2018 BMW i8 Roadster Unveiled Alongside Coupe Update

2018 BMW i8 Roadster Unveiled Alongside Coupe Update

Half a decade after the launch of the original concept, the BMW has unveiled the BMW i8 Roadster alongside Coupe Update at the LA Motor show.

With 374 hp, the BMW i8 is quite powerful and boasts of a new design and interiors. The new soft-top roof is made up of a huge fabric panel, which can open in only 15 seconds even when the car is moving at 50kph.

A stronger windscreen frame and beefed-up quarter windows enable the new folding roof to fit snugly The rear window can also be opened or closed without blocking the roof. New black panels with aluminium rims are used and the tailgate too has been done away with, making way for a long engine cover. The interiors can seat 2a dn the dashboard design includes a touch control on a free standing 8.8 inch monitor.

The seats too have been modified to give an air of class and we are sure that the 374 hp BMW i8 Roadster will be a marvel that would impress all car lovers from across the globe.

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