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Land Rover DC100 close to reality

The new Land Rover DC10 is all set to do the same thing for Land Rover what Evoque did for Range Rover, said the design director of Land Rover, Gerry McGovern.

It has been now over a year since Land Rover first showcased its Land Rover DC100 concept and began to display it at different shows across the globe. According to the Gerry McGovern, about 250,000 people were spoken to for feedback and the results were positive. About 90 percent of the people simply loved the concept.

He further informed that the design work on the Defender’s replacement has progresses and there are various concepts that are being considered other than DC100. The Defender replacement is scheduled to appear in the middle of the decade. He further believes that the new vehicle will be doing wonders for the Land Rover by bring in more style conscious buyers towards the Defender brand.

Land Rover DC100 close to reality
He further stated that even if the company is promising the style but it will not come on the expanse of the functions or features. He said there is a need for a new Defender for the new Generation of buyers. So, the vehicle has to be appropriate and should arise some curiosity among the buyers, while at the same time maintaining the Defender spirit.

He also said the he understand the sensitivity of the new project and its importance for Land Rover due to loyal and committed fan base of the Defender but he also said that it cannot be developed with an easy view.

Land Rover DC100 close to reality
He also stated that the same replacement for the Defender will not be appropriate and would not be legal. He added that company is trying to blend the essence of the past in a modern manner.

Land Rover DC100 close to reality

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