Volkswagen Eager To Launch Utility Vehicles In India

Volkswagen India with its empty basket in the line of SUVs and crossovers had instantly said to a source to soon fill the gap with models from across the world. It sounds exciting for both – buyers and seller. After all, VW delivered the German promise of quality, but the lack of products in the portfolio crunched it hard to push forth the limits.

As confirmed by statistical data, SUV segment is growing rapidly across the world, and in India. On a competitive side, the other makers like Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and Tata Motors too are shifting their focus on this segment, so VW couldn’t cost to miss out cashing this very engaging opportunity in this market.

Seems from the past, VW hadn’t believed in the sub-4 metre concept of Indian norms of attaining tax benefit, where the lack of a hatchback-based sedan is a straight answer. Here, with the SUVs, it too aims to strike the chord with the likes of Renault Duster and Mahindra XUV500, leaving the Ford EcoSport out of question.

Volkswagen Eager To Launch Utility Vehicles In India

The new Tiguan that will get revealed by the coming year in international market is also speculated for India with a 2.0-litre diesel engine.

Upcoming Volkswagen Cars In India For 2015-16

Volkswagen not in a good shape for past many years, vowed to revive the sales with new models and strategic lineup. Of the given commitment, this German carmaker revealed four models for the India expected to launch by the next two years, exactly between 2015 and 2016.

  • New Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle as a mark of legacy is well known around the world. The new face that other countries had seen quite early will soon reveal on this shore in the coming months. Its facelift is not only restricted to cosmetic appearance, but also improves on driving characteristics.

New Beetle

  • Launch: End 2015
  • Price: Rs 35 lakh (approx, ex-showroom Delhi)
  • Polo Compact Sedan

The boom in sub 4-metre segment had compelled Volkswagen to bring a one especially for India. Apparently, it is the big deal for VW to do so, but expected profit margin surely tricked to balance the situation for this carmaker.

Polo Compact Sedan

  • Launch: Jan 2016
  • Price: Rs 6.5-8.0 lakh (approx, ex-showroom Delhi)
  • New Passat

The slow movement of sedan market had literally stuck the makers to go off the roads with SUVs and crossovers in India. Sedan, presently on the back burner, deprived off the favour from buyers. So, VW let it loose and decided to bring the new Passat by next year, where earlier it was speculated to debut during the current year. The fresh tech advancements and more oomph of luxury inside the cabin will make it a perfect buy for chauffeur driven audience.

New Passat

  • Launch: Early 2016
  • Price: Rs 32-35 lakh (approx, ex-showroom Delhi)
  • New Tiguan

The lineup of Volkswagen left with an exception of SUV, which will soon get filled in name of Tiguan. This SUV in its fresh avatar will break cover next year at a one of the auto shows before joining lineup of India, China and other markets. In rivalry with Toyota Fortuner and Honda CR-V this VW off-roader can rope in the desired proportion only of posh and crème who even loves to play with the dirt in complete style.

New Tiguan

  • Launch: Mid 2016
  • Price: Rs 20-25 lakh (approx, ex-showroom Delhi)

Volkswagen Posts Growth In April 2015

Very few knew the actual condition of Volkswagen profit ratio – flown from its own brand, which is believed isn’t in a good shape across India. Taking on the fact that the acquired Skoda is also not a good performer in this country for buyers of masses, VW too didn’t manage to sustain the ratio of profit from passenger cars quite notably for the past many months.

Soon, tranquilized with the new Jetta and Vento Magnific to post better numbers than before, it seems on the successful note now as registered 18% growth in April 2015 with 3,572 as against the 3,033 cars sold in April last year. Furthermore, the 4-star NCAP safety ratings also gained confidence in the buyers for VW to cruise further.

Speaking about the positive response, Michael Mayer, Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited said, the organization is happy to post positive results achieved with the favourable conditions of Indian automotive industry. Customers too remained a factor of encouragement, and the response to DSG-equipped trim of Vento as well as Polo GT resulted as profitable gains. The growth attained at VW was commendable as per the industry’s standards.

Volkswagen Posts Growth In April 2015

Volkswagen Deletes Features From Polo GT TSI Silently

The bread and butter of Volkswagen, Polo GT TSI, that supported the maker in its tough times is now facing cost-reduction from the list of features.

Trimmed to suit the given price tag, VW has taken off the leather from handbrake, and fabric from the door panels. Even tyres are compromised, the performance oriented Apollo are replaced by MRF and JK, which aren’t a proper match up to the quality of former.

Though, such a cost reduction does not sound impeccable for a car slotted in the premium segment. Worsening further is the brochure that still depicts the hatchback with those said features available on in the showrooms.

Volkswagen Deletes Features From Polo GT TSI Silently

Hence, this isn’t the first time this German automaker has opted for the silent deletion in the feature list. Earlier, various advancements were laid off the Polo and Jetta without a prior notice.

Well, trying to figure out, whether such a move literally suits the carmaker like Volkswagen hailed from Germany?

Have your say in the comments section below…

Diesel Automatic Cars On Sale In India Under Rs 15 Lakh

Carmakers started realizing the potential of diesel soon after the petrol prices sky-rocketed in India. Going extreme is just a case, and Indians loves those who go far the most. The things that matters at the bottom of car sale under the pretext of Rs 15 lakh are fuel-economy, maintenance cost, and drive quality – the last feat buyer looks at. Here, we have mentioned the best five diesel automatic cars, which are obviously hassle-free to drive, and do pinch the pockets not harder than 1.5 million INR, which translates they are the names to go by if not wished to hire a chauffeur (preferred self-driven) in the given budget.

  • Volkswagen Vento DSG

The baby sedan of VW India, which also sounds as Polo hatchback in some countries, went livelier when it received the 7-speed DSG gearbox with a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine of 103bhp. On the top, a facelift has worked wonders, which it was deprived for days. The drive experience with three-spoke steering wheel after the revamp adds a fair amount of character to the car.

Volkswagen Vento DSG

  • Skoda Rapid DSG

The most sold Skoda in India, Rapid, too fared in the league of diesel automatics. After all, it comes under the parental control of VW Group. So, this move was just expected once the Vento DSG made to its sales floor. Too powered by the same engine of the German sibling, it holds a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder diesel machine worth of producing 103bhp after mated to a 7-speed DSG gearbox. Though, the black package for buyers from optional list adds a youthful character, which the Vento lacks sternly.

Skoda Rapid DSG

  • Hyundai Verna 4S

The biggest of them in terms of dimensions and engine displacement, it is a one example of its league. Selling the diesel automatics literally years back, this had given ‘Hyundai Verna’ an upper hand to take on the rivals. The refreshed (facelift) trim called as Verna 4S holds a 1.6-litre diesel motor of 4-cylinder under its bonnet producing 126bhp after mated to a 4-seed auto gearbox, where the ARAI claimed fuel-economy of 23.9kmpl doesn’t disappoint either for this big car. And icing on the cake is a bundle of features from Hyundai.

Hyundai Verna 4S

  • Tata Zest

The show stopper has arrived – Tata Zest is the cheapest diesel automatic car in the country. Worked on the marketing tactic at the first point, Tata Motors countered huge amount of competition from the vicinity, which ultimately made Zest to stand on the juncture that to an extent also includes paltry buyers from hatchback markets looking out for an automatic option in the diesel trim. The thrills and chills are sent by a 1.3-litre unit of 4-cylidner consisted with a 5-speed automated manual transmission (AMT), which even allows users to shuttle between the Sport and Auto modes to suit driving needs and extract much torque off the machine depending upon the condition.

Hyundai Verna 4S
Hence, none of the cars beat Tata Zest, for the price it is offered for. And value proportion is also high either.

Volkswagen Vento Cup 2015: 22 Race Drivers Finalised

Finally, the selection for Volkswagen Vento Cup has come to an end. Out of 550 racers who registered for the participation, only a handful of 16 are selected. The selection process went through two parts of karting. At the most, company vowed to add 6 more drivers to the battle of previous season to complete the figure of 22 on the grid of Vento Cup 2015.

Judges for the Vento Cup has reviewed skills based on consistency, knowledge of race lines, speed, lap-times and further acceptance of learning.

Volkswagen Vento Cup 2015

Commenting on the finalization, Mr. Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India, said, the first two rounds were interesting. Talented drivers were almost refined in the jiff by showing their skills and their eagerness to learn more about the motorsport. Approximately, drivers from every part of the country had participated, which made the VW Team proud of its acceptance in the nation. The Volkswagen Motorsport India is ready to train those drivers on the grounds of fitness firstly, which they may need at the most out on the racetracks in July.

Here is the list of final drivers selected for 18th JK Tyre Volkswagen Vento Cup 2015:

[table id=268 /]

Volkswagen Vento Facelift Leaked Before The Official Launch

Volkswagen Vento facelift, one must say it of coming to India by the festive season, expectedly during October or November 2015. But the Russians quite smarter than us managed to get their hands on the clear test mule of the same a way ahead of the launch. Vento in Russia is called ‘Polo sedan’. This newbie to its repertoire, as per to us, will not pose technical changes followed by the cosmetic ones.

Penning down the resurrections made, it came to us the front now resembles Jetta facelift that made way to the country last month. Three slat grille on the flattered bonnet with two new creases, logo leaving no cuts on the bonnet, new fog lamp cluster, and side mirrors integrated with signals lamps are the finest changes made. Turning to its rear, the chrome strip is now placed above the number plate holder, a one more chrome strip placed on the bumper, and exhaust tips receives the cutout.

Volkswagen Vento Facelift Leaked Before The Official Launch

No fresh details about the interiors, but upholstery and illumination color may change. In the engine bay, power will be sent by a 1.6-litre petrol and a 1.2-litre TSI (petrol), the latter mated to a 7-speed DSG transmission. In the side of diesel, the 1.5-litre machine would do the justice. To be more precise about the technicalities, gear ratios may see a recalibration.

Volkswagen Vento Facelift Leaked Before The Official Launch
In markets like India, this Vento facelift will have to rival the Maruti Ciaz and Honda City.

Volkswagen Works Out New Business Strategies For 2015

The unfavourable sales results from India for past three years have turned Volkswagen to turn a new chapter in its business strategy. Apparently, the Union Budget 2015 may have kept it on toes to realize the actual market scenario. Now, after the end of dramas and political fiascos, VW announced its new business strategies which will help it to surge in the tough times of competition.

As said to give dealers more incentives and rework the after-service structure from where the major drawback is flowing in, Germans sounded feasible this time with their potential policies, and a detailed analysis revealed various other important notations.

Certain factors for cost-cutting are taken into account, like immense localization, minute observation of sales and market operations, to name a few. Even the company is on brink of expanding exports to utilize the manufacturing facility of Pune at a better proportion.

Volkswagen Works Out New Business Strategies For 2015

Working on brand perception, some said, VW will soon shed the image of a premium carmaker and would follow the league of Hyundai and Maruti. The after-service quotient which it is banking upon majorly will see more transparency in the process. Company is in the process to officially list the price of spare parts online and avoid the overcharging claims, where the machinery will also take steps like reducing outlets that are on defaulters list. To an extent, VW’s executive feels, products in the India lineup are slightly outdated, where the need of replacement is seriously felt. That said, as per to us company shall be in the process of bringing new models where a perfect indention is not worked out yet.

Hence, as per VW, the year 2015 will be partly considered for growth and partly for consolidation. Though, no affirmation how the VW will exactly take on this new battle of consolidation, but it seems more of Polo GT and other powerful machines had lent the moniker bright rays of hope in the tough times.

Volkswagen Vento Magnific Special Edition Launched In India

When nothing afresh to keep up the pace, it sometimes get beneficiary to pour the same old wine in a new bottle and flourish the shelf. And that’s what Volkswagen had kept doing for past many days. Launched a special edition of Vento with nothing big other than it on the sales chart, it is now offering the special version of the entry-level sedan in Highline and Comfortline trims.

For the Highline buyers, brand offers its Vento Magnific with Blaupunkt infotainment system accompanied by display units (front and rear both) and 3G internet connectivity. The Comfortline receives Garmin navigation, alloy wheels and scuff plates with Vento badges as standard. Apart from the said, either of the trims for Magnific edition at par the regular Vento gets dual-beam headlamps, flat-bottomed steering wheel with multi-function and dual-airbags.

Commenting at the launch, Mr. Michael Mayer, Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited said, VW has always strived hard to deliver more value to the customers for every penny shelled. Vento Magnific special edition dollop in safety features and tough build quality, accompanied by high-end infotainment and navigation systems as well as alloy wheels, will be appreciated by the customers.

Volkswagen Vento Magnific Special Edition Launched In India

Alongside the launch, company also reported 10% increase in sales of February ‘15 against the same month last year. They say, launch of new Polo, new Vento and New Polo GT that took place last year, with the new Jetta that surfaced last month in India, had contributed a lot to the said improvements.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Facelift Launched In India For Rs 13.87 Lakh Ex-Showroom Mumbai

Volkswagen’s most promising sedan, the 2015 Jetta, is launched in India for a starting price of Rs 13.87 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai. On the cosmetic side of appearance against the old model, this newbie of VW gains, new front grille with three slats instead of two, bi-xenon headlamps in a new shape with more sculpted format, redesigned front and rear bumpers, new tail lamps, redesigned air dam on the front housing brand new fog lamps, and a subtle spoiler at rear. The cabin too receives enhancement with the instrument cluster and flat-bottom three-spoke steering wheel with multi-functions.

Under the bonnet, 2015 Volkswagen Jetta continues to hold the same engine of 1.4-litre turbocharged TFSI petrol delivering 122bhp of max power and 400NM of peak torque alongside the claimed fuel-efficiency of 14.69kmpl. On the other side, in diesel, this car produces 140bhp and 320Nm of torque from a 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine with the fuel-efficiency of 19.33kmpl. Options of a 6-speed manual and VW’s DSG dual-clutch automatic gearbox are given for a better driving experience. But as the company believes this segment is on a constant move, and needed to be ran by the promising brands of this industry, they except of selling 250-300 units of new Jetta every month in India. Six colors are made available across the sales floor: Platinum Grey, Blue Silk, Deep Black, Pure White, Reflex Silver and Toffee Brown.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Facelift

Mentioned below are the prices of new 2015 Volkswagen Jetta facelift:

Mentioned below are the prices of new 2015 Volkswagen Jetta facelift

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