Anna Hazare’s Iconic Mahindra Scorpio Is Up For Auction

The struggles of extraordinary people, like Anna Hazare, are worth remembering and so their vehicles. Mahindra Scorpio that was used by this social activist is up for auction on May 17, 2015, at his native place Ralegan Siddhi.

This SUV of Mahindra is eight year old and is a Scorpio W CRDE. It is owned by the trust Swami Vivekanand Krutudnata which Mr. Hazare runs on the basis of funds received in awards and other ethical sources.

Anna Hazare has used this SUV in the tenure of his fight against the corruption, and also for passing the Lokpal bill. However, his office stated the reason for selling this SUV is not because of gathering funds. Instead the social crusader faces back pain for which it is selling the SUV to buy a more comfy option from the market.

Anna Hazare's Iconic Mahindra Scorpio Is Up For Auction

Expectedly, the office also stated, they are looking for Innova, that’s what we guess, for a comfortable ride to soothe the Anna Hazare when is on move.

However, we can assume lot of takers will crush the gate over this auction for the iconic Scorpio, and the price will rise significantly more than one can think of, as speculated by the sources it could run three times than the standard Scorpio available in the market.

Anna Hazare's Iconic Mahindra Scorpio Is Up For Auction

However, we don’t think any special amendment is made inside the SUV to suit Mr. Hazare as he is a man leading the simple life.

Hence, the Innova sounds a perfect answer for the likes of Anna Hazare as a most practical MPV available in India. We think, they should also try out the XUV500 if need a better option, which will even suit the budget very aptly.

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