2013 Honda Fit EV Becomes the Most fuel-efficient car

Thus now Honda has raced ahead of all its counterparts with their highly fuel efficient Fit EV tested. This time they have recreated history as no other car has ever been capable of giving out a mileage as impressive as Fit EV as per the records of EPA. This news became livewire on Wednesday with Honda announcing the news themselves. The rating that has been combined is 118 MPGewhich might make the car go for approximately 82 miles on full tank. Honda Fit EV will beat all the other counterparts that it has such as Ford Focus Electric which delivers 105 MPGe at an approximate range of 76 miles.

Apart from Ford Focus Electric, there are more cars in the line such as Nissan Leaf which rolls out up to a range of 73 miles at 99 MPGe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV that gives 112 MPGe at a range of 62 miles. Thus, from what has been predicted by EPA, Honda Fit EV will have an average cost of $500 annually when it hits the road. There are a lot of electric cars running around but Honda Fit EV now stands above all as the company had been looking forward to releasing one of the most fuel-efficient cars ever in the market. This comes at a time when the prices of other fuels are escalating at a disquieting range. Honda has been in the race since a long time and ever since the flash floods hit Thailand last year destroying electronic manufacturing units of the company, Honda has been on the verge of optimum progress as the sale of their cars has increased and the company has made one of the most impressive comebacks in the market after suffering losses amounting to millions.

2013 Honda Fit EV Becomes the Most fuel-efficient car
Honda Fit EV consists of a 20 kWh Lithium ion battery that is capable of churning out a maximum power of 125 PS along with a maximum torque of 256 Nm. Along with the car, there is a 240 V rapid charger that will charge the car within a span of 3 hours. Electric cars are now the talk of the town as every major auto-maker is looking forward to building more fuel efficient cars for the future and it seems that Honda has taken a large step thus creating a benchmark for all other compatriots. Depletion of the battery does not occur easily and the charger with the car has the capacity of delivering enough energy to the car so that it can tread to the adjudged mileage. Honda Fit EV is a car that the company is planning for a long-term course as it would take time for other car makers to reach the benchmark that Honda has set for them.

Honda Fit EV will be given out on lease basis during summer and will be showcased by some showrooms based in Oregon and California. There are further plans of the improvement in the performance of the car which Honda would be making in a year or two.

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