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Tips on buying an used Honda Jazz in India

Honda Jazz which debuted in India in the year 2009 wasn’t an instant hit like the other Hondas out here. The reason for it was pinned down to the car being too expensive for a hatchback. Even though every other Honda car in India is much more expensive than its rivals, this car took the piece of cake by being pricier by about Rs 2-2.5 lakhs more than its nearest competition, the Hyundai I20 and come to think of it, the I20 also gets a diesel engine. But then people who have purchased the Honda Jazz are very much happy with their purchase and as such second hand or used Honda Jazz cars are much more difficult to find. We have covered a review of Honda Jazz in our sections and now would be the right time to check out a used Honda Jazz in India. This can be also called as a review of used Honda Jazz for the Indian market.

First of all for the exteriors, Honda doesn’t use a very good color scheme. Don’t quote us on that one since the meaning of not using a good color scheme means that the colors aren’t vibrant enough. Even if you still give a good polish, a used Honda Jazz wouldn’t have the same sheen as say a Hyundai I20 or even a Maruti Alto for that matter. Except the fiery Jalapeno red color of the Jazz X, there aren’t many exceptional colors. However the good thing is that all these colors are hard wearing and there shouldn’t be a problem with the paint quality overall. Due to the wide nature of the wing mirrors, as also the somewhat okay visibility from inside the car, the front and rear bumpers are much less prone to getting scraped however the low overall ground clearance many sometimes lead the Jazz to kiss the speed breakers, a perennial Honda problem. Check the front bumper underpinnings to ascertain if the Jazz that you are eyeing has a scraped fender or not. If at all the head lamps have gone kaput, then be prepared to shell out Rs 10,000 which is the Honda quoted dealer price whereas in the black market, one can get it for as low as Rs 6,000 with the same quality of lighting. The wing mirrors are also expensive to replace at Rs 2000 a set.

The spindly Michelin tyres are low rolling resistance ones and should be good for 30,000 kms. If the second hand Honda Jazz that you are trying to buy has crossed this mark, then ensure that the tyres have been changed. The front bumpers cost Rs 2,200 whereas the rear ones are slightly pricier at Rs 2,500. Tail lamps would cost Rs 3,600 for a replacement. Now comes the turn of the interiors. This car does boast of a good interior however the quality of materials used would mirror some Maruti cars. Honda quality over the years have a taken a big dip. The airconditioner needs a check after 25,000 kms. The meter dials with their red linings for the needles look fabulous. The driving position is also spot on and the seat gets height adjust. The steering wheel boasts of audio controls. No Bluetooth though on offering. What the Jazz offers in plenty is space all around. Be it the front or rear seats. The 366 liters boot space is also the biggest in its class and is very flexible since the rear seats can be folded in multiple ways. The interiors should wear well and there shouldn’t be a problem in this department.

Ride quality for the Jazz is on the stiffer side and if the car crashes over pot holes or other road irregularities then it shouldn’t be a problem. This is to be expected due to its stiff suspension package. The suspension needs looking after once it has crossed the 35,000 kms mark. If the car pulls to one side of the road even on a dead steering, then it means that the suspension has taken a hit. Replacing the front damper would cost Rs 4,800 whereas the rear one would set you back by Rs 5,230. The handling is only let down by the slightly vague steering and the slim tyres. However despite its size, the Jazz handles well and a used specimen shouldn’t be any more different. The electronic power steering unit is a trouble free unit.

Brake pads of this car however need to be checked for wear and if they don’t display a reassuring stopping feel, then its time to replace them. At around the 30,000 kms mark, they would anyways need a replacement. The 5 speed manual gearbox, like all other Honda gearboxes, is a delight to use and operate. The clutch action is also very smooth. Clutch plates however would need a replacement past the 60,000 kms mark. Like all Honda engines, this one is also blessed with a 1.2 liter I-vtec unit which produces 90 Bhp of power. However the gear ratios are tuned more for fuel efficiency and hence have taller ratios. This means that the car has to be revved hard to make progress. The good thing is that like other Hondas, this engine unit is trouble free and can take any abuse thrown its way. Some owners have reported their Honda Jazz cars as giving 14 kmpl in city and 19 on the highway. A used Honda Jazz should also ideally mirror those figures. A regular servicing twice a year would cost Rs 1500 apiece.

Echoing Honda’s policy of not making value for money cars, the Honda Jazz doesn’t offer too many features for the price point. However the Jazz doesn’t retain its resale value like its other brethren. Some examples of a used Honda Jazz with the base variant from 2009 batch are available for as low as Rs 5.20 whereas the slightly more upmarket Select variant costs Rs 5.50 lakhs. The used Honda Jazz price for the 2010 batch would average around Rs 5.80 lakhs whereas a more recent 2011 car can be yours for only Rs 6.50 lakhs. Compared to that a used Honda City from the 2007 batch would command the same price as a used 2011 Honda Jazz. And come to think of it, the price difference between the Jazz and the City is only Rs 50,000, if you were to buy them new. Buy a used Honda Jazz if only you want to buy a mini MPV looking car. There are many other good alternatives like the Hyundai I20 in both diesel and petrol trims as also the Skoda Fabia. Safety wise, the base variant doesn’t get ABS or even air bags. So it is better to go for the top end variant for the second hand Honda Jazz.

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Used Honda Car For Sale :

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New Honda Car For Sale

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