Next-Gen Skoda Fabia Arriving In Paris This October

The next Skoda Fabia city car is due to be unveiled at the 2014 Paris Auto Show in October, and details of the newly designed model are starting to emerge. It will go on sale in the second half of next year and is expected to continue with the same underpinnings as the current model, rather than be build upon the MQB modular platform of Volkswagen Group, which is used for vehicles including Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf as has been widely reported. Nevertheless, the Czech automaker is expected to borrow heavily from the VW product catalogue when it comes to infotainment systems and engines.

The engine choices will likely mirror those seen in the upgraded Volkswagen Polo, including a range of 3-cylinders in addition to the existing 4-cylinder 1.2 liter turbocharged, which is now available in two states of tune (66kW/160Nm and 81kW/175Nm instead of existing 77kW/175Nm) in that model range. Michael Irmer, Skoda Australia Director said: “The new Fabia – which is expected to see a significant design change with styling similar elements identical to Octavia – is due to arrive in Australia in the second half of next year, with both the wagon and hatchback models set to be retained.

Next-Gen Skoda Fabia Arriving In Paris This October

“There will be a wagon derivative of the new model. It is one of the only cars in this market space, which has a wagon body and it proved to be quite popular.” “The Fabia was bolstered by the RS version locally with the wagon in particular seeing a decent proportion of sales.” “There has been quite a high proportion of the RS in the market. It’s really a unique offering in the market, he added.”

Nonetheless, Irmer confirmed reports from late 2013 that there will be no replacement for the RS hot hatchback and wagon models, though suggested the lack of RS variant would not damage the brand’s image. It will have an impact, but it won’t be significant, Irmer said. He instead suggested the brand would focus on its Monte Carlo models that are propelled by standard powerplants but feature sporty styling. We sell very well off the Monte Carlo version in the Fabia range, and that is going to continue.

It is expected that the automaker will also offer the next-gen Fabia with a sedan body style, though Irmer suggested any such version wouldn’t be considered locally because of Australian shoppers’ preference towards hatchbacks. Indeed, city-sized saloons like Nissan Almera struggle to sell in significant numbers – that model, for instance, managed six sales in April this year, down from 176 units in the same month last year.

Even, if there was a sedan, it is not something we would consider for the Australian market. It is something of a niche model, he said. Skoda repositioned the Fabia range just a few months ago, with the Czech city hatch starting from $15,990. Nevertheless, the brand is struggling to sell the 5-door wagon and hatch models, with sales down 28% year-to-date.

One-two victory: Skoda celebrates perfect start to the new APRC season

Skoda MRF team is now reported of celebrating the moment with the toast of champagne for a perfect start to the Asia-Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) with a one-two victory lead by the defending champions Gaurav Gill/Glenn Macneall (IND/NZ). The duos brought the victory to the brand at Rally of Whangarei in New Zealand with an 11.9-second lead over the European champions Jan Kopecký/Pavel Dresler (CZ/CZ). The Skoda MRF teams, without much hassle, took over their rivals and registered a victory on all 14 special stages in the first of six races in the APRC season. All praises to the Fabia Super 2000, which proven its worth once again with the desired performance delivered.

“I’ve been close to winning here a number of times, and this time I finally succeeded. This is a fantastic victory for the entire Skoda MRF team,” commented Gill. Last year Gill, who comes from India, finished second in the season opener in New Zealand, behind his teammate Esapekka Lappi (FIN). On the last day, Gill managed to pull on a strong throttle extravaganza in the stiff battle with Kopecký. The victory registered by a very narrow route, which had been reduced to 220.87 kilometres.

Skoda celebrates perfect start to the new APRC season

Since the first day, the 2013 European champion was already stricken to the lead position. This race at the Whangarei was the 32-year-old’s debut in the APRC, and also his first time experience of driving the vehicle during completion on Indian made MRF tyres. “We had a really good battle with Gaurav over the entire weekend. This gives me the opportunity to improve. I haven’t had much experience with this kind of gravel rally and this is also the first time that I have competed so far away from my home in the Czech Republic. I’m therefore happy with the result,“ said Kopecký.

Gill and Kopecký are now ranked at top of the drivers’ list due to their one-two finish. In this league to do best in dirt, Skoda MRF are under pressure to save their achieved title in the manufacturers’ standings ahead of the second race of the season in New Caledonia from 16 to 18 May.

This competition of APRC is astounded to prove as an important ground for the Czech car maker as it wanted to captivate the international markets, with a due to achieve immense growth. With an aim to increase its global sales to at least 1.5 million units a year in the next few years and also to achieve strong growth in particular in the Asian growth markets, Skoda seems to have already started brushing and polishing the guns.

Skoda Motorsport

Skoda Motorsport

The 2014 APRC calendar:

  • 16–18 May: Rallye de Nouvelle-Calédonie – New Caledonia
  • 20–22 June: Rally of Queensland – Australia
  • 15–17 August: Malaysian Rally – Malaysia
  • 26–28 September: Rally Hokkaido – Japan
  • 7–9 November: China Rally – China

New Skoda Superb vs Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI

New Skoda Superb recently launched is enjoying the most of shares in the market, as the Honda Accord and Volkswagen Passat have faded away from the shores with Hyundai Sonata making no exceptional reminiscence. It emerges clear winner of its segment, but as per to a law of management “the monopoly doesn’t exists” Skoda too has to see competition from another sect of market, i.e. the used car segment. The contender to new Superb is the big on wheels Mercedes-Benz E-Class (E 350 CDI) of past generation, the one which was available for as low as Rs 50 lakh in the showrooms, but due to the launch of a new E-Class the old ones had been spiced out, and are available in abundance at the used car dealers with the approx 2 and a half million INR price tag. (depending upon the condition and market availability). The top-end tag of the Superb is going to take on head to head with one of the best-in-class seller E-Class of times. So the competition here is who will be having the best in class title, the luxury v/s the layman’s niche. Find out…

Starting from the cosmetics on front, both of them hail from different category; Mercedes-Benz clearly speaks of its elegance with royal looks that has no restrictions in saying ‘overwhelming’ every time. Otherwise, if perceived from the viewpoint of layman, Skoda has all the pinning right to compel the every footfall on knees in showrooms. Though, we are a big fan of Benz and believe in living the King Size, so does E 350 CDI seems attracting us lot, and honestly speaking, if given a sum of that said amount of money, I would vouch for the Merc be seen in my garage as a next buy. But surely, there’s maintenance factor on forefront when the talk is of buying used. The German Star is already quite old on the roads, wafting to be taken care of every now and then. Hope so, a bit of hampering for the buyers would happen when they will face any maintenance issues. Comparatively, there aren’t huge differences in cost of ownership between the Mercedes and Skoda, relieved that much, only a “slightly” bigger hole would be created in the pocket at service intervals when bought a used niche, as compared to Skoda in India.

Skoda Superb Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI

Interiors plays important role for a car. And whatever it may take, people always delight to sit inside the cabin of Mercedes. Here the Mercedes E 350 CDI of past generation has a good built quality. They seems to have been made to last. Anything out there on interiors doesn’t looks like a fuss, except that cluster of small buttons on central console which feels a bit confusing, but will get used to when driven daily. The overall design gesture is simple (yet we mean German) and are given detailed attention even to the minute chunks and knobs. After spending number of years on road, the Merc doesn’t leads in oodles of vibrations and rattles despite being powered by a diesel and ran for years on roads. The cabin feels a silent place to rest in, and not attributing a lot was the small amount of rattles that were sneaking in at times due to the age factor of car. On gadgets front, the Command screen is operational with only a single knob to scroll through menus. Hence, the hassle of juggling over buttons is reduced.

On comparison, the Skoda too has taken the challenge uphill to compete the Merc. Designers of Skoda seem to have designed the new Superb keeping in mind the upmarket saloons. Hence, the outcome can be clearly witnessed inside the cabin. Ranging from the seats to small buttons and knobs, everything feels well-crafted and composed. The beige theme inside the cabin is eye-soothing, and relaxing as what one would definitely ask from a car of Skoda in India. Front seat has ample of legroom, and if the buyers want more, they can jump into the rear. The rear seat of new Superb feels so big that even a seven-footer will not complain either. Genuinely, we find the space in this car is like no other car in the country, nor even Mercedes, BMW or Audi would deliver such measurement in their products of same category. It feels envying all three of them, and that’s where the Czech based carmaker is cashing upon in India to a larger extent. And coming to the boot, the tailgate is comprised of rear windshield like a BMW GT, lending a good amount of ozone to seep in the luggage. On the E 350 CDI, boot opening is a conventional one, and probably feels shorter in measurement.

Skoda Superb Interiors Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Interiors

Now, under the hoods, Skoda Superb is powered by a 2.0L diesel producing 140bhp and 32.6kgm of healthy torque. The power revs at early stoke of accelerations, with no delays in leaning the speedometer tip northwards. It has power distributed in a linear pattern, which feels always meaty in every section of gear. This too makes the drives to less use the tip-tronic. Thanks to its dual clutch, the not so aggressive dab on pedal takes the car to fierce. Its tall sixth gear also aides to maintain the hunger of adrenaline even at a higher range. Being frank, the speed numbers starts to less progressive pace after the mark of 170kph, but that’s understood when you can fire strong rounds till that mark with every driving pattern, either on turns or on straight roads, with no negative feedbacks.

Moving to the Germans once again, the bay under bonnet is a hideout of a beasty V6 that makes almost no sound at all. It silently sits underneath and beat others with its unmatched power of 231bhp and 55kgm of torque. Obviously, its top speed and pulling power is more than the Skoda, likewise to a performance car. A gentle dab on pedal is enough to push you forward in a zest, that too in a typical sophisticated Mercedes style. The various driving modes cheers up the mood every time. Even in the traffic, it doesn’t implicate a heavy load being tied to a steering. E-Class and other Mercedes as well are better known for the driving pleasure. This one doesn’t make an exception to the said.

New Skoda Superb Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Used

Overall, as we had said, the war is between a niche and a layman, both of them has locked their horns and it was impeccable to say the layman’s car (Skoda Superb) has competed courageously taking the lead right in the niche context up to the last. It broke down only when we opened its bonnet, and found that shying moment ruling such a good car with a 2.0L diesel engine. Otherwise, the remaining aspects of new Superb are worth looking forward to. But wait, we hadn’t ruled out the possibility of Mercedes not winning the fight. In India, we give a lot of importance to the German’s three-pointed star logo over others. And sitting in the alp of niche is altogether a different experience. Mercedes-Benz E 350 CDI of past generation may fall heavy on the pocket in maintenance and ownership cost, but that much overshadow of expenses are understood when give to drive an attractive Merc saloon. So, both of them have something or the else to win over the other. On the fair context, Skoda Superb ranks best as the most equipped car, the Mercedes-Benz E 350 CDI on the best in driving note. Ultimately, the choice is yours!

Skoda Superb Back View Used Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI Back View

All-new Skoda Superb Takes Shape: Rumored To Come In 2016

The Czech Republic automaker is working on the all-new Skoda Superb sedan based on the MQB platform of Volkswagen Group. The new sedan will share its underpinnings with the new VW Passat, a vehicle, which is due to make its debut later in 2014. The 2016 Skoda Superb is likely to be revealed in 2015; however will arrive by 2016 in India. Usually a couple of years elapse from the time a redesigned vehicle is launched to the time when its successor arrives. Therefore, a 2016 India launch for the new Superb seems to be on the cards. It will be designed and engineered on the automaker’s next generation B8 platform. Currently, the Superb adopts B6 architecture, meaning the vehicle will skip a gen, the B7.

The new Skoda Superb reflects the redefined and stylish design characteristics found across the entire SKODA family of vehicles. The captivating and unique design of Superb, draws upon the heritage of its predecessors, and creates a strong impression. Elements of the brand’s new design language are clearly visible: precise quality, balanced proportions and clear lines. The front end has been fully redesigned up to the A-pillar and now looks much more unique. The car logo, grille, bumpers, fog and head lights, bonnet and front fenders are all new. The uniquely drawn front with a significantly wider grille in addition to the fully redesigned headlamps creates an assured appearance.

Skoda VisionC Coupe Concept

Available for the first time in the Skoda Superb are bi-xenon headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lamps. The rear of the Superb has also been fully redesigned and made tidy, precise and clear. The taillamps’ graphic has been reinterpreted to further emphasize the brand’s typical C-shape. This will be the first time in the Superb that three LED stripes create this shape. Two triangular elements in the hatch are another unmistakable feature of the new SKODA design. Given its MQB underpinnings, the new 2016 Skoda Superb will share engines with 2015 VW Passat.

The Superb’s engine range could start with 1.4 liter TSI Turbo petrol motor with 2.0 liter TDI Turbo diesel motor being the staple on the high end diesel models. The 1.8 liter turbo petrol engined model will be available in India, whereas the V6 3.5 liter petrol four-wheel drive combination is unlikely to make a comeback here although it is likely to be retained for the global market. The turbo diesel and turbo petrol will get torque and power boosts, and will be MQB-only versions.

Skoda VisionC Coupe Concept

Skoda First Coupe VisionC Concept Unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2014

Skoda unveiled its first coupe VisionC concept at Geneva Motor Show 2014.

The VisionC is a privilege of its parent company Volkswagen to Skoda for growing to an all new level in the international markets.

Skoda VisionC was draped in the olive green paint shade; the other detailing on the car was done on black to work out a funky yet youth appeal from the metal. The blackened front grille, wider air dam, and all new headlamps as well the fog lamps are fuelled of making a prominent difference for it on the face. At rear, the tail lamps are also distinct from the other Skoda model plates. Overall, the outer attire is quite appealing, and the lines too are drawn seemed fixing the context of coupes rightly. Platform pinned underneath is the VW’s MQB, which is said to be underpinning the company’s other upcoming vehicles as well.

Skoda First Coupe VisionC Concept

VisionC is a five-door coupe which sits in between the Octavia and Superb. It will hit the production bay by 2016.

However, Vision C is in the conceptual stage, so till the time of hitting production, a lot of changes will be done. And it can be speculated that VisionC may changed the vision of automotive industry after the roll-out.

Skoda will offer engine lineup with a mix petrol as well as diesel depending upon the market conditions.

Skoda Octavia Wins 7 Prestigious Automotive Awards in India

Skoda has shown aggression in the 2014, and has relieved the facts officially that its flagship sedan Octavia has won 7 prestigious automotive awards in India for different categories.  A number of other revised launches had also helped the brand to grow up to this extent.

Delighted with the laurels, Mr. Sudhir Rao, Chairman & Managing Director, Skoda Auto India said, “The new Octavia was one of the most eagerly awaited products from ŠKODA last year and these awards are evidence of the new Octavia’s ingenuity. The Octavia is the heart of the brand and the entire Skoda team has been working hard on this product. We are extremely proud of its heritage in India and to be given seven awards by the automotive fraternity is a great honour for us.”

The lastly launched Skoda – Octavia – “The Legend” is the third generation of Skoda’s flagship sedan which boasts of unrivalled space, high functionality, high fuel economy, packed with Simply Clever features. The new Octavia was also the first Skoda car in India that bought the brand’s new Design Philosophy to life. Built on the Group’s MQB platform, the new Octavia is larger and yet lighter than its predecessors. It is truly a joy to look at and a greater joy to drive.

Skoda Octavia Awards

With the launch of the new Octavia, Skoda has begun a growth phase in the Indian market and will strengthen its focus on the sedan segment. Skoda currently has 6 models on sale in India – new Superb, new Octavia, Yeti, Laura, Rapid and Fabia.

Octavia Awards

Mentioned below are the details of awards new Skoda Octavia has received in India:

  • Saloon of the year – BBC Top Gear
  • Midsize sedan of the Year – NDTV Car & Bike Awards
  • Executive sedan of the year – Car India
  • Midsize saloon of the year – Zigwheels
  • Sedan of the year – Golden Steering Wheel – Auto Bild
  • Best premium sedan of the Year – Motor Vikatan
  • Executive Sedan of the year – Top Gear Malayalam – God’s own Car & Bike Awards

Skoda launches Rapid Ultima – a special edition at Rs. 8.3 lakhs (Ex-Showroom New Delhi)

Skoda Auto India introduces ‘Rapid Ultima’ a special edition within the successful Rapid model range.

The Ultima will be available in two variants and will be priced starting 8.3 lakhs ex-showroom New Delhi.

The ‘Rapid Ultima’ will be available across all Skoda authorized dealerships from March 1st, 2014 for a limited period only.

[table id=220 /]

The Rapid Ultima will visually differentiate itself with an attractive exterior decal stretching from the hood over the roof all the way to the boot and across the shoulder line of the car.

The Ultima edition will have additional features like parking sensors with a rear view camera, Garmin and Tom Tom navigation devices, leatherate seat covers, door sill moldings, new seven spoke alloys

Skoda launches Rapid Ultima

The Rapid Ultima which features Skoda new logo will be available in diesel and petrol variants across the Ambition Plus and Elegance trims. The petrol variant has maximum power of 77kW (105PS)@5250rpm with maximum torque of 220NM @153-3800rpm. The diesel variant has maximum power of 77kW (105PS) @4400rpm with maximum torque of 250Nm@1500-2500rpm.

Symbolizing Skoda’s brand value – “Simply Clever”, the Rapid is ideal for the Indian streets with an attractive design, ample space, excellent safety equipment and modern proven technology. It is a comfortable car for the family with an elegant design, ensuring an efficient drive. The new features will now make the Rapid Ultima an even more enviable purchase within the already successful Rapid model range.

The Rapid Ultima edition will be priced as follows (Ex-showroom New Delhi):

  • 1.6 MPI MT Ambition Plus Rs. 833,156/-
  • 1.6 MPI AT Ambition Plus Rs. 930,915/-
  • 1.6 MPI MT Elegance Rs. 895,355/-
  • 1.6 MPI AT Elegance Rs. 991,920/-
  • 1.6 TDI Ambition Plus Rs. 940,788/-
  • 1.6 TDI Elegance Rs. 997,661/-

Skoda VisionC design concept – The next stage in the Skoda model campaign

As a part of the most comprehensive model campaign in the brand’s history, Skoda is renewing and expanding its model range. The design language of the dynamic and elegant five-door coupé ‘Skoda VisionC’ introduces the next evolutionary step in Skoda design: The design is becoming more expressive, dynamic and emotional and underpins the dawn of the brand. At the same time the five-door Coupe concept demonstrates the possibilities in innovative and emotional chassis design.

For more than 100 years, Skoda has been manufacturing cars with high demands on design. Skoda is once again emphasizing the traditional brand’s expertise in design and engineering through the ‘Skoda VisionC’ design concept.

“We are signaling the next stage in the evolution of Skoda’s design language with ‘Skoda VisionC’, and thus highlighting the dawn of the brand. The vehicle demonstrates the company’s outstanding design and engineering expertise, and underpins the dynamism and value of one of the world’s longest-established automotive companies.” says Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland, Skoda CEO.

Skoda VisionC design concept

As a five-door Coupé, the ‘Skoda VisionC’ features a new expressive, dynamic and emotional design language. The interplay of soft, slightly contoured, concave and convex surfaces, as well as sharp, precise lines creates an immediate impact. The surfaces and proportions demonstrate clear arrangement and a striking interaction of light and shadow. The front has an air of confidence and energy, and the tailgate adds an element of surprise, accentuated with a radical conclusion.

In addition to its creative ambition, the ‘Skoda VisionC’ impressively demonstrates the Skoda engineers’ concept of ingenuity; design, engineering, space, functionality and the emotional coupé shape combine in compelling unity. The ‘Skoda VisionC’ provides plenty of room for four people and their luggage.

Skoda VisionC design

The large boot and excellent loading capacity are characteristic of Skoda. Modern MQB technology, approaching series-produced drive systems, low weight and optimized aerodynamics also demonstrate the high potential of responsible individual mobility.

Under the bonnet, we find a CNG/petrol bivalent 1.4 TSI/81 kW turbo engine. On natural gas, the vehicle consumes a mere 3.4 kg or 5.1 m3 CNG per kilometre, equating to CO2 emissions of only 91 g/km. ŠKODA has made a huge leap in demonstrating that even attractive mid-class vehicles can meet the stringent EU2020 CO2 emissions standard with today’s conventional drive technology.

Skoda VisionC design

2014 Geneva Motor Show: A Handy Round-Up Of What You Can Expect

2014 Geneva Motor Show starts on 3rd March, so we have created a handy roundup of what you can expect. The 84th Geneva Auto Show is a relative return to normalcy, considering 2013’s extravaganza of exotic vehicles such as Lamborghini Veneno and Ferrari LaFerrari. The wild stuff will still be there; however this Geneva Show will provide a better balance of vehicles for all budget types. It is one of the most prestigious significant annual events in the automotive industry and is known for its open feel and relatively compact size. Major automobile manufacturing companies are right alongside tiny upstart carmakers and supercar firms. It is also one of the most important and biggest shows of the world with models including Alfa Romeo 4C, Ferrari LaFerrari, Volkswagen Golf GTI and Audi A3.

The doors will open on 3rd March, during which time over 10,000 media representatives from all over the world and over 700,000 fans will walk the aisles and scrutinize all the vehicles. We already known that there will be world debuts of new Audi TT, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. The 2014 Geneva Motor Show includes over 900 cars, dozens of concept and new model introductions, a retrospective of 90 years of 24 Hours of Le Mans and test track for electric vehicles. So before we grab our passports and head to Switzerland, we wanted to give a peek at the most significant vehicles at 2014’s Geneva Auto Show. Read our guide below to see what will be on display at the show.

84th Geneva Motor Show 2014: Key Cars

  • Peugeot 108/Citroen C1 – The French brands unveil their new urban runabouts
  • Audi TT – The all-new version of the company’s sports coupe as trailed by All-road Shooting Brake concept in Detroit
  • Honda Civic Type-R – The automaker’ hot hatchback arrives in prototype form; expect impressive spoiler and high-revving drama
  • Ford Focus – An extensive redesign of ever-popular Ford Focus engineered for adding some more sparkle to its looks
  • Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe – The 2-door version of new S-Class promises devastating pace and abject luxury
  • Lamborghini Huracan – A replacement to Lamborghini Gallardo takes a bow in the carbon fiber/metal

2014 Geneva Motor Show: Full Details

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo MiTo QV, Alfa Romeo 4C Targa Concept, and Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

The word is that Alfa Romeo will wow Geneva crowds with Targa-roofed version of 4C sportscar. What we know for sure is that there are new models of Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde and Alfa Romeo Giulietta on the stand. The upgraded Giulietta QV will be motivated by a 1.75 liter turbocharged petrol aluminum engine from Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe, which is good for pulsating 237 horsepower.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB9 Carbon White and Carbon Black and Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430

The British automaker is planning to launch two special edition models at the show, the V8 Vantage N43 will be joined by DB9 Carbon White that’s also offered n Carbon Black. The new models mark 101 years of AM production with cosmetic and mechanical changes marking them out over standard models.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430


Audi RS4 Nogaro, Audi S3 Convertible and Audi S1

Audi is likely to expand its S range with the forthcoming S1. Speculation of performance focused A1 has been fierce since the vehicle’s introduction 4 years ago. And while we have already driven the limited edition A1 Quattro and a prototype, the S1 Sportback and S1 will take place in Geneva. The S1 is expected to be a strong rival in the hatchback segment with turbocharged 2.0 liter powerplant and Quattro all wheel drive system from S3. The 2014 Audi S1 takes the proven framework of A1 premium subcompact hatch as its basis, injects it with 231PS of TFSI-derived thrust and shores up the result with Quattro four-wheel-drive that appears for the first time in a series production car in this class.

Audi teased the aesthetic of TT with Allroad Shooting Brake in Detroit, and with the spy shots of pre-production TT prototypes, we have a pretty good idea about what the all-new model will look like. The Audi TT is one of the most iconic vehicles in our range. Both Roadster and Coupé are offered with fuel-efficient TDI powerplant and road holding Quattro all-wheel-drive – the same technologies which have given us unprecedented success in Le Mans 24-hour race. There is also a wide choice of optional upholsteries and alloys for ultimate comfort. It all means that you can enjoy driving the Audi TT purely for pleasure.

Audi S3 Convertible

Audi will be introducing the S3 range at Geneva Motor Show too. The S3 Convertible will be equipped with Quattro all wheel drive system that sends power to all the four wheels and a 2.0 liter turbocharged powerplant, which is good for producing 296 horsepower. Geneva is a busy show for Audi, with the company also introducing the RS4 Nogaro – a special edition of fast estate vehicle with new interior and paint job for celebrating 20 years since RS2 Avant was introduced.


BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

BMW used the show in Detroit for showcasing the new BMW M4 and M3 for the first time, so it will be tricky to generate the same level of excitement in Geneva. Nonetheless, it does look like we will see the launch of BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, the first ever front wheel drive multipurpose vehicle of BMW.

The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe will also be on BMW stand. The stunning new 4 Series Gran Coupe combines 4-door practicality with coupe lines and provides the sleek look of a 2-door coupe with functionality provided by 4 doors. While it is identical in width and length to 4 Series Coupe, the roof of Gran Coupe is 12mm higher and stretches 112mm further back, leaving more headroom for rear seat passengers. Details of the more practical 4 Series Coupe were released earlier and the vehicle will go on sale in June in UK.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer


Citroen C4 Cactus Aventure concept, Citroen Cactus, Citroen C5 CrossTourer and Citroen C1

Another show star at 2014 Geneva Motor Show will be Citroen C4 Cactus. You can make your own minds up on the styling; suffice to say it is an acquired taste and is sure to spur lively debate as they start appearing on the roads. It carries a new yet simpler approach to design and focuses on usability and comfort, rather than performance. The production version retains the stunning design showcased by concept at Frankfurt Auto Show. The automaker will also reveal the latest version of C1 city vehicle and will be a sister car to Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo both of which will be introduced in Geneva.

Citroen C4 Cactus Aventure concept


Ferrari California T

Elegant, sporty and versatile: that’s the Ferrari California. Since 1950s, this particular model has been the Prancing Horse’s finest embodiment of all three attributes. Now, however, the new California T adds a radical innovation to that honorable tradition whilst still retaining the vehicle’s highly renowned versatility. The T in its moniker refers to the development of new turbocharged eight-cylinder powerplant, which fuses fuel consumption and reduced emissions with exceptional performance underscored by blistering pick-up because of torque curve which adapts to suit every gear change and zero turbo lag. Equally, the RHT or retractable hard top transforms the T from a chic coupé into sleekly sophisticated spider in just 14 seconds.

2014 Ferrari California T


Ford Mustang, Ford Edge Concept and Ford Focus Facelift

Ford’s huge effort to grow its European product portfolio continues apace. Star of its stand will be the redesigned Ford Focus, which will take styling direction from latest Fiesta with large front grille dominating the nose. New engine choices and updated cabin will also be included. In addition to Focus, the American automaker will give us a taste of the future with a look at the upcoming Edge Sports Utility Vehicle and Mustang that are both due in 2015.

Ford Mustang


Honda Civic Type R Concept

Designers call the Honda Civic Type R Concept a racing car for the road. Dramatically flared wheelarches with vents behind them, full width diffuser with four exhausts and enormous rear wing with incorporated LED brake lights make the Type R look more like a touring vehicle than something engineered for daily commuting. Honda is promising at least 276 horsepower from direct injection 2.0 liter turbocharged engine; however the Geneva Auto Show concept will give us our best idea of how the vehicle will look when it arrives in 2015.

Honda Civic Type R Concept


Hyundai Intrado Concept and Hyundai Genesis

The Hyundai Intrado concept will be showcased to the public for the first time in Geneva. The crossover is likely to feature a pioneering fuel-cell system and is sure to turn heads; with its radical new design direction. More than a styling exercise, the South Korean said the Intrado demonstrates the company’s belief that intelligent design and advanced vehicle technologies can fuse to engage more effectively with passengers and driver.

The Hyundai Genesis range kick off with V6 petrol 3.8 liter engine together with V8 5.0 liter topping the range. All wheel drive is also an option. The Genesis is a luxury sedan model which was originally shown in Detroit; however Europe will get its first look at the car ‘in the metal’ at Geneva show. As Hyundai’s ambition to drive the brand upmarket gains pace, the automaker will show its all-new Mercedes Benz S-Class rivaling Genesis at Geneva Motor Show. It will available in United Kingdom with right hand drive later in 2014.

Hyundai Intrado Concept


Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake

The Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake is a high performance and one of the most practical models in its range. Set to arrive at Geneva Auto Show, the Sportbrake joins the XKR-S and XFR-S Sedan as the third member of the ballistic R-S family. Like its siblings, it is propelled by a 5.0 liter V8 supercharged engine that generates 680 newton meters of torque and 542 horsepower that’s enough to rocket it from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds.

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake


Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

The Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 is a sports car developed and designed by Lamborghini which replaces Lamborghini Gallardo, the company’s most produced car and sales leader. It made its auto show debut at 2014 Geneva Motor Show, and is scheduled to be released in spring this year. The Huracan’s name is inspired by a Spanish fighting bull, similar to various other Lamborghini car vehicles. Huracan was a bull known for its courage which fought in 1879. During the global preview tour specially organized for VIP Lamborghini clients, the Huracan LP 610-4 has registered 700 preorders. The Geneva Motor Show will be where it is officially revealed, and it is the first car that will be shown at the event. The Convertible model is also on the way; but don’t expect that to arrive till 2015.

Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4


Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate and Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe

The Mercedes Benz C-Class Estate provides a choice of 3 model lines, each fusing high levels of equipment with unique styling, outside and inside. The Executive SE features LED daytime running lights, sports radiator grille with central star, Easy-Pack automatic powered tailgate and Artico leather* upholstery. Opting for the AMG Sport Edition will give you lowered sports suspension, AMG details throughout the interior and muscular AMG body styling with 17 inch AMG alloy wheels. At last, the C63 AMG Estate combines premium design with exceptional performance – from ‘6.3 AMG’ lettering on front wings and stylish chrome roof rails to AMG Performance flat-rimmed steering wheel trimmed in Nappa leather.

In Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe, you will find all the hallmarks of classic 2-door bearing the 3-Pointed Star — given a visionary new interpretation which propels the highest expression of MB coupe into the future. In the interior, intelligence and emotion run high in a striking fusion of time honored craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. Effortless power delivery comes courtesy of a sophisticated, V8 4.6-liter powerplant, with overwhelming handling offered by MAGIC BODY CONTROL suspension, a technology which scans the road surface ahead and automatically adjusts to improve ride comfort. Add a full complement of Intelligent Drive assistance and safety technologies, and the S-Class Coupe leaves no doubt that the next chapter of “The best or nothing” will have everyone on the edge of their seats.

Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe


MINI John Cooper Works Concept and MINI Clubman Concept

Two concept vehicles are in the pipeline for MINI’s Geneva show stand, which will be shown alongside the company’s new 3rd generation hatch. The first is a look at next-gen Clubman. We have already spied the production vehicle, so expect it to confirm the 6-door layout – replacing it predecessor’s controversial Clubdoor rear door. It is likely to be larger, too, rivaling the Volkswagen Golf Estate for load lugging ability. The MNI John Cooper Works was initially showcased at Detroit; however will make its European debut at Geneva. MINI has called it a concept but in reality it’s a thinly veiled version of production model. It will be motivated by a tuned version of turbocharged 2.0 liter powerplant in current Cooper S, pulsating around 217 horsepower.

MINI John Cooper Works Concept


Peugeot 308 SW, Peugeot 108

Peugeot’s attempt at Volkswagen Golf Estate rival will be shown at Geneva Motor Show. The 308 SW offers 610 litres of boot space that’s bigger as compared to SEAT Leon estates and Golf – and the most efficient model emits only 85g/km of CO2. Peugeot has also cut 140kg from the weight; thanks to new EMP2 platform that helps further boost economy. The automaker will also show its all-new city vehicle, which will replace 108. It is a sister car to Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 – new versions of which will also be shown at Geneva.

Peugeot 308 SW


Skoda VisionC Coupe Concept

As a 5-door Coupe, the Skoda VisionC features a new dynamic, emotional and expressive design language. The interplay of slightly contoured, soft convex and concave surfaces, in addition to precise, sharp lines creates an immediate impact. The proportions and surfaces demonstrate clear arrangement and a stunning interaction of shadow and light. The front has an air of energy and confidence, whereas the tailgate adds an element of surprise, accentuated with radical conclusion. Besides its creative ambition, the VisionC impressively demonstrates the ŠKODA engineers’ concept of design, ingenuity; space, engineering, emotional coupé shape and functionality combine in compelling unity. It offers comfortable seating for four passengers with plenty of space for luggage.

The excellent loading capacity and large boot are characteristic of Skoda. Modern MQB technology, approaching optimized aerodynamics, low weight and series-produced drive systems also demonstrate the high potential of responsible individual mobility. Beneath the hood, you will find a CNG/petrol bivalent 1.4 TSI/81 kW turbo powerplant. On natural gas, it consumes a mere 3.4 kg or 5.1 m3 CNG per 100km, equating to CO2 emissions of only 91 g/km.

Skoda VisionC Coupe Concept


Volkswagen Polo Facelift

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into a Volkswagen showroom again, the automaker has announced another 4 Polo model, to add to the facelift announced less than a month ago. The Polo TDI BlueMotion, Polo TSI BlueMotion, Cross Polo and Polo BlueGT will premiere at Geneva Motor Show next week, with cleaner running petrol and diesel powerplants, for which the company is claiming as much as 21% lower fuel consumption. Till now, BlueMotion has meant specifically turbodiesel power; now, for the first time, there is a Polo TSI BlueMotion with an all-new, 3-cylinder 66kW, turbo petrol engine. VW says it is the most fuel efficient petrol driven 5-seater vehicle in the world with a combined cycle figure of just 4.1 litres per 100km.

Volkswagen Polo Facelift

Volvo Concept Estate

The final chapter of Volvo’s concept car trilogy has arrived after few teasers earlier this week, in addition to some recently leaked images, and as we so astutely summarized previously, it’s a brown shooting brake. Really, we couldn’t think of a better type of vehicle to follow up the Concept Coupe from Frankfurt Auto Show, the Concept XC Coupe from Detroit Motor Show and complete the Swedish trinity of concepts.

It is better to think of Concept Estate as a classier yet hipper cousin to the Concept Coupe. The two are virtually identical below the beltline, featuring front fascias which are indistinguishable from each other. Both cars wear wide, rectangular grilles inspired by classic Volvo vehicles and T-shaped headlamps Where the Concept Estate differs, obviously, is with its longer roof and more functional rear end. We have already seen the svelte XC Coupe and Coupe Concept; however the 3rd in the trilogy is likely to be a new interpretation of the company’s bread-and-butter model. Expect its design to influence the new V70, due in 2015.

Volvo Concept Estate

Skoda Revises Rapid Range for 2014

Skoda Rapid now got a revision for its whole range. The Czech based carmaker has made available the Active, Ambition Plus and Elegance trims of its entry level sedan in the showroom, which earlier were discontinued. The equipments remain the same as they were there earlier.

On specifications, Ambition Plus trim equips kits like dual front airbags, steering-mounted controls, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear-shift and hand-brake lever, Bluetooth and USB compatibility. For the upper hand of range i.e. Elegance trim, Skoda has added the 15-inch alloy wheels, climate control and projector headlamps to the aforesaid package.

In short, as we too are well informed with the fact, Rapid is in the need of hard push to conquer the market captivation. To its results, a good numbers of 2013 model cars are still available with the dealers in their stockyard, which they will roll it off for a hefty discount. So those who are looking to buy a Skoda Rapid this season, can crack the deal for a quite least-expensive amount. The carmaker has given a mild facelift to Rapid in the October 2013, so no to worry of feeling outdated with that year’s match.

Skoda Revises Rapid Range for 2014

2014 Skoda Rapid prices


  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Active MT Rs 7.09 lakh
  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Ambition Plus MT Rs 7.99 lakh
  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Elegance MT Rs 8.59 lakh
  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Ambition Plus AT Rs 8.96 lakh
  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Elegance AT Rs 9.55 lakh


  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Active MT Rs 8.26 lakh
  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Ambition Plus MT Rs 9.06 lakh
  • Skoda Rapid 1.6 Elegance MT Rs 9.61 lakh

(All prices are Ex-showroom, Delhi)