Audi India Facebook Page is Liked by 20,00,000 Fans

Audi can be recognized even from the far distance and hence needs no introduction for proving itself a masterpiece of German engineering. All such inclinations had made Audi at what it is standing now, and to have a proof, one can check the Facebook of Audi India. He will find 2 million fans on their official page which is still growing.

As per the US Social Media Benchmarking Company Unmetric, Audi India is ranked as No. 1 auto manufacturer in India on social media, and is also the numero uno among luxury carmakers here on that particular portfolio.

Audi is running a contest on Twitter where one can participate by using #LoveAudi tag where they can win lot of goodies, and a lucky one will drive a chance to accompany Aditya Patel, Audi’s young racing talent, on his first trip to Europe.

Audi India Facebook Page is Liked by 2000000 Fans
On this delighting moment, Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India said, “Appreciation from 2 million fans on Facebook is a testimony of Audi’sgrowing popularity amongst youth and the aspirational value that they associate with our brand.”

For some more excitement, he also added, “A mix of highly engaging content, fun contests and consistent messaging were the key factors that have helped us in reaching this milestone. Our Facebook wall is plastered with love and support from fans. Audi has clearly and successfully demonstrated that it is the coolest brand in India.”

Lastly, on achievement of this much appreciation Audi says, Audi India is the biggest social media market for Audi, second only to Audi USA.

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