2014 Mercedes Benz C Class spied without any camouflage

2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class caught un-camouflaged in the latest set of spy-shots. Hence, its styling looks mimic to a one derived from the AMG kit. The headlamps resemble to the typos of new E-Class, but the blackened roof makes it to look the newbie of C-Class itself.

However, at rear the dual exhaust and tail lamps features new S-Class styling, but the CLA, and not to be offensive, A-Class also seen lending some of their cues to this vehicle.

Engine specifications are said to remain the same whatever it is been going with the present-gen C-Class, those four-cylinder petrol and diesels mated to seven-speed automatic gearboxes.

2014 Mercedes Benz C Class

Added as an important note, we guess the car appeared in the spy-shot is the one with an AMG package, which in the standard one is, expected to look slightly tweaked. And this 2014 C-Class is snapped while shooting for an ad in California.

Mercedes Benz C Class

2014 Mercedes Benz C Class Interiors

Image Courtesy – WCF, LLN

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