Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the gifting, gifts to loved ones don’t match the usual standard of a purchase. After all, when the idea is taken into consider of gifting a car to the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, certainly, it has to be something she may have desired for past many years. In other worlds one can say, those models should be the girl’s most loved cars. Mentioned here is a list of models which one shall refer to gifting his better half on February 14.

Mini Cooper

On the top of this list appears Mini Cooper. The convertible version of it is the top pick if buyer is endowed to spend more than Rs 3 million (or Rs 30 lakh) at least.

Volkswagen Beetle

Another girl’s favourite is Volkswagen Beetle. The most loved car around the world and seriously looked upon as the best gift a girl may receive in her lifetime, with regards to its image it carried over for years. VW Beetle is also famous for being gifted to celebrities by their husbands, intentionally lists it on the priority list.

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

Ford EcoSport

Girls nowadays are admiring this compact SUV a lot. For the chunky appeal and multi-purpose application, EcoSport happens to be an all-rounder, where the women will never complain after receiving it, and it even falls worthy on the pocket for as low as a shade more than Rs 6 lakh, at a price of hatchback.

Chevrolet Beat

The most affordable option for everyone: Chevrolet Beat is the small car that comes handy to cruise in the city, looks appealing yet aggressive, falls in the budget car category of Rs 4 lakh, and comes with the diesel engine. Ultimately, the bowtie logo on its wide grinning face has been polishing its aesthetics since long back.

Nissan Micra

Nissan’s MIcra failure may have many reasons, but the cars which it has sold have a one strong reason – it appeals the fairer sex a lot. To say it precisely, that Beetle-ish looks and staying friendly to pockets, staring at more than Rs 5 lakh (approximately) this is a cool option to look at amongst the hatchbacks. Additionally, the company also offers the Micra ‘Active’ version for the cost-conscious buyers where it comes for as low as Rs 4 lakh (approximately).

Range Rover Evoque

Niches had taken the toll here. Range Rover Evoque is the most admired SUV by ladies around the world. With cutesy design and a lot to offer of the luxury inside, it is handy to drive. And being Range Rover from its gene, no worries come across the makeup of lady drivers at climbing a hill or crossing a river sitting in this ultimate luxury.

Honda Mobilio

Honda’s Mobilio is for those who love to go with space but in the size of compact sedan. Mobilio marked its success with great numbers being sold month after month. The tug of price was had concluded Honda to sell it for lesser than Rs 6 lakh (approximate) in the starting variant. The diesel option is also available.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo of VW makes sense for a brilliant gifting idea. Combined with the German engineering, and sheer driving pleasure, asks it to deliver a complete peace of mind every time the buyer steps in.

Datsun GO

The most looked car in the budget category which offers the comfort of a hatchback. The car hits three digit-speed without taking a hitch, as other cars does of this segment. The control and agility to maneuver over every patch of road makes it to stand aggressively on this list. Though, we miss a diesel variant for the GO, but its fuel-efficiency makes up the mood everytime after leaving the petrol station.

Honda Brio

Here, the Brio is just another fine option to look for if sworn to buy a car for the ladies. Hence, this compact Honda is fun to drive and the confidence of Japanese engineering is worth talking of even in this small package.  Although, no diesel option given, makes some buyers turned away from the showrooms, but if like to choose as a gift it will sprung the receiver with joy after driving it.

Volkswagen Vento Cup Drivers’ Selection: First Round To Be Held On 14-15 February 2015 In Pune

For race dreamers, a big thing going on their minds is the selection round of Vento Cup 2015. Finally, the dates are announced. VW scheduled it on February 14-15, 2015 at Pune. The registration is wide open online on their official website ( from January 15, where the selection is touted to be based on the Go-Karting sessions, which will be conducted by Vento Cup Driver Coach – Rayomand Banajee at Indy Karting Track in Kharadi, Pune.

Drivers participating for this event are asked to shell out Rs 5000 as a nominal fee with a refundable deposit for damage costs. Ultimate selection is stated to be done on basis of overall skills spanning over consistency, speed, understanding of racing lines, lap times and acceptance for further learning.

Volkswagen Vento Cup Drivers' Selection

Second round of Drivers’ Selection will see the competitors battling on 28th February and 1st March, 2015. The selected drivers will compete in 2015 Volkswagen Vento Cup that is slated to commence later this year at different racing circuits.

Commenting about the Vento Cup Driver’ Selection, Mr. Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India, said, by opting the go-karting races this time for selection, it will help the motorsport division to handpick the right drivers laying emphasis on the raw driving skills, which is ultimately the rear talent in this racing world. Adding further, he said, the level at Volkswagen Vento has been already upped and the experts behind it are expecting to roll out more champions this year.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Facelift Bookings Open

It’s no surprise 2015 Volkswagen Jetta facelift will be launched in India on February 17, 2015, as scheduled. Even too this shall not be surprising, dealers have already started accepting the bookings of same. For emptying Rs 1.5 lakh the upcoming sedan of VW will be booked under the buyers’ name, whereas deliveries are stated to be commenced from one month after the launch for diesel variant. Petrol patrons shall have to wait till April to get their hands on its steering.

Reportedly, the 2015 VW Passat’s arrival in India had been in the whir for quite a long time, where now with the opened bookings it seems the grey skies have faded away.

On the outers of 2015 Jetta, gimmicks like three slat grille, bi-xenon headlamps, daytime running lights, can be seen easily at the front. On the rear, new tail lamps will be the major attraction amongst others. As said, cabin will turn to be a host of entire terminology. Flat-bottom steering wheel and upgraded central console are the major attractions.

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Facelift Bookings Open

Lifting the bonnet will not sight something new to its buyers. That old chunk of 1.4-litre TSI petrol and 2.0-litre TDI diesel will be visible, but now the diesel is expected to see a surge of 10bhp than the previous gen.

Hence, in the rivalry , 2015 VW Jetta will take on the likes of Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Elantra and more for an expected price of something hitting between Rs 14 and Rs 19 lakh (ex-showroom).

2015 Volkswagen Vento Facelift Spied For First Time

What appears to be a facelift in India sometime doesn’t fit to be a proper ‘facelift’ if happen to go by the proper meaning. As it is working fine with the carmakers here in the country, there seems no one raising the voice against it. Well, we too don’t have a problem with this Vento facelift for the coming year if this is a given case.

Last year, company rolled out Vento with a facelift that was comprised of new headlamps and set of fresh wheels. Now, a more lucrative version is spied clear of the camouflages. Revealing the story about is new avatar, a new nose and some mechanical upgrades would accompany the 2015 badge is speculated.

The test mule was snapped on the outskirts of Pune. And it happens to be a freshly-baked product rolled out of the factory rather than being the test-mule. Clearly showing a makeshift bumper hiding the fog lamps, and commenting the spot under headlamps have been redesigned with its wider smile. The grille appears to be derived from Passat, but some minute quirking had made it compatible for this sedan. On the top of all, bonnet too went under the knife this time. The cut for VW logo is missing and now it gets more engaging new creases. Along with the front bumper, company had also tweaked rear bumper that does the very well for a new finish. The strip running across the trunk (above number plate holder) is likely to be chromed – an engaging idea to connect with the Indians. Hence, with all the new face and creases it gains all over makes it to appear a very modern car that is low slung in aesthetics. From a fraction of investment VW has aimed to get the maximum.

2015 Volkswagen Vento Facelift Spied For First Time

If sources are to be believed, they said the gear ratios will be revamped if the technical amendments are carried out. Especially, it will be on the dual-clutch DSGs which are more in demand with the people of India.

Launch of 2015 Vento is expected to take up the daunting task of rivalry in the festive season of Diwali, where its heat could be felt by Maruti Ciaz, Honda City and Hyundai Verna.

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Volkswagen Jetta Facelift India Launch On February 17

After clearly cutting the clutter of brouhaha that insisted the contradicting thoughts like both possibility and downturn of the launch; now Volkswagen made a cut above the rest and announced the launch date of Jetta facelift for India.

Scheduled to take place on February 17, 2015, this sedan of VW had lastly received a makeover in October 2013, but the burgeoning upgradations among its rivals compels it to bring out a new yet sharpened tool for penetrating the segment. New front grille, wider air dams (for better aerodynamics), and slimmer but perched up tail lamps are the gimmicks witnessed on outside.

Moving inside, the cabin adorns bigger and clearer dials on instrument panel, corporate steering wheel and a new high-res trip computer. Apparently, the engineers at Volkswagen India don’t meant to quirk the technicalities, so it happens to be the same as before, except for the diesel engine that will see a hike of 10bhp in power output.

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift India Launch On February 17

Specifically speaking the engine options, a 1.4-litre turbo petrol and that 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine would do the job in the bay.

Pricing is expected to be slotted somewhere between Rs 16-20 lakh.

New Car Launches In February 2015

The month of February is majorly remembered for the Valentine Day (Feb 14) every year, but this year India is bound to get a one more reason to keep of a memory of this month, with special regards to 2015. Hence, amid the various launches of carmakers, the BMW is about to roll down its first hybrid supercar ‘i8’ in India, after initially screening it at Delhi Auto Expo 2014. Baffled by its aerodynamics and design language, it can even put down to shame the Lamborghini at some point. Well more details can be followed down this page. See the launches termed to happen in February 2015, in India, slotted date-wise.

Hyundai Verna Facelift – February 16, 2015

Sold under the banner of Hyundai Solaris in Russia and various other tags for numerous markets, here this sedan in India had garnered adaptive fan following with title of ‘Verna’. Said that, the car came to Indian shores back in 2010, and since then almost next to none amendments are carried out, for which it seems to be in an immediate need of a facelift. Hence, looking down to the competition in India, Hyundai had vowed to bring this new model of Verna to the country on February 16. Changes like revamped front grille, headlamps, fog lamps, addition of daytime running light and LED in tail lamps can be witnessed.

New Car Launches In February 2015

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift – February 17, 2015

After a whole lot of brouhaha that insisting the possibility and downturn of the launch; Volkswagen finally made a cut above the clutter and came out with the launch date of Jetta facelift for India. Scheduled to take place on February 17, this sedan of VW had received a makeover in October 2013, but the burgeoning upgradations on its rivals compels it to bring out a new tool for penetrating the segment. New front grille, wider air dams for better aerodynamics, slimmer tail lamps perched up are the gimmicks witnessed on outer. Inside the cabin, there adorns the clearer and bigger dials, corporate steering wheel and a new high-resolution trip computer. Apparently, the engineers at Volkswagen India don’t happen to quirk it on the technicalities, so it happens to be the same as before, except for the diesel engine that may see a hike of 10bhp in the engine bay.

BMW i8 – February 18, 2015

Finally, there comes the baap of all February launches, the BMW i8, carmaker’s first hybrid sportscar, which in the designing aspect has won accolades and can ashamed anyone else from the repertoire with its jaw-dropping layout. Heavily inspired from the concept model, i8 production car isn’t changed a lot from the conceptual model. Someone even says, buying an i8 like owning a concept car which guarantees more admiration than a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, and appears out of the crowd when driven on the roads. What’s more enticing is its drivetrain that unbelievably from a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine cast out the spell of 228bhp alone, alongside the electric motor that clocks another 129bbhp, which totals up to 357bhp. This much of power means, i8 can reach 0-100km/h mark in 4.4 seconds and can attain the electronically capped top-speed of 250km/h. With all the capacities of a heavy weight, the car weighs merely 1490kgs on scale. So for this kind of result, extensive use of carbon fibre led BMW to mark a milestone in the automobile industry with i8, which India will be seeing it soon. For the price-tagged followers, this could be something as expensive as Rs 2 crore (expected) ex-showroom, Mumbai. But for such a price, BMW isn’t expecting it to sell in bonking numbers as the model is a ‘halo’ car, which would represent the magnificent work of BMW wherever it lands. As expected, only few units of i8 are bound to be imported in India looking down the segmentation.

Volkswagen Cross Polo 1.2MPI Launched At Rs 6.94 Lakh Ex-Showroom Mumbai

It isn’t a secret premium hatchbacks dominates major portion of the auto industry in India, followed by compact cars. Even other derivates based on that same platform have tried their luck, but failed to garner the fortunes, where to name a one as of now is the cross-hatchback.

Some out of the lot still trying hard to work out something in the segment, it’s the Volkswagen Cross Polo just launched with a new engine called 1.2-litre MPI. Power of 74bhp and 110Nm of max torque is delivered along with a strong fuel-efficiency of 16.47kmpl.

Volkswagen Cross Polo 1.2MPI Launched At Rs 6.94 Lakh Ex-Showroom Mumbai

ABS and dual-front airbags are standard.

Other gimmicks on outside makes it more attractive with halogen headlamps infused with dual-beam lamps and black finish, 15-inch wheels, plastic bumpers of ‘Cross’ familiarized with silver accents. Complementing those details are silver roof rails and rear-view mirrors. Even the front grille with chrome accent too features that ‘Cross’ accent.

Drama inside the cabin continues. Flat-bottomed steering wheel with leather draped, automatic AC, Climatronic – all of them are nestled in the backdrop of ‘Cloud Titan Black’ upholstery.

The German automaker had priced it for Rs 6.94 lakhs ex-showroom Mumbai.

Bookings commences from today.

Kamal Basu Is The New Head Of Marketing At Volkswagen Passenger Cars

It seems VW is still in the need of a better driving force. In a league to do so, Volkswagen Passenger Cars – Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. (VWGSIPL) announces the appointment of Mr. Kamal Basu for the position of Marketing Head and PR.

Kamal Basu joined Skoda Auto India as the Head of Marketing in 2012, and was assigned to the lead management, product marketing, communication & media. In his work tenure there, he had also worked closely with tangents like dealer network teams, sales and after-sales. Alongside to his contribution (in automobile marketing), Mr. Basu possess a very strong background in advertising, as almost two decades spent working with top-of-the-line agencies like BBDO, Rediffusion Y&R, RK Swamy, and with Saatchi & Saatchi (as a CEO).

On the educational background, Mr. Basu has acquired a degree of marketing management from the none other than Jamnalal Bajaj (famously known as JB) Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, and is quite passionate about Indian movies/cinema, cricket, and travelling.

Kamal Basu Is The New Head Of Marketing At Volkswagen Passenger Cars

Sighting his experience over his appointment, Mr. Basu was excited for the contributions in Skoda, and is keen to take on the challenge in this new organization. Fresh thoughts and newer ideas are on his mind to surge ahead the Volkswagen India’s marketing effort.

Kamal Basu’s appointment to this new job is effective from January 1, 2015.

Facelift Car Launches For 2015: Hatchbacks, Sedans And SUVs

Plans for 2015 are clearly laid out by carmaker, working their best bets for milking most impacting results. A precise confirmation is already revealed by this website bifurcated as the upcoming hatchbacks, sedans, SUV and so on. Now, one more list is chalked out of that. This caters the facelift or the new version of existing models in India launching by 2015.

Tata Nano Twist Active

Tata’s intention with Nano is pretty much clear – to make that world’s cheapest car more usable in nature than anything else in the price band. The last launch with power steering was called as Nano Twist, now an Active tag is going to be attached further, which will result as addition of tailgate. And there are possibilities of AMT gearbox making its way here. So, the input of such a transmission to the drivetrain will definitely enhance the driving ergonomics, and would convert it into cheapest automatic car in the world.

Tata Nano Twist Active

Hyundai Verna Facelift

It’s the last year when Verna was given retuned suspension and a new kit. The latest model that got unveiled in Russia is bound to make its way here during early 2015. Comparatively larger headlamps, full LED tail lamps, long air dam and new fog lamps enclosure makes it more worth of the package. In driving lane, the petrol version will see a six-speed automatic against the four-speed. Hence, the one bound towards India will not be marginally different than those available in international market.

Hyundai Verna Facelift

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift

Almost a year Volkswagen launched mildly facelifted Jetta in India. Now, the company is in talks of bringing the latest version as well to the shores. Well, last time it was only the LED headlamps added to the sedan, but now it is sounded to get a through makeover. Slimmer LED taillights placed higher, and wider air dam for better aerodynamics are for the external appeal. Inside the cabin, there comes the company’s new corporate steering wheel, clearer and bigger dials in the instrument cluster, and high-resolution trip computer. In the engine bay, diesel will be carried over from the current-gen but would be increased by 10bhp in power output.

Volkswagen Jetta Facelift

Honda CR-V Facelift & Diesel

It’s been evidential for cars priced above than Rs 14 lakh hadn’t performed so well than those slotted under it during 2014. But, since Toyota is doing well in the segment with its Fortuner, then there lays a fair chance for Honda to take that challenge. Factually saying it, CR-V is sold in India only with a petrol engine, where the dominating diesel drivetrains had taken over everything else. The success of Amaze and City with diesel engine had conveyed it to bring that option here with a 1.6-litre i-DTEC unit churning out 118bhp and 300m of torque. The facelift will receive changes with the front grille, bumpers, lights and even some addition in the equipment list. There will be only front-wheel drive version coming to India, whereas the fuel-efficiency is astounded to be class-leading here with prices expected to be slotted between Rs 24 and Rs 27 lakh.

Honda CR-V Facelift & Diesel

Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept Unveiled At CES 2015

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas had been showering numerous excitements for the cars, where reportedly latest is a 292bhp Golf R’s dashboard.

Dubbed as Golf R Touch Concept, it is consisted of three touchscreens, a 12.8 inch high-res screen sits on the top of central console, whereas a 8-inch display is placed just below it.

And another 12.3-inch digital is the instrument panel that sits just behind the steering wheels in its usual place.

The biggest, 12.8-inch, functions by hand gesture and controls the multimedia system. The tiles on its interface can be customized as per user’s need, where roof also opens and closes and seats are adjusted just at the move of a hand.

Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept Unveiled At CES 2015

The second touch panel on central console is for controlling AC, volume of music system, ambient lighting and other sundry functions.

However, there aren’t many details about the third screen that was placed in the closure of instrument cluster, as someone had suggested it similar to Active Info Display seen on new Passat.

Thanks to the final comments made of Volkswagen’s top-hats, they soon will be deploying these techs on the production-spec cars. It will be interesting to see when the so called Golf R’s tech-smart dashboard will make way to the rest of VW lineup.

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