive Architecture) which is lightweight in nature and the new trim comparatively had reduced weight by 100kgs over the earlier version. In comparison, the old C-Class which was on sale in India till now was smaller. To be specific, the model has grown 95mm in length, 40mm on width and 80mm on wheelbase. The powertrain deployed underneath the hoods is compiled of a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, turbocharged, petrol unit with a 7G-Tronic Plus dual-clutch gearbox. The same engine is also planted in the new E-Class and produces 181bhp and 300Nm of torque. All the said technicalities lead 0-100kmph in 7.3 seconds and deliver a fuel efficiency of 14.74kmpl.

On the cosmetic side, the flagship S-Class has lent ample of cues to it. The twin-slate front grille with the prominent logo just bolstered in the center looks carried over. Ranging from the LED lights, new rear bumper, tail lights and boot lid are same of the S-Class.

The cabin of top-end C-Class trim is nurtured with 8.4-inch high-resolution screen which can be controlled by wheel as well as a touchpad. Satellite navigation, cabin lighting of selectable four-colour LED, panoramic sunroof, push-start button, rear-view camera, climate control, Bluetooth connectivity and 13-speaker bounded Burmester audio system.

The rivals will be BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 and upcoming Jaguar XE. It is made available only in C200 trim where 200CDI promised to be the number fetcher when launched.

2015 BMW M5 Launched In India For Rs 1.35 Crore

The repertoire of performance driven cars in India have kept adding a number with every passing month. This month the BMW has made it pull down the biggest performance sedan in the country, dubbed as 2015 M5. Launched for Rs 1.35 crore ex-showroom India, this will rival the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG on a stern note.

Updates that M5 got for the 2015 model are subtle in nature; hosting low air intake is one of them amongst others.

The car will be brought to India via CBU (completely built-up units) or can be said as fully imported with no inputs from India. It is going to get the boost of 567bhp and 680Nm of torque from a turbocharged 4.4-litre V8. The drivatrain is controlled by a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and hits the 0-100kmph in 4.3 seconds with a fuel-efficiency of 10.10 kmpl (as claimed). Hence, all of these frill of speed thrills are controlled by M-designated three-spoke steering wheel and pedal shifters behind it.

2015 BMW M5 Launched In India For Rs 1.35 Crore

Deepening more thrills of performance, BMW has added Active M Differential at rear axle to get the “outstanding dynamic-driving performance”. A wide array of safety equipments also make to the list. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) aided with braking assist, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Active Protection with Attentiveness Assistant & Active Headrests are some of them to name as of now.

Seven colour options are provided for 2015 BMW M5.

Swift Windsong Special Edition Launched In India

Maruti’s new arrival for the season, Swift facelift, has just got better with the time. Honed to be a must buy in the list of youngsters, the Indian carmaker has got the ball rolling by launching the hatchback’s special edition called as “Swift Windsong”.

The Swift Windsong was unveiled at a music event in the country, and company said the car to be limited to 100 units only, with prices unknown yet.

Comparing the additions or changes made on this car, it gets side skirts, extended bumpers, blackened roof, and decals on sides and couple of black stripes on the bonnet for a more youthful appeal.

Swift Windsong Special Edition Launched In India

The headphones witnessed in the images aren’t a part of the package. That was plucked for the promotional purpose only.

Those yellow wheels are adding a spark to it.

New Swift Special Edition Windsong Pics

Well, it remains unclear whether this Swift facelift special Windsong edition will be available in the petrol or diesel engine option.

If anyone out there possesses any information about it can write to us in the comments section below.

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Force One Mid-Variant SX Spied With 4×4

Force’s only modern rival in the market – Force One SUV – that automaker is keen on selling in numbers for the past three years (since 2011) has now taken a plight further. Spied without the camouflages on the outskirts of Pune, the SX or the mid variant of Force One is bound to be coming with “4×4 traction” soon.

Earlier, it was the top-end or LX variant that got the all-wheel drive functionality in the line-up. The differentiation on the outer skin of stock SX and its 4×4 sibling is the “4×4” sticker on C-pillar mimicking the LX variant. In the drivetrain the SUV comes powered by a 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine of 141PS max power @ 3800rpm and 321NM of torque produced between 1600 and 2400rpm after mated to 5-speed manual gearbox. An electronic shift is given to switch between two-and-four wheel drive mode.

Force One Mid-Variant SX Spied With 4x4

Hence, it will be only the cabin that may create a big difference between both the trims, as the SX comes with fabric, whereas LX makes a statement with the leather.

Hopefully, price of Force One 4×4 SX will hover near to Rs 13.5 lakh ex-showroom.

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Image Courtesy: Fly-Wheel

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Auto Launched At Rs 23.55 Lakh

Now, it’s the show time. Mitsubishi Pajero Automatic is finally launched in India at Rs 23.55 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

The SUV with automatic transmission comes in the variant of 4×2 which is below the top-of-the-line 4×4.

Nothing except the gearbox is changed. Engine deployed under the hood is 2.5-litre four-cylinder diesel turbo that makes a good 175.5bhp and 351Nm of torque. Power is sent to rear wheels and a five-speed automatic transmission takes care of the rest. Paddle-shifters flanked behind the steering wheel makes that task easier.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Auto Launched At Rs 23.55 Lakh

Trims of Pajero Sport automatic features infotainment system, automatic climate control and reverse parking camera on the list.

Toyota Fortuner and Hyundai Santa Fe are its major rivals in the competition.

Audi A4 Premium Sport Edition Launched At Rs 39.95 Lakh

Audi’s exclusivity for the festive season of India during 2014 was yet to come, but no complaints from as of now because the automaker had launched its A4 sedan with a new trim called A4 Premium Sport. It sits amidst the range where A4 Technology Pack is on the top and A4 Premium variant is at its feet.

The addition to it comes in the form of fresh 17-inch alloys of 20-spoke, new front bumper and a fresh chin design to differentiate from the standard version.

Audi A4 Premium Sport Edition Launched At Rs 39.95 Lakh

Interiors are all talked of black comparatively to the dual-tone layout of standard A4. A carbon-black styling package to be opted for features black ORVMs, window sills and even black door moulding.  Audi A4 Premium Sport can be taken home only in two paint shades: white and red.

The price tag tied around the Audi A4 Premium Sport is of Rs 39.95 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Launched In India For Rs 4.5 Crore Ex-Showroom Mumbai

The change isn’t good for riches and that’s the reason why Rolls-Royce prefers building timeless designs. However, certain nip and tucks are always craved to show up after precise intervals. So, the Rolls-Royce Ghost in India, which was doing its duty since long back, is now launched once again in the badge of Series II for Rs 4.5 crore ex-showroom Mumbai.

There aren’t chunk of additions or deduction to commemorate the final touch of Series II. Instead they are so subtle in nature that usually an untrained wouldn’t be able to tell the differences between the old and a new model. Naming the changes carried out, they can be referred as daytime running lights in the headlamp cluster, chrome surrounds for air intakes on front, and new alloys as well as paint shades to choose from. Restyled bumpers, hood and tail lights are the last bits to be mentioned.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II Launched In India

Inside the cabin, Ghost Series II is pinned with revamped instrument and new trims with new options of wood and veneer. The major change remains with the infotainment system that portrays functioning on a 10.2-inch screen, and can be handled with a touchpad controller that sync itself with the outer world via on-board Wi-Fi.

Under the hoods, Ghost Series II stores the same petrol V12 engine of 6.6-litre producing 563bhp and 780NM of torque mated to a 8-speed transmission which is guided by navigation and can mend itself in the perfect gear slot depending upon the type of terrain ahead.

New Maruti Alto K10 Launched In India For Rs 3.06 Lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi

Agreed, Maruti Alto K10 is not a head turner, but still it is sold in more than 25 lakh units since launched in 2000.

The car is now launched once again in a facelift avatar for Rs 3.06 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

This time, there aren’t only cosmetic changes  made, but also a needful technical deployment carried out that is meant to change the course of Maruti’s selling point in India. And it’s none other than ‘AMT gearbox’ which the Celerio was seen sporting earlier. Now, the AMT with Alto K10 facelift tags it as the cheapest automatic car in India.

Noticeably, Alto K10 has also changed on dimensions. Length got smaller by 75mm, width grows by 15mm. Interior is completely refreshed and more space are added inside the cabin.

New Maruti Alto K10 Launched In India

Engine of 998cc 3-cylinder marked with K10 is reworked for making the better move and is also chopped on weight for better efficiency. The overall fuel-efficiency is rated at 24.07kmpl as per ARAI.

Maximum power of 68PS is delivered at 6000rpm and 90Nm of torque at 3500rpm.

The designing inside the cabin of Alto K10 facelift went upmarket than before but still it feels not up to mark of rival from Korean carmaker, Hyundai Eon. Piano black inserts on central console with sliver accents pushing that feel further. The feature list is consisted of integrated music-system with USB and Aux-in, internally adjustable wing mirrors, front power windows and tachometer.

Six colours and four variants are made available. The AMT Alto K10 will be available only in top-end VXi variant and CNG for only mid-spec LXi trim.

New Maruti Alto K10 Launched In India For Rs 3.06 Lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi

Following are the prices of Alto K10 facelift launched in India:

    • Alto K10 LX – Rs 3.06 lakh ex-showroom Delhi
    • Alto K10 LXi – Rs 3.21 lakh ex-showroom Delhi
    • Alto K10 VXi – Rs 3.37 lakh ex-showroom Delhi
    • Alto K10 VXi (AMT) – Rs 3.80 lakh ex-showroom Delhi
    • Alto K10 VXi (O) – Rs 3.56 lakh ex-showroom Delhi
    • Alto K10 LXi (CNG) – Rs 3.81 lakh ex-showroom Delhi

Maruti Swift Facelift Launched In India For Rs 4.42 lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi

The three magical words – Maruti Swift facelift – which all Indian car lovers were dying to hear will now be relished as automaker has finally launched it in India for a starting price of Rs 4.42 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.

Swift is the most adored hatchback, which seems to have compelled designers to retain existing cues on most of the areas, except for a few. Counting the changes made, they are figured as larger air dam on new front bumper, all new honeycomb grille, silver accents for fog-lamp cluster (with no daytime running lights offered), and fresh set of alloys (for top-end) & wheel-caps (for base and mid trims). Automaker has also given three paint options to choose from: gray, red and violet.

In the trim-line, Maruti has added a new option to the list: LXi+ that comes inclusive of front power windows and remote locking system.

Maruti Swift Facelift Launched In India

LXi and LDi now get adjustable rear headrests and 60:40 split seat at the back.

The most preferable VXi and VDi trims get audio player, electronically operational wing mirrors, and ABS (for VDi trim only).

Maruti Swift Facelift interiors

The top of line ZXi and ZDi trims gets remote locking system, push button start, Bluetooth for audio player, and rear parking sensors.

Prices of Swift facelift are as follows:

  • Maruti Swift Lxi (Petrol) – Rs. 442000 ex-showroom Delhi
  • Maruti Swift Lxi (O) (Petrol) – Rs. 449000 ex-showroom Delhi
  • Maruti Swift Vxi (Petrol) – Rs. 508000 ex-showroom Delhi
  • Maruti Swift Zxi (Petrol) – Rs. 590000 ex-showroom Delhi
  • Maruti Swift Ldi (Diesel) –  Rs. 556000 ex-showroom Delhi
  • Maruti Swift Vdi (Diesel) – Rs. 599990 ex-showroom Delhi
  • Maruti Swift Zdi (Diesel) – Rs. 695000 ex-showroom Delhi

Maruti Swift Facelift Back View