Additional best deals for the month of May 2011

We come up with the deals for the month part and now another part which is regularly being updated is the additional deals of the month coming your way. This forms the crux where we actually scout the market looking for any best deals that manufacturers may be offering in the interests of better sales. This is done mid of the month and presented to you. So, here are some of the deals that we found out.

Volkswagen Passat :

The 2011 Volkswagen Passat has won over every competition that has been thrown at it since its launch a few days back. Moreover, unlike earlier times, Volkswagen have also ensured that they do the right kind of promotion for this big German and hence were a constant sight at the IPL matches as also various other promotional functions. Visibility is the key in this game and Volkswagen have played it well. The Volkswagen Passat has not only got some unheard of features in this class but also a panache which the others lack. Though there is no discount being offered on it, dealers are offering special schemes to customers of the older Passat and Jetta, for an upgrade to the new one.

Ford Endeavour :

Solid road presence, good amount of features, go anywhere ability and also a solid pricing ensure that the Ford Endeavour remains the hot favorite for shoppers in this category. On the base 2.5 liter diesel variant, Ford Motors are offering a discount of Rs 28k while the 4×4 variant which is more expensive comes with a Rs 32k cash discount. If you crib enough, most of the dealers would be more than willing to throw in another 5k to the ring. All this translates to about 2 percent savings on the on-road price of the vehicle. Since the Endeavour doesn’t boast of having a strong resale value, the discounts help in a big way. Ohh and this is a limited period offer and so hurry up with your cheque books to the nearest Ford show rooms.

Hyundai I10 :

An upfront cash discount of Rs 5k plus free insurance worth of Rs 25k means that the 2011 Hyundai i10 is a good deal as far as small cars go. Its all new avatar has been well received by the car buying public and to sweeten the deal, Hyundai have offered the aforementioned discounts. Moreover, if you are looking to exchange your current car at the Hyundai dealership for the I10, then you stand to gain an additional Rs 15k as exchange bonus.

Fiat Punto :

Fiat Motors got back on track in India with the Punto however with the advent of competition and the Punto still not receiving any update as far as design or engines go, it is but natural that Fiat have to resort to discounts to get this product moving out of the show rooms. Free insurance worth Rs 20k is been offered as a discount across both the petrol and diesel variants.

Skoda Laura :

The very bright star from the Skoda stables, the Skoda Laura has been doing brisk business for the Czech manufacturer. However due to poor service outlets, customers were not willing to buy the Laura. However to change that image, Skoda are offering a 3 years or 45k kilometers deal for free servicing which includes some of the consumables as well. This deal is worth Rs 30k and while you may not have any cash discounts, this deal would work in the longer run.

Tata Safari :

Come some months and the new Tata Merlin nee Safari will break cover. To clear the existing stocks, Tata Motors are offering a flat cash discount of Rs 10k on all the variants of the Safari plus an additional Rs 15k bonus is available for those looking to exchange their existing car at the Tata outlet. This amounts to a total saving of Rs 25k on the Safari variants.

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