After launching 10 generations, Mitsubishi finally decides to put Evo X to rest

You heard it right. One of the most favorite sport car series, Lancer Evolution, is going to end. Mitsubishi, so far has launched 10 generations of Lancer Evolution. Initially decided to be sold only in Japan, this car made record sales in every international market. With each generation the car got better and still better. The latest of the series is Evo X (X is Roman number for 10). Mitsubishi has decided that now, no cars will be launched by it, under the tag of “Evo”. The cars coming ahead will be hybrids of the present Lancer.

Mitsubishi came to existence in the year 1870. Presently, it is a group of several Japanese companies which have discrete business to carry. The logo of Mitsubishi, which is three red rhombus, literally means “Three Diamonds”. It began initially as a shipping firm and now after more than 100 years, it is active in an array of professional fields including shipping, mining, electronics, automotives, etc. All these companies linked together, and involved with different areas of specialization, has given Mitsubishi a world wide area of market. The industries meet once every month to discuss new proposals and analyze the monthly performance.

Mitsubishi first launched Evolution Lancer in the year 1992. It was termed as Evo and with each generation more sophisticated versions entered the market. It was a sports car that had to conquer the Japanese market. But in the year 1998, it got an entry into the UK market through some fruitful dealership. Looking at the success it got there, Mitsubishi started designing market specific Evo cars. Each model had the 4- wheel drive and a turbo charged two liter engine.

Mitsubishi Evo X
The tenth generation Evo X was launched in the domestic market in 2007 and in the year 2008 it reached USA, Canada and UK. It had brilliant framework with all aluminium

body. The wheels were made of alloy with a diameter of 16 inches. Outmost care was taken regarding the driver’s and passenger’s safety. There is a six transmission, dual clutch gear. Though brilliant in every way and with a huge market, Mitsubishi has announced termination of the Evo series.

Mitsubishi now plans to work on cars with fully electric motor or at least hybrids. It will be launching 8 of such cars by 2015. It plans to make a sports car that goes one step ahead of the outstanding Evolution series.

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