A Hi-Tech Day at Bosch India

Recently Bosch India held a programme, with aim to teach the people of India about the whereabouts of various programmes of the company. Bosch India as everyone is aware about, amongst the leaders of the suppliers of technological services. This company holds a strong presence all across India. Bosch India has been working continuously for developing the automotive industry in India. This company has been in this industry for more than 60 years. This company basically started functioning in the year 1953 and it has witnessed a tremendous growth ever since. Now, this company holds 14 manufacturing plants and 3 developments centres, which currently holds 18,030 associates all over India. This company became a brand when it started providing OEMS to low cost petrol vehicles in India. It is supposed to be the largest selling sector by far in India. After conquering the Indian market, Bosch now believes that it is the right time to face the world market.

Bosch has been a trend ever since it introduced the ‘energy and body system’. Besides that it has also been accredited with the various other inventions like diesel systems, chassis brake, spark plugs electrical drives and glow plugs. In addition to these inventions, Bosch India in this event introduced some new technological inventions like the three and four cylinder ECUs, improved fuel injection and smart oxygen sensors. This event became more special with the announcement of the successful 15 years production of the ‘Electronic Stability Programme’ systems. As we all know that it is the major requirement in all the European cars and is generally seen in the Indian cars like Tata Aria and the Skoda Laura. Also, Bosch India has been famous for the invention of the cost effective, smaller Antilock Braking System usually found in the small capacity bikes. These ABS units is specially designed for the bikes under 250cc which also suits the ‘not so big engined’ performance motorcycles surely.

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