Audi India on a roll for 2011

The Indian market seems to be the hot spot for all the automobile companies. Audi have had enough of treading the middle path in the Indian luxury car segment and are looking to up their sales figures as well as desirability quotient. They have about 5 new launches planned for the Indian market in the calendar year 2011-2012. The German marque is looking to fill in the niche market created by BMW India. The second variant of the Audi R8 V10 engined car has got about 15 bookings and now the company have even got a booking for the convertible variant. As we had reported earlier, the company is looking for bringing in one more engine option to the very successful Audi Q5 in India. This would happen somewhere down in March this year. It is slated to be a diesel engine and would have identical pricing as its petrol variant.

BMW M3 may finally have a rival in India. It is to be the Audi RS5 coupe. It is scheduled to be launched at around Diwali this year. This car would have a 440 Bhp output and a sleeker design than the M3. Its price tag is said to be in the range of Rs 80- 85 lakhs. Before that, the Audi A7 sportsback would be launched in early June 2011. Sporting both petrol as well as diesel engines, it would make a stylish option to the Mercedes CLS and would be available between the Rs 70 to 75 lakhs price bracket.

The company’s sporty saloon, the all new Audi A6 would also debut this year in India. August is the speculated date for its launch. There would be four engine options, two diesel and two petrol. Expected prices are in the region of Rs 36 lakhs to Rs 51 lakhs. Like BMW’s M version of the 5 series, there would be a souped up variant of the 6 series namely the Audi S6. Also in the pipelines is the Audi Q3, which would compete with the likes of BMW’s small baby, the BMW X1. We at Indiandrives cannot wait for the launch of these cars and we are sure that most of the readers would be salivating at the same prospects.

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