2015 Jaguar XS spied

A mule of the 2015 Jaguar XS had been spied in Scandinavia. The car was spotted in a garage somewhere while it was being parked. The entry level sedan of Jaguar is said to come next year. It will be previewed by this near-production concept during September, at the Paris Motor Show. By looking at the considerably shorter rear doors, one can say that the car is a little small in dimension. According to Ian Callum, the design director of Jaguar, the styling of the car will be based on the current trend of the typical Jaguar design.

The Jaguar XS is said to be based on the iQ platform and will be offered to its customers in a variety of engines. Currently it has not been confirmed if the car will be named Jaguar XS only. One of the generous varieties of engine will allow the car to hit a top speed of more than 186mph. There will also be a frugal variant of the car that will be offered with less than 100g/km of carbon-dioxide emissions. This car might do well in the market looking at the current scenario of air pollution measures.

2015 Jaguar XS spied

Reports say that the production model of the car will be introduced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show before it goes for sale in the market. According to Adrian Hallmark, the global brand director, the estate and the coupe XS along with the sedan may help the company in doubling its sales.

Jaguar XS spied

2015 Jaguar XS spied Back View

Image Courtesy – www.autoevolution.com

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