Aamir Khan Gets Rolls Royce with Number 1 Registration Plate from Satara RTO

Aamir Khan recently got a new Rolls Royce. However, this story doesn’t centre on his purchase of the car, but rather on the car’s registration number. The popular Bollywood actor got his car registered from the RTO at Satara last Saturday, managing to get number 1 for his registration number. The car’s registration plate reads MH 11 AX 1.

The deputy officer at the RTO, V. R. Gujarathi, confirmed that the Rolls Royce was owned by the actor, and that he had requested for a number 1 registration for his car.

This set the actor back by INR 47 lakhs as tax, with an additional INR 3 lakhs for the number. As this number was unavailable in the four wheeler series, they had to take it from their two wheeler series. The car was registered under the name of Advital Post Studios, with the address of a Mahabaleshwar property bought by Aamir Khan five years back.

According to sources in the Satara RTO, the car was imported from UK by Navneet Motors for INR 1.22 crores. Customs Duty was calculated around INR 1.41 crore, on which the RTO charged INR 47.57 lakhs as tax, apart from the additional INR 3 lakhs for the requested number. Summed up, the overall cost of the Rolls Royce comes to INR 3.11 crore.

The car is equipped with a 6,592cc 12 cylinder engine, with a 300kmph of top speed. The car bonnet bears the gold R trademark logo of the luxury brand. Among the car’s many features include a double exhaust, touch sense, a monogram that can easily be concealed and cameras. The Satara RTO said that this was the costliest car they have registered so far.

According to sources from the RTO, Satara is the preferred destination for registering cars because of the availability of getting the number 1 registration plate. Another reason is that, the city’s registration number is also MH 11. When Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation or MSRTC bought their first 12 buses from Volvo, the buses had been sent for registration at the Satara RTO, and were given serial numbers ranging from 1 to 12.

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