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January 2012 marks the global sale of 119,799 vehicles for Tata Motors Group

There has been a marked increase in the wholesales of the renowned Tata Motors Group from last year in January 2011 by a graceful percentage of 21 in the year 2012 by the month of January. The global wholesales reached the number 119,799 of the grand Tata motors Group. This target or the level of sale attained by the group of Tata Motors is inclusive of the sale of the Jaguar Land Rover. The altogether cumulative as well as the collective sales for the very economic and monetary have turned out to be 478,339 in number. This number is higher and greater by 13% in comparison to the period that corresponded of 2010-11. The overall sale that took place of the vehicles globally that included the individual sales of all kinds of the commercial vehicles such that of Tata and Tata Daewoo as well as huge high profile range of the Tata Hispano Carrocera were of the number of 53,014 in the month of January of the year 2012. This shows a clear increase and growth of decent 15%. The fiscal manages to make the collective deal of 478,339 in number, which marks a growth of good 17%.When it comes to the consideration of the global sale and retailing of the all and sundry kinds of the passenger vehicles was of the collective sales and deal for the economy of 66,785 in numbers in the very January of the year 2012 that is higher by 26% than the previous year. The fiscal earns a collective sale of 506,921 in number that is 10% higher than that of the last year. The global retailing of the passenger vehicles of the colossal Tata and thereby the allotment as well as the allocation off take of the Fiat cars in the country of India were at the numbers of 37,492 in the month of January of the year 2012 that in turn turned out to be higher than that of last year i.e. January 2011 by 14%.

January 2012 marks the global sale of 119,799 vehicles for Tata Motors Group
The sales that turned out cumulatively to the credit of the fiscal are at the numbers of 261,216. The all over the world sale of Jaguar Land Rover has reached the mark of 29,293 vehicles by the January 2011. This figure is way greater than that of the last year in January 2011 by a rate of 44%. The numeral of the sale of Jaguar were 4,547, which is higher by a percentage of 49 and on the other side the figures of sale of land Rover were 24,746 that turned out to be higher by the percentage of 25. The collective sales are 44,468 in number of that of Jaguar, which is the first one to have lowered by a mere 3%. Rather the collective sales of the Land Rover were 201,237 that are again higher by a percentage of 34. There has been a definite increase in the growth rate of the sale of almost all the vehicles of the Tata Motor Group and that too by a fair percentage.

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