Apollo Tyres Embarks on Thank You Initiative after Selling Products Enough to Travel 229bn Miles across India

A recent impromptu calculation by Apollo Tyres resulted in the company embarking on a nationwide programme to express their thanks to their loyal customers. The programme resulted in more than 450 meetings with customers, across 300 locations, and directly connecting with 25,000 customers in all of the 28 states of India over a 3 month period.

The company leads in the commercial vehicle tyres segment in volume as well as technology, which have safely traveled around 9.2mn times across the globe or more than 229bn miles across India delivering raw materials to the feed industry, medicines to those who are sick, food to those who are hungry and bringing together families who lives far away from each other.

In the last three decades, the three manufacturing plants of the company in India have produced more than 40mn cross ply tyres. Their most premium offering is their XT 100K tyre that provides a mileage of more than 100,000km. Even with an average of around 55,000km for a 6 tyre set on a vehicle, Apollo along with its customers have managed to travel a total of 229bn miles, which is enough reason to thank customers reinforcing their trust in Apollo products.

The chairman of the company, Onkar S Kanwar said that it was great thanking each of their customers to have led to them achieving one milestone after another. Their cross ply heavy CV tyres, is the very product with which he, along with a small team started this company on. Their portfolio, which back then consisted of a single product, has now expanded to include 22 products encompassing different uses and categories.

Initially, they used to travel across India in trucks, so as to understand the different need of their customers. This was the primary way they could learn more about their key customers. This very practice is continued even today, ensuring that the company is able to produce tyres that meet the changing needs of customers.

The programme is titled as ‘Trust Built on Millions of Miles’ also saw customers with the same views as the chairman. Mehta Transport Corporation’s S.N. Mehta said that he has been relying on the XT-7 Gold and XT-7 since the past 15 years now. The tyre has minimum tear and wear and offers good mileage, with the best part being that his drivers are also comfortable with the tyres.

Another customer, P. Radhakrishna said that he has been in the business of transport from 1950 onwards and has been using the XT-9 Gold and XT-9 since the past 20 years, adding that these tyres provided great mileage.

Cross ply tyres still occupy a large share of the 1.4mn tyres per month Indian market, which is largely catered to by the Apollo Company with a market share of nearly 30%. Because of the trust earned by the company, they have been able to come out with different variations of the product depending on the new and changing models, infrastructure and regulations along with the need for improving driver comfort and increasing mileage.

Some customer favourites include the whole Gold series, the XT-9, Amar, and lastly the XT-7, which has remained a customer favourite since the last 23 years. The XT-7 is a cross lug tyre that has been designed for mild load applications, improved by wider lugs and strong casing that give it consistent tread wear and long life. As of date 7.3mn units of the XT-7 have been sold.

The chairman of the company, Onkar S. Kanwar said that these true achievements are what make him truly happy when he reminisces. Such numbers and figures are only possible when three vital departments like marketing, technology and manufacturing with support from others work together closely. This helped to push the company to a lead position.

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