2016 Lexus LX 570 Facelift Leaked

The big daddy of niche SUVs are making silent appearances of the next year’s model, quite before the official debut. Soon after 2016 Land Cruiser of Toyota made to leaked images, it is evident the sibling called Lexus LX 570 didn’t took too long to remain away from the prying eyes of media. Finally, someone from the industry caught it naked across the pages of a Japanese magazine quite ahead of the scheduled launch.

Gazing through the image, the lines have grown sharper and fenders too saw a replacement. The front grille, headlamps with DRLs and new fog lamps mark it for a better proposition. The front fascia now seems to promise more of a sporty appeal. That’s all to say as of now. Speculations suggest the rear bumper and tail lamps may go under the knife, where the graphics to remain a major change.

Thus, no images speak about its interiors, but the central console of 2016 Lexus LX 570 is expected to offer a new layout along with certain high profile features.

2016 Lexus LX 570 Facelift Leaked

Under the bonnet, the Japanese is bound to receive some changes apart from the current 5.7-liter V8 engine of 383bhp and 546Nm of torque mated to a 6-speed auto transmission coupled with a 4WD system and a Torsen limited-slip differential.

Lexus NX Enters Production

Lexus NX, one of the most awaited crossovers of the time, is now reported to have entered production in Japan at the Lexus’s Miyata plant.

The company said, already 6,500 bookings are made of this luxurious crossover in Japan, with more of them scored worldwide as well. In UK, approximately 350 customers had ordered for NX 300h. Deliveries are stated to commence from October.

Engine will be sourced from the Miyata’s neighboring plant of Kanda.

Lexus NX Enters Production

Reportedly, the production in Kanda was reduced ultimately due to shortage in demand; couples of production lines were shut down. Thanks to the Lexus NX, as the plant is now once again sprung to life. The facility will now hold responsibility of supplying the 2.0L turbo petrol engine for the NX 200t. Lexus had his aspirations for this engine to get more bookings from US and Chinese markets.

Lexus NX Enters Production

Lexus Will Use BMW I8 Hybrid Technology In The New LFA

Supercars would not be the same if it weren’t for BMW, and hybrids would not exist as they do today without Toyota. So what happens when these two motoring giants collaborate? Good things, very good things! As we predicted last year, the Toyota-BMW partnership will be producing a new hybrid supercar, following the pattern of boundary-pushing, high-powered marvels such as Porsche 918, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and the forthcoming Acura NSX.

If reports are to be believed, the all-new vehicle will be in fact be the next-gen Lexus LFA; however with a hybrid boost from BMW’s i8 supercar. The standard LFA isn’t exactly a slouch, with the V10 4.8 liter engine churning out 552 horsepower and propelling the vehicle to 60mph in 3.6 seconds. Flat out, the LFA will reach 202 mph.

Lexus Will Use BMW I8 Hybrid Technology In The New LFA

The automaker is also known for the fanatically high levels of fastidiousness used in its production. The vehicle was developed for five years; however was almost completely redesigned and scrapped at the last minute because the engineers wanted to try a carbon fiber body rather than aluminum one. Toyota wanted perfection and wouldn’t stop until it was achieved.

While the LFA strives for perfection in the current gen, the i8 seeks supremacy in the next. A plug-in hybrid, the i8 is motivated by a 3-cylinder, 231HP twin-turbocharged engine; however with an additional 131HP from an electric motor. That’s a combined 362 horsepower that’s good for a 0 to 60 time of 4.4 seconds and a staggering 134.5 mpg, if you factor in the all-electric driving range.

The combination should be absolutely sensational, but details on the new LFA are slim at the moment. We know that that the new vehicle will be more economical and powerful unlike its predecessor, but also likely more expensive. The previous Lexus cost $375,000, while the i8 is expected to retail for over $135,000.

Lexus Will Use BMW I8 Hybrid Technology

Clearly, this level of performance engineering won’t come cheap; nonetheless it’s a small price to pay for automotive perfection from two generations.

Like I said, good things!

Lexus LX 570 Supercharged Launched In The Middle East

Too bad the saying isn’t, As the Middle East Goes, So Goes The Rest of the Countries, when it comes to forced-induction luxury sports utility vehicles. As a report states, the Lexus LX 570 is getting a supercharged special edition, but unfortunately it’s going straight to Kuwait.

The Lexus LX SUV is a very muscular, old-school vehicle. Based on the Toyota Land Cruiser, it’s still a big, body-on-frame SUV, but inside it offers acres of leather and luxury tech. The brand’s Kuwaiti distributor is taking it machismo even further for the local market with the new LX 570 Supercharger.

Lexus LX 570 Supercharged

The problem is that most U.S. buyers don’t see the need for a heavy, massive, and relatively quick SUV street machine. Mostly because there is usually compromise that goes along with such a genuine off-road vehicle, including comfort, practicality, and economy. So, how fast is the LX 570 special edition going to be? Motivation for the all-new Lexus LX 570 Supercharged comes from a 5.7 liter V8 engine, which is good for churning out 450 horsepower with 383 pound feet of torque. The engine is teamed up with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus LX 570 Supercharged interiors

And if you take into consideration its 6-speed transmission, 0-60 mph should come in less than 7.0 seconds that’s a bit better than the standard Lexus LX 570’s 7.5 seconds.

Lexus LX 570 Supercharged Back View

However, if you’re going to make the LX 570 faster, Lexus figured they might as well make it more luxurious as well. To accomplish the task, the Lexus LX 570 Supercharged special edition will get some nice tech features; these include heated/cooled seats, satellite navigation, rear parking sensors, power tailgate, a Mark Levinson premium surround sound audio system and xenon/LED headlamps.

New Lexus LX 570

All-New Lexus NX World Premiere: 2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

The all-new Lexus NX luxury compact crossover will be introduced at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition this year. The introduction of the NX, based on LF-NX concept, marks the automaker’s entry into the rapidly growing luxury compact crossover class. With its advanced technologies, Lexus’ signature spindle grille and striking design, the NX will set new standards for future vehicles in the lineup. Additionally, the new Lexus RC F performance coupe will be making its China debut at the Beijing Auto Show.

The terms NX 300h and NX 200t have both been trademarked by Lexus that’s a preview of engine options that the production NX will eventually get. The NX 200t will be powered by a Lexus 2.0 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder powerplant, which we expect will replace the 2.5 liter V6 in the current Lexus lineup. The NX 300h should use the familiar 2.5 liter hybrid system found in ES 300h. And, while a launch date has not been confirmed, we can likely expect to see the new model in showrooms by early 2015 – if not sooner.

All-New Lexus NX World Premiere

The automaker also released a shadowy teaser image of the NX today; however the Toyota presentation at January’s Detroit Motor Show also offered a clear look at the new model. Displayed on screen behind Jim Lentz, Toyota US CEO, the new NX was revealed confirming expectations that LF-NX’s controversial lines would be softened out before production. The ‘LF-NX’ shown during Lentz’s presentation had lost much of the heavy creasing of the concept, with larger headlamps flanking a more conventional version of the company’s new ‘spindle’ grille. The bumper is also new, with regular elliptical fog-lights at each corner. The package is rounded out by larger door mirrors and standard alloy wheels.

Compared to today’s teaser image, it is clear the two images are the same car. The Lexus press conference will take place on April 20 at the W3 Hall of the China International Exhibition Center.

2014 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Lexus opening luxury stores in Tokyo, Dubai and NYC

It seems like simply selling cars is not enough for Lexus. The company is focusing on building brand-customer relation as well as increasing its brand value. In order to achieve this, the company is opening “luxury spaces” in its prominent markets. These units will be called “Intersect by Lexus” and will offer the customers Italian leather bags and volcanic ash glazed coffee cups. The company will start its first “Intersect by Lexus” in Aoyama district in Tokyo on the 30th of August 2013. After a successful inauguration in Tokyo, the company will start similar outlets in other places like the New York City and Dubai. But the company has not specified anything about the time frame. The outlets which will be started in Dubai and New York City will have art, design, fashion, culture, music, movies and technology which reflect the local environment.

Lexus took such an initiative as it is trying to increase its global presence even further. The company has seen a significant fall in sales for 2 consecutive years in its prominent markets like USA due to competition from Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) and Daimler’s Mercedes Benz. Even in the home market, Lexus has been beaten by Mercedes Benz. The company sold a total of 27,074 units in its home country i.e. Japan until July 2013. In this same period, Mercedes Benz has sold a total of 27,828 units in Japan. This data has been provided by Japan Automobile Importers Association.

This new “Intersect by Lexus” outlet is covering an area of 331,563 square feet in Aoyoma neighborhood. This facility is surrounded by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vinton SA and Prada Spa. The store has been designed by the famous Masamichi Katayama. This outlet in Tokyo is a 2 storey structure. The first floor houses a café which serves world best coffee and an exhibition place for lifestyle and culture cars which the company calls “Garage”. The second floor will house a “Crafted for Lexus” store which will offer –“a collection of lifestyle items produced by brand companies that harmonize with Lexus’ philosophies”. The second floor might also have a library lounge serving the customers Tokyo themed food.

Lexus To Open Luxury Stores In NYC
The company has said that the new “Intersect by Lexus” store will offer its customers magnificent Lexus experience “without getting behind a steering wheel.” It is a part of the company’s “Amazing in motion” concept which applies all that Lexus stands for, to a wider sphere. This new philosophy “Amazing in Motion” started earlier this year at a design event which took place in New York City. At this event, the company unveiled its plan to start a Lexus Magazine titled as “Beyond by Lexus”. At this event, the company had also talked about its plan regarding the ‘Intersect by Lexus’ stores which has already been implemented now. Executive President of Lexus International, Mr. Mark Templin said that “Intersect By Lexus seeks to be a comfortable and inspiring space for interaction among people and between people and cars.”

Lexus To Open Luxury Stores

The company has announced earlier in April that they will be manufacturing the new Lexus ES 350, a luxury sedan, at Toyota’s Georgetown facility. The sedan will be rolled out in 2015. The company has invested a sum of $531 million in this plant and it will offer employment to 750 workers.

Lexus to open luxury brand experience

This is where all new Lexus vehicles are tested: Photo Gallery

Testing the Lexus all day long means the best job in the world, and when it is of terms inside the LFA on a Lexus dedicated race track then the job ‘assignment quotient’ becomes more delightful than anything else in the world for an adrenaline junkie like us. And truthfully this piece of news is surely going to make you jump out off the bed and would get behind the steering on an empty road as soon as possible, as the case was same with us too.

Not taking much of your time, the Lexus had revealed the secret where it tests all the Lexus via pictures. Take your time to view it in the photo gallery by scrolling down, but first know what it is all about.

Known to be the best and largest track in whole of Asia, the dedicated Japanese race track is being called as Shibetsu Proving Ground (SPG).

New Lexus Vehicles
The SPG was actually opened in 1984 but due to its large construction and heavy security, the Russians mistook it for a fort. It measures 3.59-square-miles and features five circuits out of which the longest one is of 6.2 miles.

The staggering 2.4-mile-long straight stretch there on one of them is enough for every tested Lexus to reach its top speed, and landing an ‘airplane’ like James Bond too.  The tracks at SPG are made as per the road conditions of different countries and different regions, which toils the number to 20 for the said variants of tarmac shapes. In addition, the region where this track is located also provides the carmaker all the weather conditions ranging from hottest to the coldest, i.e. temperatures reaching even below four Fahrenheit as well, making possible snow stricken drive too. Hence, in the official text on Lexus International website, the ‘climatic reason’ is mentioned as one of the main reason for planting the testing track at the place where it is now.

Lexus Vehicles

In conclusion, there are 200 drivers in the organization who puts down their best in pace to test the vehicles round the year. And while looking at the images we also had aroused a feeling of applying for a job there. Scroll down to get yourselves the resume-ready too.

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Lexus GS 300h Makes Global Debut at Shanghai Auto Show 2013

Luxurious Lexus is in the mood to shower something for Chinese riches and this time the Japanese niche automaker had bestowed China with the global debut of GS 300h, which is a trimmed version of regular GS sedan.

The new Lexus GS 300h is burgeoned by 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with D-4S direct injection technology, and a compact electric motor, unlike to that of 3.5L v6 in its conventional range, making way for a briefly improved fuel economy and a shrewd CO2 emission at 110gm/km, delivering all the power from rear wheels.

No official words on technical specifications yet, but speculations in market go for the same verse of Toyota Crown, yielding 217bhp and 221lb ft of torque, sharing the platform of upcoming IS 300h.

Lexus GS 300h
Hence, there are no plans for India now on the blue print of Lexus, maybe due to unfavorable economic conditions or so, but it had cited to roll out same in the markets of UK and its likes by the end of this year, being followed by IS 300h at a later stage.

Lexus GS 300h Back View

Lexus Postponed Its Launch In India

Lexus, the luxury brand from the house of the Japanese carmaker Toyota, postponed its India launch to beyond 2013. It seems like Lexus is facing market blues before the launch. Sandeep Singh, Deputy MD of Toyota Kirloskar Motors confirmed the same.

He also said that the main reason behind the decision is high import duties on completely built cars, which further increased after the Union Budget of 2012. Lexus is very much taken aback as it is going to import cars in CBU (completely built units) form only. It doesn’t have a plan for local manufacturing.

Another reason cited by him is devaluation of the Indian Rupee. As mentioned earlier, Lexus will import cars in CBU form hence it becomes mandatory to consider the valuation of Indian Rupee else the price tag will become a major issue, which in turn will hamper sales extremely.

Lexus Postponed Its Launch In India
Lexus is a competitor to brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Success of all these brands in India pushed Lexus to make its debut here as well. Officials from Lexus say that, downward sales figure of Mercedes and an extreme pressure on BMW for staying in competition made them take a step backward instead of going forward. They also said that they will be more cautious for India because facing loss at the initial stage will reduce their motivational factor in future.

The announcement for India launch was made by a senior company official at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2011. It is also said that the Japanese carmaker will have a separate dealership network for Lexus, as it is retailing the same way in other countries too.

Started in 1989, Lexus now owns four production facility in Japan alone and it also make some of its products at the North American facility in Canada as well.