7th gen BMW 5 series finally in shape

Just a few days back, BMW had released a teaser video on YouTube. This video was regarding the new gen 5 series and the video showed all the 3 body styles of saloon, wagon and Grand Touring. The new gen cars show very little modifications as the 5 series is already a splendid series, leaving very little room for improvements. Now, the prototypes of this BMW 5 series have been spotted driving in Germany. The car is scheduled to hit the international showrooms by the year 2016.

The company is being tight lipped about the new 7th gen 5 series and so we do not have much info about it. But it seems like the car will be very close the present gen BMW 5 series with respect to its styling. The video that was released earlier, gave us some idea about the features and specs of the new 5 series cars. The new 5 series looks more stylish and will offers even better engine options and electronics. The car shows added contour lines surrounding the kidney shaped grille and modified air inlets.

The new series will be longer by 4910 mm, wider by 1875 mm and taller by 1470 mm than the present 5 series cars. Just like the present gen 5 series, this 7th gen 5 series will also be available in 3 body styles. This was also evident from the teaser video that was released. The 3 body styles will be saloon, wagon (touring) and Gran Turismo liftback.

BMW 5-series
The new BMW 5-series has been conceived around a lightly modified version of the high- strength steel monocoque platform structure which is used by the existing 5-series. The engineers at BMW are working on measures that will enable the new car to shed up to 100kg of weight. Insiders say that the move will allow the entry-level 520i to weigh less than 1500kg. This load shedding technology will become a part of the future BMW cars.

BMW 5-series Interiors

Some of the changes which have been made are the aluminium bulkhead components and a higher percentage of customized blanks ( super strength steel varying in thickness) throughout the floor pan. In order to cut down on the weight the engineers will be using carbon fiber extensively. The carbon fiber will be used strategically in those areas which do not hold much weight like the bonnet, boot lid and roof. The new car series will see a 4 cylinder turbo charged engine as well as a 6 cylinder diesel and petrol engine. The company claims that this new engine will increase the fuel efficiency of the cars by about 10% across the entire line-up.

BMW 5-series Back View
These modular units have a lot in common with the company’s upcoming 3 cylinder diesel and petrol engines which individually offer a displacement of 500 cc. BMW has yet to confirm about the V8 petrol engines for the 7th gen 5 series for the global markets. However the company is very speedily working on the plans of having plug in hybrid series of cars. This series is being planned in association with Toyota Motors and is already in an advanced stage.

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