80 Nexa Dealerships to be Opened by Maruti before the Launch of the Baleno

The Nexa dealership from Maruti Suzuki is all set to undergo expansion and will fan out to as many as 80 locations across the country in anticipation for the launch of their upcoming offering, the Baleno.

In order to staff these outlets, the company plans to hire as many as 2500 relationship managers by the end of this fiscal year and also hopes to increase the number of outlets it has in this country to 100. The outlets it has announced now will also be functional soon. Maruti is taking this extra step as it expects huge things from the Baleno and has already managed to get quite a buzz going in the market. They have created a huge sense of anticipation for the car and will pull out all stops in ensuring that the buyers are kept happy.


Maruti has not been doing exceedingly well lately and will look to once again touch the highs that it has done in the past with this launch. The company is launching these dealerships as it believes that this is the best way forward and will lead to a significant spurt in sales. In fact it is of the opinion that as many as 75 to 80 per cent of the sales of their premium cars come from the top 30 cities in India and will be setting up Nexa outlets on a priority basis at these locations.


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