Aston Martin Looking For a New CEO

Aston Martin would not have been ‘that’ prestigious Aston Martin unless and until the perfect leader haven’t guided the team precisely in right direction. In short we want to say, though whatever the image that brand maybe enjoying personally, it is most probably due to hard core efforts of manager/chief who had handled the entire affair themselves, specifically under their own guidance and authority. Ulrich Bez, the present top brass of Aston Martin is said to be stepping down from his post of CEO. Also learnt, this opportunity was given to him in 2000 and since then he had acted as a respected leader in the organization, but due to his growing age, as going to be of 70 (years) in this November, he is finding difficulties in carrying on the responsibilities further.

Moreover, Aston Martin had recently gone under a management stir because of the Investindustrial issues. Now the new crown of British jewel wants to settle foots in markets of Asia and China, and Chinese to be bestowed with more of model plates in their kitty due to the rising demand of luxury bugs in their region.

Aston Martin Looking For a New CEO

Just last year, the British luxury car brand had sold 3800 units for the revenue of Rs. 555 crore, and also aims more of them with new models of Rapide S and Vanquish in 2013.

There is no confirmation about the details of next CEO but speculations says Antony Sheriff, the managing director of McLaren Automotive, will be stepping into the shoes of Ulrich Bez. Moreover, Mr. Bez had previously served BMW and Porsche as an engineer in his long vying career of automobiles.

At present, the majority of shares rest in the hands of a Kuwaiti investment firm, whereas the Aston Martin chairman David Richards also holds 37.5% of the total shares for bringing in Investindustrial issue to the table of carmaker, where now the group holds a five year product development programme worth £500 million in the blue prints.

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