Diesel Automatic Cars On Sale In India Under Rs 15 Lakh

Carmakers started realizing the potential of diesel soon after the petrol prices sky-rocketed in India. Going extreme is just a case, and Indians loves those who go far the most. The things that matters at the bottom of car sale under the pretext of Rs 15 lakh are fuel-economy, maintenance cost, and drive quality – the last feat buyer looks at. Here, we have mentioned the best five diesel automatic cars, which are obviously hassle-free to drive, and do pinch the pockets not harder than 1.5 million INR, which translates they are the names to go by if not wished to hire a chauffeur (preferred self-driven) in the given budget.

  • Volkswagen Vento DSG

The baby sedan of VW India, which also sounds as Polo hatchback in some countries, went livelier when it received the 7-speed DSG gearbox with a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine of 103bhp. On the top, a facelift has worked wonders, which it was deprived for days. The drive experience with three-spoke steering wheel after the revamp adds a fair amount of character to the car.

Volkswagen Vento DSG

  • Skoda Rapid DSG

The most sold Skoda in India, Rapid, too fared in the league of diesel automatics. After all, it comes under the parental control of VW Group. So, this move was just expected once the Vento DSG made to its sales floor. Too powered by the same engine of the German sibling, it holds a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder diesel machine worth of producing 103bhp after mated to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. Though, the black package for buyers from optional list adds a youthful character, which the Vento lacks sternly.

Skoda Rapid DSG

  • Hyundai Verna 4S

The biggest of them in terms of dimensions and engine displacement, it is a one example of its league. Selling the diesel automatics literally years back, this had given ‘Hyundai Verna’ an upper hand to take on the rivals. The refreshed (facelift) trim called as Verna 4S holds a 1.6-litre diesel motor of 4-cylinder under its bonnet producing 126bhp after mated to a 4-seed auto gearbox, where the ARAI claimed fuel-economy of 23.9kmpl doesn’t disappoint either for this big car. And icing on the cake is a bundle of features from Hyundai.

Hyundai Verna 4S

  • Tata Zest

The show stopper has arrived – Tata Zest is the cheapest diesel automatic car in the country. Worked on the marketing tactic at the first point, Tata Motors countered huge amount of competition from the vicinity, which ultimately made Zest to stand on the juncture that to an extent also includes paltry buyers from hatchback markets looking out for an automatic option in the diesel trim. The thrills and chills are sent by a 1.3-litre unit of 4-cylidner consisted with a 5-speed automated manual transmission (AMT), which even allows users to shuttle between the Sport and Auto modes to suit driving needs and extract much torque off the machine depending upon the condition.

Hyundai Verna 4S
Hence, none of the cars beat Tata Zest, for the price it is offered for. And value proportion is also high either.

Expected D-Segment Sedan Launches In India For 2015

No longer had sedans in India remained a big-game changer for the automakers, as one and all are mostly clutched towards compact SUVs or crossovers. Still, some automakers managed to cup a number of them (from the D-segment) and are about to unleash them in the Indian terrain to at least give the slice of sophistication a new lease of life. Mentioned here is a list stating the possible launches of D-segment sedans in India during 2015.

  • Skoda Superb

Superb had given super performance due to a reason of being the only car with the diesel option available in its segment in India. The new replacement waived of coming soon to our shores at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo, it will be a host to the features like electric sunroof, 12-speaker Canton music-system, 3-zone air-conditioning, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more.

Skoda Superb

  • Toyota Camry Facelift

The global success of this car was not replicated in India despite various attempts. A facelift debuted in the international markets is about to enter the country soon. Based on the same platform, it will use the ongoing engine options of petrol and hybrid. The cabin may see a sea of changes like 6.2-inch touchscreen, three-spoke steering wheel, new instrument cluster consisted of 4.3-inch screen and more. The styling modifications on outer concluded by brand new headlamps, tail lamps, front grille and some other nip and tucks.

Toyota Camry Facelift

  • New Honda Accord

Honda Accord, the car that stays deep inside the heart of sedan buyers, and sometimes do give complex to the niches like BMW, Mercedes and Audi, will once again return to the Indian shores, exceptionally with a diesel engine this time. Undoubted, a hybrid version will occupy the list for some exclusive buyers, but the performance seekers who withdrew adrenaline earlier from a 3.0-litre V6 will now be disappointed.

New Honda Accord

  • New Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai this time wants to play risky. The carmaker rolled off this model from India due to the lack of sales with regards to only petrol option available on the sales floor, is again bound of launching soon with ‘petrol motor’. Yet, no diesel this time even. The carmaker is about to work on the bridging gap between petrol and diesel fuel prices which may work for them positively. Endless list of features would include 8-inch touchscreen mounted on central console, voice recognition, panoramic sunroof, heated seats and so on. Buyers may also experience lower NVH (noise, vibration and harness) levels inside the cabin. The styling on outer may see the brand new front grille, updated fog lamps, LEDs daytime running lights, spanking new tail lamps, and more.

New Hyundai Sonata

Skoda Zeal Edition Launched Across Entire Model Range

The idea of going zealous on tarmac can be thought only behind the steering wheel of hypercars or sports machines, but with its new claim Skoda is also found offering the zealous treatment! Reportedly, they are not going to be served from the engine bay if said precisely, instead several cosmetic changes made by the brand on its entire India lineup included only of cosmetics are the only answer to this latest revelation of carmaker.

Skoda Zeal Edition is applicable to Rapid, Superb, Octavia and Yeti. On a side, Yeti, Octavia and Superb are said to carry black interiors infused by black coloured Alcantara leather seats, black dashboard and door trims. Spanning across three variants of Rapid, Zeal package here includes leatherette and Alcantara seats, navigation device, rear view camera, rear Parktronics, observation mirror and textile mats for floor.

Skoda Zeal Edition Launched Across Entire Model Range

Though, no technical upgrades mentioned. This new edition is made available from March 9, 2015, and would be on the floor of showrooms for a limited period only.

Worst Selling Cars Of 2014

It’s not only the best that had made to our desk; instead, we even looked out for the worst selling cars of 2014. Before concluding anything right now, it better to scroll down the list and see the list directly itself.

1.Nissan Teana – 15 units

The lack of petrol engines and a very pricey attitude made it to sell the least number of cars throughout the year. Even it is been removed from the company’s official website which means the brand is discontinued in India. After all importing as a CBU (completely built units) hadn’t served well to a number of carmakers in the long run due to the swanky rate of duties imposed.

Nissan Teana

2.Toyota Landcruiser – 40 units

Toyota Landcruiser too faces the similar condition of turning huge price tags with the excessive duties as being imported on CBUs. After all, for that price tag, there are lots of options available in India where the glitzy automakers like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, BMW and Volvo had enough to attract the buyers in terms of niche SUVs.

Toyota Land cruiser

3.Toyota Prado – 51 units

Prado received a facelift in the last days of 2013, which almost can be said as 2014, but still it didn’t helped it either to cruise further in the market scenario. Likely to its sibling, it didn’t manage to become an exception from the clutches of typical Indian buying perception.

Toyota Prado

4.Chevrolet Captiva – 63 units

Chevrolet Captiva is altogether the same old story that this bowtie logoed carmaker had continued even after giving it the much needed facelift during 2013. Yet, no better results emerged, but still the automaker feels the SUV holds that loophole of the lineup very well. In fact it’s just the market which isn’t working in the favour of this entire segment.

Chevrolet Captiva

5.Hyundai Sonata – 97 units

For the past many years, seems the full-size sedans from the maker other than Germans had seen a dip, due to the reason buyers can go for those upmarket options, or can even see to the SUV in the category. For the same reason Honda too discontinued the Accord, but still Hyundai had kept selling its ‘Sonata’ only with the ‘petrol’ engine.

Hyundai Sonata

6.Skoda Yeti – 123 units

The launch of Skoda Yeti facelift had wished the industry the new compact SUV/crossover is still not in the competitive league of the segment. In fact, the officials too confirmed it of staying for the niche and not to be sold in whopping numbers like others. There seemed, the Czech based carmaker had achieved its goal as rolling out only 123 examples of it in 2014.

Skoda Yeti

7.Renault Koleos – 148 units

Renault Koleos is just another name in the SUV category of India which is striving hard to sell a number of it. The most anticipated facelift received in 2014 sunken the hope once again. Well, it is a matter of the market buying scenario compelling the automakers to post such numbers out of the slot.

Renault Koleos

8.Ford Endeavour – 222 units

Despite failed to lure numbers this year, Ford Endevaour’s ‘facelift’ have worked for it, with almost 222 units sold, the max against the rest in this list of the particular segment. However, must admit, Ford Endeavour is a best choice amongst Indians after the Toyota Fortuner. A new one in the pipeline may churn fortunes for its maker when rolled out.

Ford Endeavour

9.Renault Fluence – 306 units

The earlier face of Fluence blunted the edge of this sedan to sell well even with the facelift of 2014. The previous model was a mix match of some designers, which we guess would have been better by the French only. Right now, the most exciting car of Renault repertoire in the segment, Fluence, needed to work a bit harder to get the things straight in its line with regards to the marketing and some of its cabin glitches.

Renault Fluence

10.Nissan Evalia – 484 units

Nissan itself is in the dilemma of what is not selling Evalia despite giving it a facelift even at the earliest after its launch in India. But the reason couldn’t be figured out. And that’s the reason, why after being a product for the masses it falls on this list with number lesser than 500 units. There seemed the fleet owners too are disappointed serving it to their clienteles. Hence, India isn’t as same as China where legroom will work. Here, the audience do look for an impressing driveability, after all the buyers here are young and prefer driving themselves, unlike to those getting driven at rear seats for the most.

Nissan Evalia


The year 2014 had remained a year for the categories under Rs 14 lakh category. There aren’t many of them making a good sale above the said price band. Nowadays, high maintenance cost don’t go well with buyers of Mercedes, Audi or BMW, then how it could settle down here with the not-so premium buys. Looking down to all of them, the major reason of failure was the running and maintenance cost (except Evalia) after the over pricing strategy.

Six out of ten are the SUVs. And the only mass segment player here is Nissan Evalia.

Renault, Nissan, Toyota, all Japanese carmakers and had couple of examples each in the list.

Renault: Fluence and Koleos; Nissan: Teana and Evalia; Toyota – Prado and Landcruiser.

Important Note

As everything has its own pros and cons, the benefit with the worst selling cars is they give you exclusivity over the others. And everyone in locality recollects the owners seeing that rare species. So, let anyone speak whatever they want about the car, you enjoy a standing out status from the whole crowd of own a one from the above list!

Top 5 Automatic Cars Launched In India 2014

‘Automatics’, the word to go by in the coming years, whereas earlier only petrol was meant to be delved with but now the diesel also started rolling off with the same drivetrain. There are several of them which remarked 2014 as a year of automatic cars in India. Listed down are the best examples that not only suited the pockets of buyers, but also made them overjoyed at the fuel-station realizing expenses aren’t too big comparatively to the manual versions. However, this may not entice the manual buyers as they are always off the edge to shoot bunch of torques by them at a tap and gain the max traction to wheels at every millimeter of gearing. All of you city dwellers out there who wished to use their cars for urban living the most, and even allowing their better halves or the fairer sex to drive the same, penned down are the best examples that money can buy from the automatic portfolio of 2014 in India. Read on to find more…

  • Volkswagen Vento Diesel DSG

Thorough with the petrol automatics, Volkswagen tried to go slightly off the track and bring to the table what was just desirable for Indian buyers. The equation of being a bit premium posed by the VW badge on an entry-level sedan – maligned with low running cost from the 1.5-litre diesel engine, which now get mated to the 7-speed DSG gearbox from POLO TSI, will work just fine frolicking on the urban yet crowded streets of India. ARAI had claimed it of running 21.2kmpl in their given driving conditions with 105PS of max power and 250Nm of peak torque, but certainly the other bills of service and such out of the warranty may affect the pockets a hefty chunk of money. Hence, once the drive is settled amidst the most nestled account or budget of the buyers, then spending an average over it for few years will just be fine. Anyways, how many other diesel automatics are available in India can be counted on the fingertips. So, heading to it once will not prove a bad choice. An extended warranty of 2 years/100,000 kms is advised to save from the loose strings of pockets.

Volkswagen Vento Diesel DSG

  • Skoda Rapid Diesel DSG

It isn’t a bit of surprise that VW and Skoda shares the same drivetrain, as both the companies are handled by the one parent company – Volkswagen Group. Under the hoods, it too holds the 1.5-litre diesel engine of 105PS and 250Nm of torque mated to 7-speed DSG gearbox. Comparatively, Skoda against the Vento stands at a premium of Rs 3,000 but it doesn’t make a lot of difference. In the guise of ARAI, this entry-level sedan claimed 21.7kmpl of fuel-efficiency. Here, the same extended warranty of 2years/100,000 is advisable after the standard service period.

Skoda Rapid Diesel DSG

  • Tata Zest Diesel AMT

Apart from the international carmakers, there is an Indian too in the list – Tata Motors – standing tall with its Zest diesel AMT. This model of Tata can be touted as the cheapest automatic sedan made available to this country. The Indian carmaker had deployed the same 5-speed AMT gearbox of the Maruti Alto K10 and Celerio, but here that transmission comes maligned to the Fiat’s 1.3-litre diesel engine of 4-cylinder producing 90PS of max power and 200Nm of peak torque. However, the price is more in the value in comparison to its stock diesel counterpart. However, it must be appreciated that Tata Motors took the initiative amongst the makers of this country in diesel trim, where the rest (like Maruti) is still shying away to go a bit of free hand even on its best-selling models. ARAI claimed mileage: 23kmpl.

Tata Zest Diesel AMT

  • Maruti Alto K10 AMT

Who could have believed it, the carmaker’s best-seller – Swift – is still vying for a better facelift version, whereas the smallest of line-up that shows up its strength in the top three slot of the world’s most selling cars has gained an automatic gearbox! Maruti Alto K10 AMT is nothing but the genuine AMT version of the stock Alto K10. Minor facelift given to differentiate it on the cosmetic front, but one has to be precarious about it rollicking in the automatic format while overtaking at highways. An engine of 998cc 3-cylinder petrol delivers 68PS of power and 90Nm of torque isn’t that sufficed to heat up the competition against the rest of rivals. Well, there aren’t huge benefits of cash between the Alto and the Celerio, which Maruti must have to think over and negotiate the better terms out of the market. Maruti Alto K10 AMT Petrol delivers fuel-efficiency of 24.07kmpl as per ARAI.

Maruti Alto K10 AMT

  • Maruti Celerio AMT

The Celerio was first car in India to hit the nail right on its head with the automatic buyers relating it to the AMT gearbox first. It was then later where rest of automakers started flourishing with some more examples of it. Reportedly, more than half of the Celerios sold were of AMT trims being powered by the K-series engine of Maruti, but company fails to bank upon the demand of diesel buyers. It consumes single litre of fuel per 23.1 kilometers.

Maruti Celerio AMT

First Spy-Shots Of New-Gen 2016 Skoda Superb

Skoda’s first spy-shots of 2016 Superb is just revealed.

As earlier, the Vision C concept unveiled is bound to lend ample of cues to it. Underneath it will be the MQB platform and Superb will be the biggest car ever made on the MQB platform till date. Talking dimensions, the wheelbase will measure 2.836mm, means 75mm more than the present-gen and enhancement in the headroom is also expected.

Under the hoods, for international markets, there will be options of 2.0 TDI and 1.6-liter TDI for the base models on diesel guise. Apparently, a 3.6-liter V6 and 2.0-litre Turbo for the petrol buyers. Needed not to say, the gearbox is 7-speed DSG for the AWD system of Haldex.

First Spy-Shots Of New-Gen 2016 Skoda Superb

Probably, the spy-shots replied that LEDs lights are only for the high-end trims, but the test-mule isn’t seen possessing them.

However, taut on the front grille can be more intense, whereas the Vision C concept shall remains the major contributor of the overall gimmicks.

First Spy-Shots Of New-Gen 2016 Skoda Superb

Image Courtesy: Auto Evolution

Hyundai Verna AT vs Volkswagen Vento DSG vs Skoda Rapid DSG: Diesel Automatic Specification Comparison

For a country like India, where fuel prices don’t stop fleeing northwards and traffic snarls getting longer than before, ‘diesel automatics’ are boon to the audience who resides in metro cities. And with the every passing day scenarios are getting better for the said repertoire. Earlier, there used to be only Scorpio and Verna in diesel automatics, but now Germans too taken this segment seriously and rolled out their Vento and Rapid in the same rogue. To an extent, there is also Tata which zest-ed this class with its all new offering called Zest. Though, eluding India carmakers from the list now, we undertook international players for this comparison. Read on to find more how those diesel monsters fare on our Indian roads with regards to on paper specifications.

  • Engine

On the powering front, Volkswagen is the parent company of Skoda, so both the cars – Vento and Rapid – are belted by the same engine of 1.5L powering out 103bhp and 250Nm of torque mated to a  seven-speed DSG. The Hyundai Verna on the other side is fixed with 1.6L CRDi engine getting out the max power of 126bhp and 260NM of torque, mated to a 4-speed automatic.

Hyundai Verna AT

Hence, amongst the lot, Hyundai fares best with the most powerful engine.

  • Fuel-Efficiency

When talked about diesel automatics, fuel-economy matters, because it’s what compelled the buyers to have their purchase towards this fuel-option. On this note, DSG gearboxes are touted of delivering more economy than manual transmission – because of two additional cogs placed. The case here with Rapid and Vento are not an exception, former delivers 21.66kmpl whereas latter is not far away from the catch as returning 21.21kmpl. The least in this scenario is Hyundai Verna that is bound to fetch a not so impressive 17.61kmpl.

Volkswagen Vento DSG

  • Dimension

Dimensionally, Rapid and Vento are similar on the height and width except the length where Rapid is longer by a mere 2mm and 3mm higher than its German sibling. On the flipside, Korean’s offering is quite shrugged than the rest two, which is only 1mm broader than the rest. In fact, Verna’s wheelbase is the longest, but the ground clearance is lowest than all.

The wheels/alloys used on all the Rapid measures 15-inch as well as on all the Vento, except for a base VW trim which drives 14-inch wheels. All of them are shod by disc brakes on front and drum on rear. The story with Verna is quite different than both of them. Hyundai seems to believe in quantity and hence the wheel-size of its entry-level sedan in India is 16-inch, which gets the halting from discs on all four sides.

Skoda Rapid DSG

  • Overview

As on paper, there aren’t many differences between the Vento and Rapid, but Verna decided to stand a leap apart. Hence, from the said suggestion it can be taken note VW and Skoda stand hand-in-hand to beat down Hyundai, but in reality all three are largely different from each other.

2015 New Skoda Fabia Unveiled At Paris Motor Show

Skoda was in turmoil on the sides of compacts, but now seems it is going to get all the cards right with regards to the new hatchback Fabia unveiled at Paris Motor Show 2014.

The new hatchback comes out clear of all the fussy lines, and now wears only the clean ones. Overall appearance is consisted of proportionate flubbing, which in fact the unwanted curbs are in the context of next to zero. And the black inputs dropped all over the body are bracing up the macho factor of Fabia.

The special feature added to this is a MirrorLink system that allows smartphone application displayed on the infotainment system. The SmartGate system then is deployed for accessing them. Further, the luggage space gets an expansion by folding the rear seats down.

2015 New Skoda Fabia Unveiled At Paris Motor Show

Under the hoods, there strains the options of 3-cylinder 1.0L MPI and 4-cylinder TSI petrol engines powering output of 60-110PS depending upon the markets they are catered to. A 1.4-L TDI diesel is engulfed to develop outputs ranging from 75-105PS.

2015 New Skoda Fabia interiors

Later during the next year, company has also proposed of bringing in GreenLine variant with the 1.4-liter TDI diesel engine adorned to that same aesthetics.

2015 New Skoda Fabia Unveiled

Skoda Mulling A New Hatchback For India

Skoda Fabia was resorted of not selling in numbers despite of numerous price cuts and huge discounts. So the reason for its discontinuation, company now wants to get a substitute in its place soon, because of the lucrative business opportunity in that category. However, one could take that new Fabia which would be released in the coming days at Paris Motor Show 2014 could make its way here. But the exclusive reality on the ground lays differs – new one shall be more expensive than previous one because of having more fascinating tweaks than that. So, the only option to this problem is to get the new one in its place which will be fashioned in a way to deliver the maximum output with minimum input.

The sources in industry waked to the Sudhir Rao’s (Managing Director, Skoda India) court with this question, and returned with smiling faces as they met the answer gracefully to it.

Skoda Mulling A New Hatchback For India

As per to the source, Skoda is considering a new hatchback for India! If all goes well, it could be based on the Rapid’s platform which in return will save numerous costs as of the crash tests and such for the company in Europe. More to it, there could be extensive localization which may save the graces further. Mr. Skoda’s MD had also further elaborated that there could be a mix of all the platforms and components available at the bay of company.

Hence, if the blueprints will work effortlessly then final product could be out any time after 2017.

Till then, Skoda needs to keep its fingers crossed!

Feel free to mention your expectations in the comments box below.

Source: Autocar India

New Skoda Rapid With 1.5L Diesel Engine And DSG Gearbox Launched For Rs 7.22 Lakh

New Skoda Rapid launched in India at Rs. 7.22 lakh for petrol variant, whereas diesel one costs Rs 8.38 lakh. Aforesaid prices are for the starting variant and are ex-showroom Delhi.

The major change of 1.5L diesel engine is to its bay, which produces 103bhp married to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. The petrol variant of 1.6L continues to the job for same 103bhp with 6-speed triptronic transmission. The 5-speed manual isn’t outdated yet; the automaker had kept it posted till date.

The Rapid at moment didn’t garner the facelift. In fact it’s the same as of 2014 model, exceptionally on outer the alloys are changed and rear parking sensors are added. Inside the cabin, a new steering wheel, card holder and cruise control gets included.

New Skoda Rapid With 1.5L Diesel Engine And DSG Gearbox Launched For Rs 7.22 Lakh

The other Rapid, that’s with the “optional black package”, is honed with black theme on projector headlamps, fog lamps, front grille, logo, ORVMs, roof, side foils and alloys. The roof and side foils can be purchased in the accessory package too, says Skoda.

New Skoda Rapid

As adding the diesel automatic to the line-up, Czech based automaker is hoping to get some good numbers this year on the sales-sheet. Yes, we know Skoda is a premium brand and stand with an image at par than rest. But it’s obvious, such additions for a competitive price tag are meant to step aggressively in the number game with Hyundai Verna and Volkswagen Vento in the rift.

Price of 2014 New Skoda Rapid