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One victory and three podium places for Volkswagen at Formula 3 opener

Tom Blomqvist (GB) gained victory at the FIA Formula 3 European Championship on the Easter weekend in Silverstone. Using the Formula 3 engine from Wolfsburg during the first race and attaining the 1st position, he secured 4th place in the second and sixth place in the third race of the Formula 3 European Championship. Max Verstappen (NL), too used the Volkswagen powered metal and secured a position into the top five in the second race.

In overall ratings, the Volkswagen drivers achieved twelve top 10 results for the brand, where three of which were podium places, including Blomqvist’s victory.

In the Formula 3 at Silverstone, this was the first season to have started new engine regulations. VW built a 2-litre engine delivering 225hp.

One victory and three podium places for Volkswagen at Formula 3 opener

After the first three races of the season, Tom Blomqvist is third in the overall standings, 13 points behind the leader. Verstappen is fifth.

Commenting on the results, Tom Blomqvist (GB), Jagonya Ayam with Carlin, Dallara-Volkswagen #31 said, “I’m very pleased with the opening Formula 3 weekend. With my victory on Saturday I knew that it was all about the start and defending the pole position cleverly. In Formula 3, and particularly on tracks such as Silverstone, it is difficult to overtake. Unfortunately that’s why I wasn’t able to get more out of the other two races, but I had some good duels, some of which were with my team-mates. We can build on results like these for the rest of the season.”

Max Verstappen (NL), Van Amersfoort Racing, Dallara-Volkswagen #30 said, “The first race didn’t go to plan, the second was better and the third was great. In contrast with the first two races on Saturday, I got off to a good start on Sunday so I was able to fight for the front positions right away. My tyres wore down about halfway through the race but I kept up a good pace. I’m very happy with finishing fifth and second.”

FIA Formula 3 European Champpionship,Silverstone – race 1 results

01.Tom Blomqvist (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen18 laps in 36m 31.379s
02.Esteban Ocon (F), Dallara-Mercedes+ 2.107s
03.Jordan King (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 3.052s
08.Edward Jones (UAE), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 13.578s
12.Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 21.104s
15.Sean Gelael (RI), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 27.831s
16.Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 28.466s
17.Jake Dennis (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 29.310s
19.Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 31.063s
Silverstone – race 2 resuits
01.Esteban Ocon (F), Dallara-Mercedes18 laps in 33m 53.215s
02.Nicholas Latifi (CDN), Dallara-Mercedes+ 3.678s
03.Antonio Fuoco (I), Dallara-Mercedes+ 5.148s
04.Tom Blomqvist (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 9.264s
05.Max Verstappen (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 11.237s
06.Jordan King (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 11.914s
07.Edward Jones (UAE), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 19.293s
08.Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 20.649s
13.Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 30.106s
17.Jake Dennis (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 33.362s
20.Sean Gelael (RI), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 48,528 Sek.
24.Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 1.03,172 Min.
Silverstone – race 3 results
01.Antonio Fuoco (I), Dallara-Mercedes 18 laps in 34m 13.614s
02.Max Verstappen (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen + 4.731s
03.Esteban Ocon (F), Dallara-Mercedes+ 9.325s
05.Antonio Giovinazzi (I), Dallara-Volkswagen + 21.667s
06.Tom Blomqvist (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 25.945s
09.Jordan King (GB), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 33.437s
15.Edward Jones (UAE), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 38.021s
18.Gustavo Menezes (USA), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 43.205s
20.Jules Szymkowiak (NL), Dallara-Volkswagen+ 48.697s

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