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Privacy Policy

Policy of the user is of utmost importance to us. We under no circumstances rent or sell your personal information to any third parties, without your unqualified consent, for any marketing related purposes. We request you to read this policy paper to learn more about the manner in which we protect and use your personal information. The privacy policy implementation applies to all the services that we provide  under the sub-domain and domain of www.indiandrives.com those generally are application to affiliates, joaint ventures, subsidiaries and parent websites whose specific policy paper are available from the central page of our privacy policy. By virtue of visiting this website you hereby agree to be bounded by the T&C of this policy paper or privacy. If in case you are in disagreement with any of the said clauses kindly do not access or use our website. This policy paper describes the information, that we collect for our normal servicing operations, from you and where it is used and for what purposes. This is a tenuous policy and it quite long in length, we have regardless of that prepared a detailed policy because we thought it is our duty to inform you and make you aware as much as possible about www.indiandrives.com so that decision making on your part is more informed. By way of accepting the user agreement and the privacy policy, you explicitly consent to our disclosure and use of the personal information that you may provide subject to the terms and conditions in this privacy policy. The policy is subjected to the user agreement terms and is also incorporated in it.

1. Our Commitment- Securing your Privacy
At www.indiandrives.com, we are very proud of the commitment we extend to you in the quest to protect your privacy. We certainly value the trust that you showed in us. We are duty-bound to work hard to earn your prized-confidence in order that you may enthusiastically enjoy our services and also recommend it to family and friends. You are request to go through the following policies and understand the usage of your personal information and how will it be treated.

2. Guarantee of Privacy
www.indiandrives.com undertakes that it will not rent or sell your information to any third party, without your unqualified consent, for marketing related purposes. Periodically we may publish general data statistical nature about the visitor and the website, namely types and number of good, number of visits, purchased services, etc. your confidence and trust is our priority of the highest standard.

3. Gathering of Information
Whenever you happen to use our website,www.indiandrives.com, we in the process gather and store your personally-identifiable information from your end. The idea behind this exercise is to provide you with smooth safe and customized browsing experience. This in turn allows us to provide features and services that are most likely instrumental in meeting your needs and also to enhance the customization of www.indiandrives.com so as to make your over all experience easier and at the same time safer. Our collection of storage of data is limited to the information that we required for this end.

In simple terms, you can browse the website by remaining anonymous and without even revealing any information of personal nature in the process. The moment you furnish your personal information you cease to be anonymous to us. To enjoy all the features and the services that we have to offer you need to register by filling our online registration form. Where in you may be required to furnish your identity and contact information as and when indicated by the application form. Wherever it is possible we provide option to those field we deem not to important and categories it as optional. You reserve the choice of not giving your personal details by way of not choosing any particular feature or service on the website.
We are able to track certain kind of information about the user based upon their played out behavior on the website. We generally use this information for internal research purposes on the user’s demographics, behavior and interest in order to better comprehend, protect, understand and serve the users. Such information is analyzed and compiled on an aggregate basis. This may include the URL from where you were directed to the website, which is your next URL, the IP address of yours and information of your computer browser..
”Cookies” which are data collection devices are used by us on few pages of the website to help in analyzing the flow of the webpage, measuring the effectiveness of the promotions, and promote safety and trust. Cookies are those small files on your hard drive that provides assistance to us in providing the required services. Certain features are offered by us which only become operation by the use of “Cookies”. To allow you to enter the password less number of time we employ cookie for this purpose. Cookies can be instrumental in providing us with information of you that may be in your interest. Mostly all cookies are “session cookies” which means that they get automatically deleted from the system at the end of every session. If your browser permits, you reserve the right to deny our cookies, although in that instance you may be deprived of some services and feature available on the website operational by cookies.
If you opt to sell or buy on www.indiandrives.com, we also collect information about your selling and buying behavior. We also collect from the feedback area comments posted by other user’s regarding you.
If you decide to post any message on the forum or leave a feedback for other authorized users, we shall collect the personally-identifiable information you provide us. We retain such information to provide support to the customer, to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems as allowed by law.
If you mail us through personal correspondence like the letters or the emails or in that case third parties or some other users send us personal correspondence about your posting on www.indiandrives.com or about your alleged activities, we may gather such information and store it in a file attributed to you

4. Our Usage of your Information
The usage of your information is done in order to facilitate the service that you have requested for. We uses your personally-identifiable information in the database that we maintain regarding you and al other information that we obtain pertaining to the past and current activities on www.indiandrives.com to: troubleshoot problems; resolve disputes; collect fees, promote safe trading; measure consumer satisfaction with the provided services, inform you regarding offline and online offers, services, products, customize experience and updates; protect and detect against error, criminal and other fraud activity; enforce the User Agreement.  There are times when we may look at multitude of user in order to resolve or identify a problem or in cases of dispute resolution, particularly we shall examine your personally-identifiable information to identify the website users using aliases or having multiple user IDs. We may review and compare and review your personally-identifiable information for omissions, accuracy and for errors.
In an event you choose to list a car on the website for sale we shall use your billing information and address and provide support associated with it. You also agree that we shall use your personally-identifiable information to improve our promotions and marketing efforts, for improving the content of the website, to be able to analyze the usage of the website, services and layouts. Such exercises on our part improves the quality of the website and better suit your needs, in order to be able to provide with efficient, smooth, customized and safe experience during the usage of the website. You must also agree that we shall use your personally-identifiable information to deliver information or contacting you for any communication for purposes which may be in your interest, namely product offerings, administrative notices, banner advertisements and all other relevant communications pertaining to your use of www.indiandrives.com

By way of accepting the privacy policy and the user agreement, you give unqualified consent to us to receive this information. If in case you do not wish to receive such information and find it irrelevant, we advise you to opt out of certain communication in your personal account. Changes in the profile can be made at any given time.

5. Disclosing of User Information
You also agree that we may use your personally-identifiable data in certain cases which may be targets of your interest, such as promotions or new services. Beneath is the list of categories people with whom we may share your information periodically.

  • Cars and Services offered on the Website are by third parties.There are services and cars on the website which the third party request for info before the listing of the service on the website. The information thus provided through the users towards such purpose is collected simultaneously by both the third party and www.indiandrives.com. The information captures by the third party is subjected to their terms of policy and offer. You are requested to evaluate the practices of thee advertisers before you must decide to furnish your data as www.indiandrives.com do not in any way control the privacy policy of these advertisers.
  • Listings of Classifiedsa. When any of the users lists an advertisement which is classified, and the said advertisement has been well received by an interested user, the said user shall be provided with the contact information of the listing of the user advertisement as such provided in the registration of the user’s form.

    b. in the event where a user expresses an interest in any of the classified advertisement, the supposed maker of that advertisement may be provided with the personally-identifiable contact information of the interested party in the registration form of the interested user.

  • ISPs.
    we reserve the right to use any third party that we can refer to service providers to outsource or facilitate some aspects of the product, services and business operations., which we offer you through our website (e.g., discussion boards, search technology, affiliate, bill collection, and rewards programs) and with these regards we may share certain of your personally-identifiable information directly to such service providers. These service providers’ are subjected to agreement of confidentiality with www.indiandrives.com and various other restrictions of legal matters which does not

    1. Advertisements

    a. when a user submits any information on any kind of form of any advertiser, simultaneously the information is collected by the advertiser  and www.indiandrives.com. The information thus collected will be used in accordance with the privacy policy and is used by the said advertiser as per the relevant privacy policy laid down for such people. You are requested to evaluate the practices of thee advertisers before you must decide to furnish your data as www.indiandrives.com do not in any way control the privacy policy of these advertisers.

    b. www.indianndrives.com may also gather personal information and disclose the same in a manner which is not personally identifiable to third parties and advertisers for their promotional and marketing purposes.
    We allow them the use of such obtained information through us to be employed by any other purpose except to provide the services which are outsourced to them, unless if you have expressly given your prior consent or agreed with them for their additional usage. In certain situations the ISP (internal service provider) may collect all the information from you directly through website surveys and other such exercises, in such instances you will be timely notified for any involvement of the ISP, and hence all the information that you provided them and their further usage will be strictly decided by you. The use of your information is governed by the applicable policy of privacy, in case where you have provided additional information to the ISP.

  • Officially authorized Requests.We cooperate with any law enforcement agencies and entertain their inquiries, also of third parties I their quest to implement law such as: intellectual property rights, other rights and fraud, in order to protect the community from the influence of bad actors. hence in a response to any verified request by any government official or law enforcement agencies pertaining to a criminal offense or illegal activity we shall disclose your name, state, city, email address,  telephone number, User ID history, car listing history and fraud complaints without a subpoena. Without constraining the above, in our relentless effort to respect your privacy and safeguard against influence of the act of bad actors on the community. Without a subpoena we will not disclose any personal information to any government or law enforcement official. Except in cases where we are duly convinced that disclosure of such information will have to avert an imminent loss of financial or physical nature. Furthermore, we can disclose your street address, name, state city, country, zip code, email, company name and phone number to IPR owners under agreement of confidentiality, as we in good faith believe appropriate or necessary in connection with any investigation of IRP infringement, fraud, unlawful activity or piracy.

    Due to the already in place regulatory environment, we cannot guarantee that al your personal information and private communication will never in the future be disclosed in ways that are not described in the privacy policy. Example of such could be, we may be compelled to disclose certain personal information to third parties or government under some circumstances, third party may illegally intercept and access private communication or any user may misuse or abuse your personally-identifiable data that these entities may gather on www.indiandrives.com.

  • Other Entities.We hereby explicitly express that we share most of our data, including personally-identifiable information about you, with all our subsidiaries, joint ventures and parent organizations that are very much committed in serving your trading needs and other related services, throughout the globe.  To the level that these organizations have access to the information pertaining to you, they are obliged to treat it very protectively without making any distinction with the different group of users. Our joint ventures, subsidiaries, affiliates, and parent follow privacy practices which is no less protective than our policy which is been laid down in this document, to the level that has been allowed by the prevailing law.www.indiandrives.com its affiliates, parent, joint ventures and its subsidiaries or any combination of such, undertake to share all or some of your personally-identifiable information with a different business entity should they plan to be acquired or merge with that entity. In case of any such combination comes into existence it will be required for them to follow the laid down privacy policy that is with respect to your personal information.

6. Pertaining to your Usage of others Information
www.indiandrives.com has a vast community of users; hence in order to help in the interaction among all the members of the group, the website permits you the required access to contact information of other users. Personal details like the address, email and other information of the purchaser, in the process of selling, will be sent by email. While agreeing to the user agreement, you ascertain that, with regards to other user’s identifiable information that you come across via the website or through any communication originating from www.indiandrives.com or any transaction facilitated by www.indiandrives.com , the website hereby permits you the use of such information for only:

(a) Commercial messages which are not unsolicited and related to communication from www.indiandrives.com,

(b) Use of service offered by co-branding through www.indiandrives.com and

(c) For any other purpose whatsoever that the user has opted for after disclosing adequate purpose for the same. Regardless of the case, in all circumstances an opportunity has to be given to remove from database their names and also a chance to review all the information that you may have collected from them. Under no circumstances, whatsoever, you are not permitted to disclose personally-identifiable information of any user to a third party without the consent of the respected user and the website’s too.
Spamming is not tolerated by any of the users and www.indiandrives.com. This is without foregoing the limitations, you are not entitled to add a www.indiandrives.com user, somebody who may have even bought or sold a car to you, to your mailing list (physical or email) without the explicit consent of the user and adequate disclosure.

7. Effect changes or Access Rules to your personally identifiable information
in order to protect your security and privacy, before granting you access your identity will be verified and also in cases where changes to your personal information is concerned. In case you are a registered user at www.indiandrives.com , the ID and Password you are allotted has to be furnished in order to access the information on your profile.

8. Your Assent
You agree to the use of information and collection of data, by your virtue of using the website, which you disclose on the website www.indiandrives.com . if in future the website decides to change the policy pertaining to privacy, those changes made would be posted on the websites privacy policy page so that at all times you are aware of the information that is being collected by us, how  we use them and as to what circumstances warrant their disclosure. All amendments to the privacy policy will take effect after 10 days from their posting on the website.

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