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Used Cars By Make In Mumbai

2011 Tata Aria
Price : Rs. 750,000

2011 Mercedes Benz E Class
Price : Rs. 3,500,000

2011 BMW X1
Price : Rs. 1,625,000

2010 Hyundai I10
Price : Rs. 475,000

2010 Hyundai I10
Price : Rs. 325,000

2007 Mahindra Scorpio
Price : Rs. 390,000

2005 Toyota Corolla
Price : Rs. 325,000

2013 Honda Brio
Price : Rs. 435,000
Used Cars

Used Tata Nano Review

Tata Nano, the car has always remained in front lines of media since it was launched in 2009. Though, it doesn’t matters whether it is there – the good or the bad reason. But the top line (sales) of Nano hasn’t lifted the mood of Tata...

Used Hyundai Santro in India

If you have super star Shahrukh Khan endorsing your car, then your car has got to be one of the best in this world or atleast in India. That’s what happened when Hyundai Motors India Limited stormed into India with their Hyundai Santro car in...

Tips on buying a used Fiat Uno in India

Fiat India may have a had a hard time surviving in India in their early innings. The second innings are also not too far away from that stage with about 5000 of Puntos and Lineas selling each month. Forget the sales of the Palio Stile and the Fiat...