A Good Day To Die Hard Scene Blows-Off 132 Cars Worth $11 million

Some of the Hollywood action flicks are a most prominent legend, and when it comes to the topic of cars then no stones are left unturned for claiming their mettle. John Mclaine’s (Bruce Willis) Die Hard series is one such example.

The new version i.e A Good Day To Die Hard has gone an extra mile for justifying the title of best action, as a massive “132 cars” were boomed-off just for a scene. Director John Moore seems very cool with the figures, as it crossed $11 million mark for that particular sequence. Lamborghini was also a part of the clout, while it still hadn’t fed the hunger of action crooks yet.

We got to know from a source that, another lot of 518 vehicles are lined-up to do with the shooting technicalities.

For auto fanatics, Mercedes too is advertising its candies in this new Die Hard motion, seems to increase the number of ‘Benz Diehards’ that had fallen due to dwindling economy of Europe. Luckily, the three-pointed star auto brand had also provided some heavy metal lugs for the explosion which had not been accounted in the above mentioned costing figures, otherwise numbers would have compelled a one to think about the per reel value that might production house will suffer/gain.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Informative bit: 1959 ‘The Junkman’ flick too had destroyed 150 vehicles, which can be forked as a huge number at that time, as also now a big-bang itself.

Check out the video to believe in it!

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