2016 Next-Gen Chevrolet Beat (Spark) Unveiled At New York Auto Show

To raise excitement at the New York and grab some attentions of Asian away from the ongoing much hyped Seoul Motor show, Chevrolet unveiled its new Beat (aka Spark in many countries) with many changes.

This small car of Chevrolet was the same since it was launched. Only minute nip and tucks took it over for these long years. But Beat managed for the maker to gain a impressive foothold in the bottom of market where most competitors compete for the survival just over a paltry margin. However, it was a noteworthy attempt of Chevrolet, and this new face is thrilling than before. Based on the Opel Karl and Vauxhall Viva, it holds many cues from Cruze like the front grille and wraparound head lamps. The fact this new face is more likeable, its rear door handle hidden in the C-pillar that is carried over from the present-generation also triumphed a unique equation in the new model. As appeared, that is the most loveable trick of Beat wasn’t meant to get missed on the new one. Furthermore, the rising shoulder line keeps its track with the rising waistline of the car applying it more of a character.

2016 Next-Gen Chevrolet Beat (Spark)

Moved inside the cabin, steering mounted bike-type bare basic instrument cluster is off the league; a properly designed cluster steps into the shoes. The new dashboard design with white inserts running across the length is noteworthy to talk about, just like the touchscreen infotainment system.

In the engine bay, next-gen Beat holds a 1.4-litre engine ECOTEC petrol engine sending 98bhp after mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Option of a CVT too is given in the list. In India, its beneficiary to work a diesel engine, which the country already has a one since long back.

As per the confirmation for many international markets, South Korea will start the production first, and will export to 40 other markets.

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