18K X-type models recalled by Jaguar in UK

Identifying a potential in their cruise control system, Jaguar Land Rover have recalled about 18000 vehicles in UK of the X-type. It is also said that some of the cars are from the global market as well. The problem has been identified for models manufactured between 2006 – 2010 and Jaguar are saying that these cruise control units don’t respond to the usual inputs by their owners and hence need to be rectified.

Jaguar have been proactive in sending out emails and letters to owners of the X-type models and asking them to visit their nearest service stations to carry out the repairs free of cost. The company has also proclaimed in the letter that cruise control can be deactivated by just turning off the engine. This problem is prominent with the 2.2 liter diesel engine of the X-type. Jaguar was quick to dismiss the issue by saying that none of the customers of the X-type were actually affected by this thing and it was a pre-emptive measure by the company keeping in mind safety standards. A minor software upgrade is what would be required to sort out this problem.

18K X-type models recalled by Jaguar in UK

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