An Illegally Smuggled McLaren MP4-12C Is Confiscated by Philippines Bureau of Customs

When one have the money then grey market can get him everything wherever he wants, but there are some exceptions to it, and those are fat ‘custom officials’.

The riches have a tendency that, they can buy whatever and wherever they want, and to an unknown factor there stand custom officials to get ripped of such trend in fraternity, while this time automobile sector got the whip lash in Philippines.

In the latest, an illegally imported McLaren MP4-12C is caught by commissioner of the Bureau of Customs and its aides on shores of Philippines. It came to surface when the top brass named Ruffy Biazon posted his photograph along with the beauty on his Facebook page. It is said that car was being smuggled into the country using fake papers.

An Illegally Smuggled McLaren MP4-1
To a calculation, McLaren MP4-12C is not legally available in Philippines and if one still has to buy that, then would need to shell out P45-million (Philippine Peso), which lugs around €854,000 or $1.1-million.

As can be said that, such sort of things do happens in Asia, so not worry because Asians too can bear that $1.1-million Ouch! Keeping those arguments apart, we are a bit worried about the health of this powerful McLaren, as also learnt custom officials tends to keep such items in a very bizarre environment so to avoid their long list of expenses, and Mr. Biazon is also not a car fanatic, must say Poor Chap!

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