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Lexus, the new kid on the green block

The recent buzzword that has caught the imagination of everyone’s fantasy is the “Green” word. The idea of going green, creating something which leads to this or anything even remotely attributed to it has been treated as the new in thing. Companies after companies are in the race to prove their green credentials and hence make a better positioning in the market by projecting themselves to be sensitive to the environment. When you have this kind of wild madness in the chase no one is bound to be left behind.

Be it American car makers or the Koreans. Joining the others in their new quest of going green is the Japanese auto major Toyota Motors with its Lexus brand. The interest of the customers going green these days while making the buying decision has opened new and never-seen-before opportunities for the car maker, world over. Lexus which offers the highest number of choices than almost any other car brand in the Electric-Gasoline hybrid section is beyond doubt a formidable competitor at the market place.

The Lexus brand is compiled of 5 cars, the all new compact CT 200h hatch, RX 450h Crossover, GS 450h Sports sedan, the HS 250h sedan and the last LS 600h, the larger sedan. For a small nucleus family, the RX 450h is beyond doubt the obvious choice, as it combines the utility with the capacity of seating  5 people with some good space for their vacation luggage all this in addition with the fuel economy of that of a compact car.

The RX 450h was redesigned a year ago and is widely known to be the hybrid version of the already popular Lexus RX CUV series. The conventional gasoline variant had only a 2-wheel-drive option.

The RX was introduced in to the market in the year 1999 and in no time it became the darling at the market place. It is the best-selling model for the Lexus brand and has in its kitty the honor of being the top-selling SUV in the luxury car segment. The latest offering is the 3rd-generation of the convention gasoline-only variants, which was initiated what we know as the RX 300. In 2005 the first hybrid was launched in the market called the RX 400h.

The new car is built on the chassis of the Camry Sedan by Toyota. The first cousin of the RX is the Toyota lineup car, the Highlander. There is also a Toyota Highlander Hybrid available in both front-wheel-drive as well as four-wheel-drive models. The cars has introduced the new concept of the CUVs in to their brands, they may stem from the same basic structure or the concept, their exterior styling is however different. The major difference does not lie in the exteriors but the contrary, the Highlander has the capacity to seat 7 passengers while the RX is capable of only 5.

Not making any changes to the mechanics of the vehicle, the Hybrid RX combines the electric motor with the V-6 gasoline engine at both the ends for the 4×4 drive, and an electric motor at the front end with the V-6 gasoline for the front-drive model. The RX hybrid model combines electric-gasoline horsepower to the tune of 295 bhp which is 27 bhp higher from the previous generation of RX models.

Fuel economy is not the only USP of this model; in addition to it power is also a dominant factor. The power the RX generates is at par with that of a V-8 engine and it can put to shame, in the mileage category, even 4-cylinder engined vehicle.

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