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Nissan GT Academy Is Back For Its Second Period

Gran Tourismo, a game, which is well liked amongst most of the gamers and is familiar even among the non-gamers and has hit a record of over 65 million units sold throughout the world.

The popular game is considered by laypersons as well as specialists alike to be one of the most bona fide racing simulation games in regards to graphics, game physical science, as well as mechanism.

Well in regards to the game itself, the Nissan GT Academy is all set for another period (second).

Nissan GT Academy Is Back For Its Second Period

The program inaugurated a few years back, and was brought to the small screen in the year 2011 on Speed. Individuals, who haven’t tasted it, it’s a six-episode reality show, which presents 16 Gran Turismo 5 gamers’ changeover into specialized racecar drivers.

Nissan North America, in association with Sony Computer Entertainment America as well as Polyphony Digital, has made declaration about the first of six sequences to telecast on SPIKE TV commencing from the 1st of November, 2012.

There are a total of sixteen contenders who will be vying against one another to set a trend. The names of these competitors are given below:
  • Rees Gould
  • Joe Alves
  • Edward Gomez
  • Matthew Cresci
  • Stephen Diem
  • Eric Rivera
  • Jeff Stuart
  • Brian Rice
  • Darwin Albano
  • Austin Cobb
  • Steve Doherty
  • Jeff Lund
  • Nick Barbato
  • Darren Guaio
  • Jett Chandler
  • Kyle Preston

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