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New grease developed by SKF reduces friction and helps cut fuel consumption

SKF introduced a new lubrication solution for hub bearing units (HBUs) in the market, which claims to reduce the friction by 9% comparatively to the other standard solutions. The cut in friction means reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, in order a way to better the vehicle’s overall efficiency.

New chemical formula is developed to the gain the said memento for the automobile world, infused by an optimised ratio between friction modifier and anti-wear additives.

Using the SKF Vehicle Environmental Performance Simulator (VEPS), and based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), it has been calculated that a car with four hub bearing units using the low friction grease saves 0,15 g CO2 per km, and a saving of 2,9 kg CO2 per year on an annual mileage of 14,500 km is also accumulated on the top of all.

New grease developed by SKF reduces friction and helps cut fuel consumption

The low friction grease of SKF falls under the BeyondZero portfolio of brand. Confirming details about the SKF BeyondZero solutions, they are designed to help reduce CO2 emissions, preserve fuels and other limited resources for shielding the environment from extensive use of toxic substances.

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