Ford India To Launch Figo Aspire In June 2015, Opens A New Plant In Gujarat

The ceremony of Ford’s new step-stone for the better exports from India, a new manufacturing facility in Gujarat, had opened a can of secrets. They said, Figo Aspire compact sedan rivaling to a number of other cars in the country will roll off the production line soon.

The launch may take place in June 2015 across India. Powered by three engine options, a 1.2-litre and 1.5-litre petrol, faced alongside the 1.5-litre DV5 turbo-diesel in the line-up. It is the bigger petrol machine that may get a chance to see a twin-clutch auto gearbox for the perspective of creme segment.

To see the inauguration, Ford India called Mrs. Anandiben Patel, Chief Minister of Gujarat, and Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company, presented her a souvenir as a part of the gratitude of the ceremony.

Ford India To Launch Figo Aspire In June 2015, Opens A New Plant In Gujarat

Based out of Sanan in Gujarat, the plant is able to produce 2,40,000 units a year alongside 2,70,000 units of engines. Both of them will cater the export needs. The new facility can perform functions like trimming, stamping, paint, body assembly and final assembly. Ford India has made provision for the company’s own technology called rotational dip in paint shop that is environment-friendly. The technology is based on a process called 3-Wet, where they say the paint quality and durability results a better aspect. By adapting such techs, CO2 emissions, Volatile Organic Compounds, and waste will get reduce to a large extent.

Ford India To Launch Figo Aspire In June 2015, Opens A New Plant In Gujarat

Nissan Compact SUV In Development Against The Ford EcoSport

They say, hit the iron when it is red hot. That’s what Nissan is just about to do. Prepared an EcoSport rival, the Japanese bike maker had built a compact SUV to hit the growing of market of such a segment in India, confirmed by a source. The vehicle will see similar dynamics and spec of the Kicks Concept that was unveiled in South America.

Under the bonnet, in its engine bay, no one else would dare to take the place of a famous K9K 1.5-litre diesel engine in the tune of 85PS and 110PS.

The designers of North and South America both have established a co-ordination to pen down this design. Overall, the vehicle poses character of a true-blue Nissan SUV with the prominent V-grille, aggressive front and rear fascias; but the edges have gone curvaceous to kick-in some shades of the hatchbacks as well. After all, the cars from this band break ice with hatchbacks majorly in the pricing.

Nissan Compact SUV In Development Against The Ford EcoSport

However, the tail-gate mounted spare wheel is missing unlike the Ford EcoSport. If they wish to sell it in India in large numbers, such an add-on feels a ‘must’ for the market like us, that’s what is proven successful with the said model of Ford. And the length will go precisely under 4-metres for deriving the tax-benefits.

Nissan Compact SUV In Development Against The Ford EcoSport

New Ford Endeavour Commences Tests In India

India is a big market for the bulky SUVs, and Ford making no exception has brought the new Endeavour for testing purpose on the national soil. As we already know, the company sells this model for past many years, but since the market is niche and very much diluted as well, it is Toyota Fortuner that has left behind the competitors like Mitsubishi Pajero, Chevrolet Captiva, Force One SUV, Isuzu MU-7, Hyundai Santa Fe, SsangYong Rexton and others in the rear view mirrors.

However, those big SUVs are also a status quo for some. A reason for the new one to sell well against the rest, this Blue Oval logoed carmaker is one of the early entrants in this line of business.

The new Endeavour wearing camouflages was the same that is unveiled at auto shows in recent past. Pretty much the attire is carried over of the present gen, but that hexagonal front grill, daytime running lights (DRLs), fresh set of alloy wheels and other nip and tucks makes it stand clear of the 2015 model plate. The interesting part of this story is company was testing the new Endeavour with chrome alloys.

New Ford Endeavour Commences Tests In India

Apparently, the other half of amendments may receive by the cabin. New SYNC2 infotainment system, adaptive cruise control are some of them. The safety features include ESP, hill start assist, lane departure warning tech, blind spot detection etc.

New Ford Endeavour Commences Tests In India

However, the refinement to new Endeavour is only cosmetic in nature, which will see the engine option of a 2.2-litre and 3.2-litre 4-cylinder diesel under the hood even with the brand new avatar.

Image courtesy : motor vikatan

New Ford Figo To Get 1.2 Petrol Engine

New Figo is the word to go by for Ford. Since the speculations doing rounds of 1.0-litre EcoBoost is now ruled out by a source, and it claimed the 1.2-litre petrol shall make way to its bay instead. They confirmed the engine was proving expensive to fit into its package. On diesel side, this American carmaker planned to go with the same 1.5-litre DV5 turbo diesel engine. This specification is applicable to both hatchback and compact sedans for India.

Figo compact sedan may see the launch prior to the hatchback, and would also replace the Fiesta Classic. Once launched, it is dared to take on Tata Zest, Honda Amaze, Hyundai Xcent, Swift Dzire and much more.

On the side of Figo hatchback, it may take a while for the roll-out, as company is in the process of exporting it to other countries from India, so a number of quality checks and other factors required more precision before passing into the production.

New Ford Figo To Get 1.2 Petrol Engine

The Figo hatchback and compact both will be manufactured at Sanand manufacturing facility in Gujarat. But high quality contents and features will make them aggressive, and a competitive pricing to take care of the rest, the same methodology was applied to the EcoSport as well.

Image courtesy : autocarindia

Ford EcoSport Facelift At Geneva Was Without Rear-Mounted Spare Wheel

Ford EcoSport, the heartthrob of Indian automotive bench, saw a facelift at the Geneva Motor show. The compact SUV that is sold in large numbers across the nation, mostly due to tail gate mounted spare wheel, now for the facelift in Europe is ripped off that tranquility. The reason cited: tail gate mounted spare wheel isn’t perceived as a gesture of sophistication in that continent, instead they refer it as a sign of utility. Now, to game big on that, maker removed that extra wheel and fixed a new bumper with a diffuser, repositioned tail-gate handle and number plate fixture for the more settled posture. A one of the trims present at venue also housed black sunroof and mirror caps, along with the 17-inch wheels and privacy glass. But as per reports, the standard buyers will be able to drive away with tyre mobility kit; and those wishing to go with the taste as per Indian buyers can opt for the rear-mounted spare wheel which continues to stay there in the ‘optional list’.

No changes reported from the technical point of view, not anything other than the more stiffness added to hassis, tweaked spring and damper, and reduction in ride height by 10mm. All of them had compelled the maker to return a better drivability which it did the job by refining the power-steering mechanisms and ESP.

Ford EcoSport

Moving inside the cabin, noticeable changes comes across the vision with regards to those chrome encircling on new speed diodes, reworked hand brake lever position, partly leather seats (only for a selected trim), and better sound deadening material around the pedals, dashboard and doors. A four-inch color display is also added on the Europe-spec variants. The winter pack for the cold climates will get buyers the heated seats, windscreen, mirrors and also the rear seat ducts. Ford has said to include satellite navigation and rearview camera by the end of this year on EcoSport. Applying the EU6 norms there gained the EcoSport more 5bhp of power on all the trims across the range of diesel variants. Buyers in Europe can buy the new Fiesta-based compact SUV only after June.

Chevrolet Trailblazer vs New Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner: Upcoming SUVs Spec Comparison

The definition of SUVs in India has been always held as the vehicle with massive ground clearance standing on huge four wheels, domination spelled from every aspect, and at the end of day it shall be pricey to command a status quo. Cashing this equation immensely, Toyota with its Fortuner had made fortunes of profits, compelling others to do so. Living in a democratic country that runs on the tunes of mixed-economy structure always tends to bring number of options before the buyers for a wise decision, and no exception the Ford Endeavour had been serving the segment along with Toyota for long past, where the Chevrolet has rolled up its sleeves to bring the giant looking Trailblazer SUV on the sales floor of this country after receiving warm response at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014. This Chevy SUV will replace the Captiva for the sake of not going expectedly well in the lifespan. Ford’s new version of the Endeavour too will be rolled out this year at the cost of ongoing model. This intense situation of the SUV sect had brought us on the standstill to pen down the perfect answer by comparing each of them on paper. The actual test drive account will milk altogether the real time driving status, but before going on the steering wheel, studying about the claims made by their makers will prove beneficiary towards a justified judgment. Read on to find more about those SUVs that soon will be found battling and screeching their metals by rubbing the shoulders in the league.


Though, two of the three SUVs, except Toyota, will see a new face in the country, so for a large extent this quotient will keep the buyers looking around for them. Ford’s model is based on the pickup, which translates it to have a greater wheelbase than the Fortuner. And the Trailblazer in international market is stretched by 2850mm between the wheels, which if launched the same way would be the roomiest SUV for the category. Chevy’s prominent bowtie logo will capture the front at the very glimpse, where one can’t exclude some cues are drawn from the Captiva as well.

Chevrolet Trailblazer vs New Ford Endeavour vs Toyota Fortuner: Upcoming SUVs Spec Comparison


The trio are bound to share the similar list of features, with each of them having the common clicks like climate control, touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, steering mounted controls, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking camera, leather themed interiors, ABS with EBD, dual front airbags and vehicle stability program. Above all, 17-inch wheels give all of them the dominance for which they have entered the market.


The engine specifications of the Trailblazer are still not confirmed, but in international markets the maker sells it with the options of 2.5-litre and 2.8-litre. The former is managed to produce the max power of 161bhp being supported only on two-wheel drive layout, but the latter yet bigger beats the heat of completion with the output like 197bhp accompanied by 6-speed auto transmission and four-wheel drive layout.

Ford’s options for this list can be said with the 2.5-litre of 141bhp or else the 3.0-litre worth of 154bhp with 4WD and five-speed auto gearbox. Five-speed manual is for the stock model of Endeavour.


Prices have played intuitively in making the fortunes for Fortuner. But still there is some scope for other carmakers to bite into the segment by keeping the ownership cost very low, whereas the styling and power packed into them are enough for setting the pace. Those referred to buy Toyota always end up saving huge on the maintenance due to its build to last quality, translating the typical Indian audience to fall for it with every penny that could be shelled. Such an attitude in the rivalry would be a shortcut to success for the SUV category if other makers wished of making huge bucks in a very short span of time.

Feel free to pen down your thoughts in the comments section below…

Ford EcoSport Receives AppLink Technology In India

Ford EcoSport being quite young to India, and prospected to the youth buyers at most, which ultimately means the cabin loaded with ample of techs; now the on-board cluster gets more crowded with an addition of AppLink technology to the package. Launch of this tech is validated only for the top-end buyers of Titanium trim, where officially speaking the new units has reached every dealership across India. For the usage, AppLink technology allows users to stay connected, and the voice command access also proves an upper hand in for keeping it handy.

More details about the app reveals, it do comes with pre-loaded mobile phone apps like ESPN Cricinfo for keeping tab on the live cricket scores, whereas the MapMyIndia along with the location sharing app called Glympse makes the journey more easy to hunt nearby destinations like restaurants and more.

Ford EcoSport Receives AppLink Technology In India

Prices of Ecosport Titanium trim starts at Rs. 8.74 lakhs (in petrol) with a 1.5-litre unit, and goes up to Rs. 10.23 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the diesel variant. Company has already sold more than 1,00,000 units since it launched the EcoSport back in 2013, where until now nothing concrete has hit it on the sales floor from others carmakers in India. Recently, the Blue Oval logoed company also had made the provision for buyers to avail their EcoSport with the factory-fitted accessories, which such a move is a one of its kind in the industry here for the segment.

Ford EcoSport Receives AppLink Technology In India

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the gifting, gifts to loved ones don’t match the usual standard of a purchase. After all, when the idea is taken into consider of gifting a car to the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, certainly, it has to be something she may have desired for past many years. In other worlds one can say, those models should be the girl’s most loved cars. Mentioned here is a list of models which one shall refer to gifting his better half on February 14.

Mini Cooper

On the top of this list appears Mini Cooper. The convertible version of it is the top pick if buyer is endowed to spend more than Rs 3 million (or Rs 30 lakh) at least.

Volkswagen Beetle

Another girl’s favourite is Volkswagen Beetle. The most loved car around the world and seriously looked upon as the best gift a girl may receive in her lifetime, with regards to its image it carried over for years. VW Beetle is also famous for being gifted to celebrities by their husbands, intentionally lists it on the priority list.

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

Ford EcoSport

Girls nowadays are admiring this compact SUV a lot. For the chunky appeal and multi-purpose application, EcoSport happens to be an all-rounder, where the women will never complain after receiving it, and it even falls worthy on the pocket for as low as a shade more than Rs 6 lakh, at a price of hatchback.

Chevrolet Beat

The most affordable option for everyone: Chevrolet Beat is the small car that comes handy to cruise in the city, looks appealing yet aggressive, falls in the budget car category of Rs 4 lakh, and comes with the diesel engine. Ultimately, the bowtie logo on its wide grinning face has been polishing its aesthetics since long back.

Nissan Micra

Nissan’s MIcra failure may have many reasons, but the cars which it has sold have a one strong reason – it appeals the fairer sex a lot. To say it precisely, that Beetle-ish looks and staying friendly to pockets, staring at more than Rs 5 lakh (approximately) this is a cool option to look at amongst the hatchbacks. Additionally, the company also offers the Micra ‘Active’ version for the cost-conscious buyers where it comes for as low as Rs 4 lakh (approximately).

Range Rover Evoque

Niches had taken the toll here. Range Rover Evoque is the most admired SUV by ladies around the world. With cutesy design and a lot to offer of the luxury inside, it is handy to drive. And being Range Rover from its gene, no worries come across the makeup of lady drivers at climbing a hill or crossing a river sitting in this ultimate luxury.

Honda Mobilio

Honda’s Mobilio is for those who love to go with space but in the size of compact sedan. Mobilio marked its success with great numbers being sold month after month. The tug of price was had concluded Honda to sell it for lesser than Rs 6 lakh (approximate) in the starting variant. The diesel option is also available.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo of VW makes sense for a brilliant gifting idea. Combined with the German engineering, and sheer driving pleasure, asks it to deliver a complete peace of mind every time the buyer steps in.

Datsun GO

The most looked car in the budget category which offers the comfort of a hatchback. The car hits three digit-speed without taking a hitch, as other cars does of this segment. The control and agility to maneuver over every patch of road makes it to stand aggressively on this list. Though, we miss a diesel variant for the GO, but its fuel-efficiency makes up the mood everytime after leaving the petrol station.

Honda Brio

Here, the Brio is just another fine option to look for if sworn to buy a car for the ladies. Hence, this compact Honda is fun to drive and the confidence of Japanese engineering is worth talking of even in this small package.  Although, no diesel option given, makes some buyers turned away from the showrooms, but if like to choose as a gift it will sprung the receiver with joy after driving it.

Ford Launches Vehicle Personalisation Centre India

Ford India that got famous for breaking boundaries with the EcoSport, is now reported of attempting a one more attempt as well. Once again, it’s related to the Ecosport. Ford brought to India the Vehicle Personalisation Centre, which it claims it’s a one of its kind in the whole Asia Pacific.

Reportedly, this centre performs customization on the EcoSport only, eliminating the need for dealer to stock the accessories.

Customers aren’t needed to drive upto it at the Chennai manufacturing facility, where it is installed in an area of 35,000 sq feet and has 19 modification bays. Simply, they can choose the customization package at the time of booking the compact SUV, and at the delivery they will be enjoying the factory-fitted accessories.

Ford Launches Vehicle Personalisation Centre India

Following packages are offered at the Ford Vehicle Personalisation Centre:

•    Spare Wheel (Cover) Pack for all variants of EcoSport
•    Alloys Pack offering premium quality alloy wheels and rear-spoiler only for Ambiente and Trend trims
•    Sports Pack includes LED scuff plate, rear spoiler, roof cross-bar for Titanium and Titanium (O) trims

Mr John Cooper, Vice President for Customer Service Division at Ford Asia Pacific and Nigel Harris, President, Ford India inaugurated the centre. Making a mark at the inaugural ceremony, automaker intended to further enhance the array of models for customization at its factory. Since, there words had sparked fire in the market of Ford leading towards other points as well like colours, cabin, audio system, and more.

Commenting at the launch, Mr. Cooper said, customization provided at the centre will enhance the customer’s peace of mind. Premium quality will be offered without being compromised on safety, or warranties of the vehicle. This is a one of the innovation by Ford India to offer unique service packages at the leading ownership cost.

2015 Ford Ranger Facelift Spied In Thailand Without Camouflage

To see it is to believe it, the unveiling of 2015 Ford Ranger facelift could happen sooner than thought of, and could be widely spreads across the world. Not only restricted to US, Ford’s pickup facelift is also spied testing in Thailand. Specifically dubbed as 2015 Ford Ranger pickup, the vehicles gains a lot in common with the 2015 Ford Endeavour, or probably known as Everest in most of the markets. Shed all the camouflages, there doesn’t seem any scope for further expectations-based detailing. The black plastic cladding on the body, steel wheels and custom-made bed replicates it to be an entry-level variant.

Build alongside the 2015 Endeavour, this vehicle shares the same hexagonal front grille and the new headlamps.

Furthermore, in the engine bay, it is bound to rest its laurels with the 2.2-litre Duratorq four-cylinder turbodiesel sending 150bhp and 375NM of torque. The other would be 3.2-liter Duratorq TDCi of five-cylinder churning out max power of 200bhp and 470Nm of torque. Both of them will get an option of automatic transmission against the standard 6-speed manual, with power being sent to rear wheels or all four wheels.

2015 Ford Ranger Facelift Spied In Thailand Without Camouflage

Hence, all these technicalities are dependent upon the market conditions and their selective criteria for the particular sector. So, the matter is subject to differ as per the said.

2015 Ford Ranger for the ASEAN market will be manufactured at company’s AutoAlliance factory in Thailand.