Audi planning an MPV?

It was recently reported that Audi will be rolling out A4 variant which will compete with the BMW 3 series Grand Turismo. Now it has been revealed that now Audi is working on developing a more practical model of its A3 compact. This new version is expected to be an MPV. The Audi’s research and development head, Wolfgang Durheimer said that “I think there is definitely room for rational cars or family cars in the Audi line-up. But they have to be stylish, like any Audi.”

Audi first brought up the idea of designing an MPV way back in the year 2006 with its Roadjet concept. But due to some problems the project never reached the production stage. In the beginning of the year 2012, it was revealed that Audi is working on an A4 supravant. This car was supposed to be longer, more spacious and a high roof variant of the A4 Avant wagon. This car was going to be placed by Audi in vacant spot between he A4 and Audi Q5 crossover and was scheduled to go on sale in 2014. This car had only 2 rows of passenger seats. Regarding this an Audi engineer had said that “The last thing we want to create is a minivan, because a minivan is incompatible with the Audi brand image.”

Then by the end of the year 2012 it was found out that Audi has again changed its plan. The proposed A3 Supravant was posing a threat to its A6 Avant and so it was called off. The project as moved from A4 to a tall roofed A3. For time being its being called the A3 Vario. This car will be offering a spacious interor just like the A4 Avant.The styling will be although more dramatic and the car will comparatively smaller. This A3 Vario will be on the lines of the VW Touran MPV which is expected to enter the markets by the middle of 2014. But it has been revealed that Audi’s MPV will be lower and longer but will still have a longer wheelbase which will make it possible to have a 3rd row of seats inside. The car might go on sale somewhere in the year 2015.

Audi planning an MPV?
The Audi Vario which is still under consideration and waiting for a nod from the strategy committee will have parts bin like the A3, similar Quattro options and will also be made available in a high performance trim called S3. The car will be equipped with a new TSI engine of 2 liter capacity having an output of 211 bhp. Another engine option will be of a TDI diesel engine of 2 liter capacity offering a power output of 180 bhp and a torque of 258 lb-ft. The high performance S3 variant will be capable of churning out a power of 280 bhp and a torque of 280 lb-ft.

In spite of the combination of S-tronic dual clutch gear box and the Quattro system, the car will still be EU6 compliant. The environment friendly customers can opt for a 1.4 liter CNG engine with an output of 110 bhp. The customers can also go for a plug in hybrid with a zero emission with a driving range of around 30 miles. This hybrid will have a 1.4 liter gas engine having a power output of 150 bhp and an electric motor which as an output of 108 bhp. This will offer a strong performance with a great fuel economy.

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