200th dealership of Nissan India to be opened next month

Presently, Nissan has been doing fairly well in India with its fleet of cars that are efficient as well as practical. However, as a brand, they need to work on their dealership network which is still at a fairly nascent stage in the country. This would make cars available to more and more customers and keeping this in mind, the brand recently announced that they would be inaugurating their 200th dealership in India.

The new dealership is based in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and is part of the steps the brand is taking to establish as many as 300 dealerships in India by end 2016. The overall that Nissan has set out for itself is to have 5 per cent of the overall market share in India by 2020 and considering the rate at which they are expanding and launching new cars, this just might be quite possible.

200th dealership of Nissan India to be opened next month

The program is likely to work in Nissan’s favour in what has largely been an uphill struggle in the Indian market. Even though they have an excellent set of cars, they haven’t been able to reach the consumers and even their budget offering, the Datsun hasn’t done exceedingly well.

In line with the expanding dealership, the company is also releasing new cars, which includes the Datsun Go facelift and the Redi Go. Nissan is looking to grow aggressively in the foreseeable future and needs to start focusing across segments to establish itself as a long run player.

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