A graceful journey-Bosch marks its 125th anniversary

A company that started its journey in a shed long back in 1886 has definitely come of age and with the dawn of 2011 marks its 125th anniversary. The celebration will be an all-year affair and has been kicked off by its new insignia. The sheer desire to achieve excellence coupled with resilience has led Bosch to deliver more than ever before. Bosch is known for its greener and cleaner technology and is expected to make good on that legacy.

The insignia that has been introduced has three parallel lines signifying the sectors in which Bosch operates namely industrial technology, automotive technology building and consumer goods technology. Three colors are strategically used by painting the line with blue, green and blue to green, representing technology, environment and environment friendly technology respectively.

Robert Bosch founded Bosch in 1886 and since it has been a pioneer in all the segment that it operates in, the company comprises of no less than 275 subsidiaries. Bosch’s Indian journey started way back in the year 1922 and it began operating from the year 1953. It has exponentially grown to 6 companies, 13 manufacturing plants, 4,000 sales point, more than 1,500 suppliers and a whopping strength of 20,000 employees.

Sustained focus and commitment towards environment, society and development of technologies for the future was the premise on which the ceremony ended.

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