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Used Opel Corsa Sail – Tough to find hard to maintain

The brand called Opel has completely vanished from the Indian market. What was once a premium car dominant, now ceases to exits. This is the short and sad story of Opel in India. This is the precise reason why one must look seriously at a Used Opel Corsa Sail on sale, which might come as dirt cheap.  But there is a catch in this otherwise bold suggestion. The prices for the spares of the now defunct Opel range have gone for a ride to the north. The Opel Corsa Sail was launched in the year 2003 to fit the gap between B and C segment. The Corsa was available with 1598cc, 92bhp and 1398cc, 88bhp engine. Both of the machines were found to be reliable. What beat back the Corsa Sail was its medieval look and the perception of a costly–to-maintain Opel brand. This was the prime reason which led to the fall of Opel Corsa Sail vis-à-vis other hatch backs of its time. Reliability, although not an issue with a second hand Opel Corsa Sail, the points that need to be remembered is that in many cases it was found that the clutch was past its prime as early as 25,000 Kms. So, one must check out for the wearing on the clutch and ascertain its health. The clutch bearing cost an estimate Rs 1,600 and a pressure plate will send you back by Rs 7,500. Replacement of any kind on a used Opel Corsa Sail will not come in cheap.

Another must-see in a second hand Opel Corsa Sail for sale is the timing-belt, as it can prove to be very damaging to one’s pocket. Corsa Sail usually returns very poor fuel economy if not maintained properly. This is attributed to the engine of the Opel cars which are particularly sensitive to poor fuel quality. The simple exercise of cleaning the injectors might help improve efficiency. If you are skeptical about the gear shift, that appears to be notchy, take a chill as those are a traditionally Opel’s trademark.

The suspension of the Corsa usually holds its fort for around 60,000 kms. Other problem areas that need to be looked into is the electric system (inspect the fuse box and gauge lights) and the A/C. Being what an Opel is supposed to be, the insides of the car is very well appointed with enduring quality.

The body structure of even an used Opel Corsa Sail is solid and very well assembled. Rusting has never been an issue with the Corsa and this can be attributed to the superior paint quality. As a cardinal rule, remember to check for any cues for any kind of shunts. Any kind of body parts replacement will be a wallet-pinching affair. The front door alone will bill you around Rs 10,000 and the tail gate will put you back by another Rs 13,000. Bonnet and the Front fender come for Rs 6,500 and Rs 10,000 respectively. Parts that need to be changed on a regular basis such as filters is not such a costly affair. Being an unsuccessful car, a used Opel Corsa Sail will be tough to find, and that too of a fairly good quality. One of the best avenues to lay your hands on a second hand Opel Corsa Sail would be GM dealerships. The used Opel Corsa Sail price from the 2003 batch would be Rs 90,000 whereas a latest one would go anywhere between Rs 1.10 to 1.30 Lakhs.

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