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Indiandrives launches a dedicated section for Indian used car Dealers

The latest offering from the 4 months old automobile portal, Indiandrives, is a first of its kind platform dedicated to the used car dealers across the country. The never before heard feature of Free dealers registration is the latest coup de tat by this up coming portal. Small used car dealers who all along were being deprived the platform to show case their unique offerings due to a lack of marketing budget, can now glee over the prospect. The hereto unutilized power of the Information Technology by these classes of car sellers was holding them back and grudging them of their fair share in the bargain. Now with Indiandrives this will no more be the norm but an exception.  The free dealer registration will open up new possibilities which was all along has been only dreamt of.

Apart from the unique free dealer registration, the portal will also offer customized and personalized searches for the car dealers and the potential buyers of the same. One can search the cars on offer by their make, by the customer’s budget and their preferred dealer location listed on the website. Potential sellers can get a quick quote of the approximate  price of their offering, thus making their decision a better informed one. Moreover, the section also shows the condition of the vehicle alongwith the photos of the vehicle(if available) appraised by the dealer himself.

In addition to it, the portal is also offering financial services to finance that dream used car of yours. Not to forget with luxury and comfort, the need for safety and security arises. We at Indiandrives understand it better than others and with our dedicated section for car insurance we take care of all your security needs. Moreover, there are various tips and tricks mentioned to take care of your car. The various articles written by our auto experts also point out the commitment we have for our readers.

One might ask what else can you ask for from a single website and we say, you GOTCHA !!!

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