Audi India organized design competition won by student from Pune

A youngster from Pune named Vijayendra Jadhavrao has won a prestigious award in a design contest for future cars that had been organized by Audi India. The event witnessed a participation of more than 900 contestants and was held recently at New Delhi. This design competition related to automobiles had been held at a national level and a mixed bag of participants was found that included students as well as design and business schools from India.

Out of the 900 registrations, seven of the best entries were shortlisted following a battery of tests as well as multiple judgment rounds. Two professionals and eight students competed for top honors in the contest category of business strategy. After winning the contest, Jadhavrao said that this was an accomplishment of his dream as he always had the desire of designing a car that in the future would run on Indian roads. The design that won him this contest was of a concept vehicle designed for metropolitan India.

Audi India organized design competition won by student from PuneJadhavrao also said that the contest had also inspired the automobile designer to create some of his best designs. He had always nourished the desire of designing a vehicle for the Indian market that would be able to cater to the needs of Indian masses. The event had provided him with the best possible opportunity to live this dream of his.

A close acquaintance of the winner said that Jadhavrao had always been interested in designing automobiles right from his days in college. It was his interest and passion in this field that had enabled him to win this contest. Although he had himself put in a lot of hard work, he had also been immensely assisted by his faculty at NID.

Jadhavrao had his initial schooling from Pune’s Loyola High School following which he obtained a bachelor degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He has recently also completed an advanced training of six months in Germany in the field of automobile design. He is presently pursuing his studies at NID.

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