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Entry-level Car Market of India has the full-on attention of the major automakers of the World

It is very evident now that the Automobile Market of India is the second fastest growing automobile market in Asia where a lot of major car-manufacturers are paying a full attention at the entry-level car market of the country. The one and only purpose by this is to draw in some good sales volume for their firms and generate a reasonable amount of revenue from the Indian automobile market. This is a very important fact here that not every international car-manufacturer is interested in entering the entry-level car market, but they do not have a choice since the same market is rapidly growing in India. A debut in this segment will benefit every car-manufacturer in the long run.The absolutely new entrants in the auto market of India will get a fresh new opportunity and the existing players will get to increase their overall market share. The fact that compact car-manufacturers get a lot of business in India, because of the middle-class segment of the Indian population, is also a motivational force behind the international players wanting to jump into the fray. This segment of the population can spend a reasonable amount anywhere between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 7 lakh for a car, in which they can move along with their friends and family.

Entry-level Car Market of India has the full-on attention of the major automakers of the World

As per reliable industry sources, the European automobile giant Volkswagen is contemplating research and launching something to explore this niche of entry-level small cars of India by introducing a low-cost vehicle.  Whereas, Nissan is already in the line of entrants with the announcement of its proposed revival of the old Datsun Brand for the entry-level segment in Russia, Indonesia and of course, India. What is attractive here is, Datsun brand cars will come under the price of Rs 4 lakh only. But Volkswagen has an altogether separate kind of a price category for its assumed entry-level cars, which will be no doubt affordable. Now, Renault is ready to share the belvedere with Nissan for launching its very own small car in India. This entry-level small car by Renault will most probably be priced at a very competitive range of Rs 3 lakh only, which is targeting to change the sales volume in a positive manner for the company.

Maruti Suzuki India is the currentleader of this segment with its super successful Alto. It has been the best-selling model of the nation since it was launched a few years ago. There are eight variants offered by Alto which includes three variants powered by CNG as well. This best-seller by Maruti Suzuki India is available at an initial price of Rs 2.5 lakh where it goes up to Rs 3.5 lakh in its top-end version.

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